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Here’s one for Thanksgiving -


Let’s see…

Got these:
“I’m thankful for… UH…” - (kids says the darnedest things)
Vegetarian at the table - (several actually)
“I’m thankful for my family” - (kids are so cute)
Drunk Uncle - (must have had a wooden leg)
Grandparent says something sexist/racist - (more towards racist)
Someone spills something - (a whole plate of food and they broke the plate too)
Free Space - (a few adults fell asleep, but not the kids)
A child whines - (there were a couple of those)
When I was your age - (fun talk about school)
Existence of a “kids table” - (how did I end up at that one?)
Someone gets burned - (pot-holders are a must)
Fight over politics - (and religion)
I don’t like “type of food” - (at least kids are honest)
Someone says Black Friday - (& plans were made - of course it never happened)
Someone says “football” - (but he fell asleep before he could change the TV channel)

Oh well, guess I lost this one! :laugh:

Here’s another for Black Friday -

Don’t do Black Friday - guess I lose this one.

Me too, although I did get the annoying Christmas music one. It’s blasted over loud speakers in the shopping area that is a couple of blocks from where I live.

BINGO! :laugh:

Welcome to the official unofficial 2013 TAN Holiday Scavenger Hunt!*

The game starts today, Sunday, 12/22/13, and ends on Wednesday, 1/1/14, at midnight (EST). Winners will be posted on Friday, 1/3/14.

The item list is posted below, as well as pictures of the actual items. Only these pictures will be valid for this game.

There will also be some “red herrings” out there in the form of Mistletoe Kisses. You’ll know them when you see them.

Scavenger Hunt winner(s) will receive 5 points of karma. However, anyone that finds all of the Mistletoe Kisses will receive 2 points of karma.

The pictures can be found in any thread in the forum, but nothing is posted too far back in time. There is only one of each picture, but there are twenty Mistletoe Kisses.

Please send your answers to me, via PM, no later than 1/1/14.When providing your answers, please copy/paste the URL where you found it.

Thank you and let the hunt begin!

*Disclaimer: this game is not affiliated with Anime Network, Sentai, or its employees.



Great idea!

Challenge Accepted… B)

You know… it occurs to me now that I completely forgot about that holiday game… I even found all of the pictures and everything, but I completely forgot about it… Hm… oh well, I guess everyone forgot? :dry:

i found many pictures but never could find the game until now. stupid mark as read snafu. and i can’t use the PM system here anyway, but i feel like i won finally finding the game itself! :woohoo:

i did eat the candy canes already, but i replaced them. :stuck_out_tongue:

To Hornet65 and shadzar -

Please post your answers here in spoiler tags and I shall consult with She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Thank you!

i just deleted my TAN puzzle and games spreadsheet earlier today. :ohmy:

it was so clustered i figured i would start a new one.

i know the candy canes are in one of my posts from December in the 2013 VOD reports thread cause i almost left it in when i quoted myself to make the next weeks update. i was like, why did i even put that there? :laugh:

Tumblr… Well, cannot say that I saw it coming. :silly:

Getting hit by the Tardis…

Firefox breaks the point of that image (it keeps going!)