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Day 20: Favorite movie dad

  • Any one of the ‘dads’ in Three Men & a Baby


Day 21: Genre you just can’t get into

  • Political (that’s the one I like the least, although I pretty much will watch anything)


Day 22: Recommend a film from the year you were born

Ah… trying to figure out my age?
I respectfully skip this one.


Day 23: First movie you bought on home video with your own money

  • Probably Star Wars; don’t really remember though


Day 24: Move that made you fall in love with a genre

  • The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney, Jr. This movie cemented the horror genre for me, I’ve loved them all ever since


Day 25: Recommend a comedy short film

  • Almost everything by Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton


Day 26: Recommend a low-budget film

  • Mr. Sardonicus

@fillet - have you seen this?


Day 27: Name a movie star who needs more love

  • Dean Paul Martin



Naw, I sure haven’t Slow I’ll have to check it out.


Day 28: Favorite costume designer

  • Edith Head


I wish then someone would put my favorite show Misfits of Science on DVD .


I loved that show, I think that’s where I first discovered him.


Day 29: Movie that you love but expected to hate

  • Halloween (1978)


Day 30: Film character you want as a BFF

  • Eric “Otter” Stratton (Animal House)



Day 31: Recommend a feel-good movie

  • The Princess Bride


Definitely take them with you and, you know, maybe some cowbell :cow2: :bell:




I will take care of it.





Should we trust you with a lighter? :laughing:


This is an Anime Quiz: I’m going to list Shows that were inside Other Anime Shows, Your Job is to list which Shows they are from. If one of the listings happens from a different season of a show, please specify which Season (By listing the Title of that Season.

Ready? Here We Go:

2.Full Metal Necromancer
3.Nocturne High School Girls Lacrosse Club
4.Third Girls Aerial Squad
5.Clumsy Aki-Chan