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I wish every day was Cinco de Mayo.


Root Beer Float

You’re using the heat as an excuse to drink ice cream.


Of that list, water.


My problem is that I have too many favorites on that list! But I think cold water would cover just about all of it.

I’m hot and thirsty!


Coffee Mug
Tumbler - I’m late.

Hot Dog
Chili Cheese Dog


Secret Agent
0 - Effective

Summer Drink
Sweet Tea - I enjoy finger sandwiches.



I can think of a couple, but I’ll go with Shippo from InuYasha.


Outlander’s Candy Van


I thought you were going to say someone else, but you are so right!


L from Death Note



Daryl Dixon
Kim Kardashian

Bring it!


Dr. House
Natalie Portman
Iron Man

we’ve done this one before, but hey, why not?


Walter White
Miley Cyrus


Dana Scully
Captain Jack Sparrow
Bruce Lee


River Tam (Firefly)
Iron Man
Jason Statham


I know. It’s just a bit of pre-Halloween fun!



You get stuck in a blizzard with a megane. (“glasses(-wearing) girl”)


You share Christmas with a voice actor! (YAY, I KNOW WHICH ONE!!!)