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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’re probably wondering who on here would be your ideal match, or what anime character might be your soul mate. If only for fun and lulz! Not wondering these things? Too f*cking bad! All you have to do is post here or PM me your dating profile (your sign, general info about yourself and what you’re looking for in a prospective match). If not, I’ll fudge it. And voila! I’ll work tirelessly around the clock with my romance specialists to make your matches! Results will be posted on or around Valentine’s Day.

Though I am not currently looking I will post for fun…

Name: Redshirt1
Sign: Scorpio (according to the old rules)
Blood: A-
Year: Dog

I am a fairly witty gentleman that is often describe as a ‘nice’ guy. Few people get to know that I also have a wicked sense of humor and a dirty mind, though I don’t act out on it. I am somewhat introverted but can be very extroverted if placed in the right situation. I like anime, sci-fi, fantasy, history, and computer related things.

Physically, I am 5 foot 10 1/2 inches, Caucasian mix, with black/brown hair and dark brown eyes. I look somewhat Roman with short hair, a bit more Native American with long. I have been told I am very good with my hands and that my tongue is quite large. Don’t know why people were impressed with that…

(In character)
Though I am a gentleman and try to be nice to all my fellow men, I have learned to not be naive and to set the phaser to kill if the captain does not have a date for the episode… (look up redshirt statistics study for the reference.)

Looking for:

Girl that is intelligent, can handle my wicked sense of humor, can stand up for herself, and can bring me out of my shell. (Also is not some alien monster in disguise trying to drain me salt, blood, neural energy, etc…)

ok, I’m game for this

Name: Outlander
Sign: Leo
Blood: umm… Red

Pretear knows me. My ideal is teh Rei, But I’ll let her pick someone out.

no doubt some Tsundere to keep me in line

Name: sbitzer
Sign: Pisces
Blood: A (not sure if + or -)
Year: Horse

I am 5’11", caucasian male with brown eyes and medium-brown hair. I have been called ‘cute’ or ‘handsome’ on more than one occasion. I always tend to have a sleepy look in my eyes.

I tend to be quite introverted, even shy, and it’s difficult for me to make eye contact with people I don’t know very well (especially females). However, I am intelligent, and I excel at most things math and computer related. I am generally a kind person, and I can’t stand being taken advantage of, but I need to learn to speak up for myself more. I am indiscriminant.

I am bit of an escapist, and I usually fall back to my music or sleep for comfort. I also procrastinate a little, but I know my limits. I know a good joke when I hear one, and I can be funny at times, but I’m far from a comedian.

I’m looking for someone who will not think that I’m ignoring her just because I have trouble looking at her, and can help me assert my feelings better. She understands that nobody is perfect, and true love is an everlasting bond from the heart that can never be severed!

Well… Guess I’ll give this a shot, lol…

Name: MrBoomba
Sign: Gemini
Blood: Still flowing
Year: Sheep

I am 5’11 1/2" Caucasian male, no idea what my eye color is, black/brown hair. I’m a person who will keep to them self, but if you get me started on a topic I like I become very outgoing, interests are gaming, anime, and random things I cannot think of off the top of my head, like mid-evil weapons and historical weapons, etc.

Never really been with the “In crowd”, but I get along with most anybody, fairly smart, tends to want to apologize to the world for this generations music. BIG TIME procrastinator, will do most things the night before or day of and forgets most all small details unless it is completely worthless information, then it is for some reason remembered very well.

Looking for someone who is a bit Tsundere, maybe a bit of the princess laugh dashed in.

-writes notes down on a clipboard- Very interesting. Mmmmmm… Indeed. Thanks for the participation! My romance consultants and I have a lot to think about. You’re in good hands. :wink:

For the sake of keeping things in good faith/to inspire females to make profiles, I’ll make one as an example. >.>

Name: PretearHimeno
Blood Type: True
Sign: Aries
Year: Dragon

5 foot 2-4 inches. I don’t go out of my way to measure myself. Anyway, short. I have long, chestnut hair (it’s redder in the sun, darker indoors). Hazel eyes. I’m Spanish/German in case you were wondering. Originally from southern California. Fun fact: starred in a popular Emmy winning show that was set in Florida, maybe you’ve heard of it? Smart, creative, witty and humorous, kind of neurotic. What did you just say? I’ll kill you! I’m shy at first but when you get to know me blah blah cliche. Kind of a nerd, I read here and there. I may not look like it (thankyouverymuch) but I can pack it away. No disdainfully picking at a salad for this girl! Want to know what my type is? See: bishie & babe threads. Boioioing. There’s more but, if I told you I’d have to kill you 'n stuff. :3

Ok, here goes.

