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Genres: comedy, romance
Themes: after school club, androphobia, cross-dressing, fanservice, Harem, moe, s&m, tsundere
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2010-10-02

Plot Summary: High school student Taro Sado comes to realize that he is an extreme masochist and attempts to conceal this from his crush. To fix his problem, he enrolls in his school’s “2nd Volunteer Club”, where Mio Isurugi and the other members attempt to cure him through various “training” regimens.

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Watch MM! on HiDive!

Look at all those cute little toes.
So pink and adorable.
Small & yummy.

I’ll be snatching this up and adding it to what I’ve lovingly called Xebec’s “Naughty Girl” trilogy, the other two being To Love-Ru and Kanokon.

And first post is done. This house is clean.

The music for all three OP’s are the same there is just a slight change to the animation art. Put 2 and 3 in spoilers so they did not make the First post look cluttered as much. Took a while to find clean versions. It’s a damn catchy tune.

This looks like it’s shipping from Rightstuf mine will probably be held up by the other item in the order.

I love this show, and would love even more to get it. :slight_smile: It was really lovely, hilarious, and cute. :3
Though, I might want to wait and see if I can get it at my Suncoast instead. :blush: It would be very awkward for me to have to order it online and have my parents deny it due to the content. :frowning:

So this show won’t end up streaming on TAN? That’s too bad, I was hoping to preview an episode or two.

We don’t know that yet. It most likely will, but it hasn’t been announced yet.

Coming to VOD & Online 9/8!

Dub edition cover art has been posted.


Blu Ray

Wow…that character art on the back cover…that’s enough to get any US fan onto a certain registry for sure. More importantly, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Sometimes it sucks being the outlier lol.

MM! English Dub Cast


John Swasey

English Vocal Cast

Taro - Blake Shepard
Mio - Monica Rial
Yuno - Emily Neves
Michiru - Genevieve Simmons
Tatsukichi - Meaghan Avocato
Yumi - Maggie Flecknoe
Noa - Brittney Karbowski
Himura - Clint Bickham
Shizuka - Tiffany Grant
Tomoko - Shelley Calene-Black
Domyojia - Kyle Jones

Did Sentai draw straws for who had to direct the skeeviest stuff and Swasey drew the short one? This makes 2 o.0 shows for him, at least.

This canonly be great, especially since Monica Rial has been exponentially more awesome lately (greatness on an unprecedented scale) so I’m anxious to check it out.

Episodes 01-12 (Dub) are now LIVE at TAN!

Seems to me that they could have saved and accomplished the same ends by dubbing Detroit Metal City.

MM! - TAN Promo

This going to turn up on the free VOD side given they’re promoing it there?

Not any time soon, but it might eventually.
Currently it’s on SVOD only.

“Watch Emmu-Emmu on Anime Network!”
…for serious?

Looks like this one is going out of print as well.

Low Stock DVD and no Blu-ray :thinking:

Don’t know exactly when in the past 9 months it happened, but physical copies are no longer available. (Can’t even search for it on the Sentai Store.)

For the time being, this is OOP but available to watch digitally on HiDive.

Don’t know if or when that may change though, as it’s a Xebec series…

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