Name: Slowhand
Blood Type: Classified
Sign: Cancer
Year: Rooster

5 feet 4 inches. Reddish-brown hair, blue-grey eyes. Irish-Welsh. Came from the far away Midwest and moved to Texas (home of TAN).
Clever, domineering, own a fair-sized dungeon filled with attractive men. But I can always use one more.
I will relinquish power once in a while if I deem someone trustworthy. Must be tall, dark and hmmm, well… I don’t want to get too personal on a public forum.

Name: Froggy
Blood type: it’s weird that you want to know that unless you are looking to harvest my organs
Sign: Capricorn
Year: Ox

5 feet 3 inches tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, Scandinavian descent. Raised in Minnesota but moved to the south west to find a cowboy. I’m not looking for a man that wants to take care of me or that I have to take care of. He has to be able to handle a strong willed, independent woman, but also know when to give me a cuddle(no, that isn’t a euphemism.)

Wow, surprised some people did not know this…

Blood type is a major thing in Japan

Hm? Can Timber, try, too…? (tykes…?)

Name: Timber Tykes
Blood: Uh… ! Yup, still there, tykes…
Sign: Gemini
Year: Monkey

A 18- year old 5’6’’ African American gentleman- in-training who is currently at college in Kentucky, and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Ran a small gang known as the Maverick Bandits but ended it, since it was getting nowhere. Very quiet, shy and introverted, and grows an intolerance for people sometimes, especially rude people, and those who hate ‘different’ people. However, I’m always ready to help my friends and do just about anything for them. (tykes, tykes)

A writer of fiction, and an artist of anime/monsters, I am very imaginative and am also said to be a kid a heart, tykes. Is fluent in the speaking the Timber language and has already written a dictionary in which the word entries rival those of the standard giant dictionary. (It’ll blow your mind, tykes!)

Looking for a girl whose kind and funny, also shy, and can maybe rock a pair of glasses. Oh, and has the strength to level a house from time to time, tykes, timber…

PretearHimeno wrote:

:laugh: Just figured that out, good one!

redshirt1 wrote:

[quote]Wow, surprised some people did not know this…

Blood type is a major thing in Japan[/quote]

Someone told me that before but I still think it is weird.

redshirt1 wrote:

[quote]Wow, surprised some people did not know this…

Blood type is a major thing in Japan[/quote]

…Well I don’t actually know my blood type, so… Yeah… Lol

MrBoomba wrote:

[quote]redshirt1 wrote:

[quote]Wow, surprised some people did not know this…

Blood type is a major thing in Japan[/quote]

…Well I don’t actually know my blood type, so… Yeah… Lol[/quote]

But have you tried looking on your driver’s license for your eye color?

Slowhand wrote:

[quote]MrBoomba wrote:

[quote]Wow, surprised some people did not know this…

Blood type is a major thing in Japan[/quote]

…Well I don’t actually know my blood type, so… Yeah… Lol

But have you tried looking on your driver’s license for your eye color?[/quote]

I think a mirror would work better LOL

This looks fun, I’ll give it a go, lol

Name: Anime-Angel
Blood: I bleed red
Sign: Taurus
Year: Umm…Tiger

I am 5’5 1/2" African-American with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I start off as a quiet really shy person, but when I get comfortable around you…I would say I’m kind, caring, clumsy at times, and love to laugh. I am the comedian of the family. I tend to start singing out loud even though I can’t. Love to read and watch anime. A serious procrastinator but once I get started I get the job done and try to be very orgainzed. I have a very naughty side that can be a good and bad thing because once your on my bad side it’s over…for you! It takes alot for me to get mad. No worries.

I’m looking for a someone who loves to laugh and can take a joke. Someone who can bring me out of my shell. That’s very outgoing because at times I’m not. Umm…Oh yeah! Be very interesting. Has to be able to hold my attention, since I don’t talk very much, we both can’t be quiet or you’ll never get to see what I listed above.

sbitzer wrote:

[quote]PretearHimeno wrote:

:laugh: Just figured that out, good one![/quote]

I wondered if anyone would.

Excellent! More participation! I have set a good example. And yes, all the best dating profiles have the word “kill” in them at least twice.

Hehehe, this looks like fun!!!

Blood: AB
Sign: Capricorn, but on the cusp which supposedly is what makes me a little nutz
Year: uh…pig? boar?

5’7", brown hair, dark brown eyes, kinda atheletic but that’s not sayin’ i’m fat! Like to be outside doing stuff. Open to whatever outdoor activity comes around. (ok, not ‘whatever’!!!) Like to donew things. Trying to learn more anime stuff to watch so somebody who knows this stuff would be cool to hang with.

Just getting over a break up so whoever ya find for me has to be really kind! Don’t care if he’s shy or outgoing, just a nice guy.

(how was that???) :unsure:

sbitzer wrote:

[quote]Slowhand wrote:

I think a mirror would work better LOL[/quote]

Well… Going to look in a mirror is far too much effort for something so minute, but mayhaps my ID has it!

few minutes later… Eye color appears to be brown, who knew?