Murder mystery

This is a murder mystery! I will post the character’s bios and some narrative. Clues will be posted in threads around the site. It’s up to you (anyone who wants to try) to find them and solve the case, to figure out who did what and most importantly, why. You will make your guesses only here, so as to not totally derail threads with clues in them. Please put your guesses in a spoiler tag so you won’t influence the guesses of others or potentially give things away. That would be the polite thing to do anyway. The answers will be revealed on Halloween.

The Players:

Carter (hentai): The proud, almost smug owner of the coin.

Dahlia (Slowhand): An aging yet still captivating ex-Hollywood film star with a secret, she has an S&M dungeon, and Carter knows this.

Willow (Wicca): Carter’s maid who is also having an affair with him, she dabbles in the craft.

Nathaniel (shak): A millionaire playboy who has his sights set on Willow, if only it wasn’t for that damn Carter!

Harlow (PretearHimeno): A flapper socialite with a penchant… for thieving!

Al & Ricky (Rai and Froggy): Al is Ricky’s father and they’re wealthy in their own right, as movers of liquor and powerful members of a certain seedy underworld. Ricky is brash and Al is menacing. Ricky wants out of the family business and Al wants to raise the price of his product.

Brando and Louis (Cody and Redshirt1): Servers who politely do their job but are jealous of the wealthy party goers.

Mr. Vandersmith (Mystic): He’s angry and bitter at Carter for outbidding him at Sotheby’s for the coin. He’s also a bit of a klutz.

Mr. Croup (outlander): A well to do eccentric.

Farnsworth (Newshawk): The archeologist who discovered the coin and sold it to Sotheby’s to be auctioned.

The narrative:

It’s a dark and stormy night in the 1920s. People gather, dressed in their finery, at the old Red Rose Mansion to see the newest addition to Carter’s vast collection of antiquities, a rare and ancient electrum coin. He decides to throw a gala to show off his prize; the coin of 4 souls. Everyone is rubbing elbows. Nathaniel is enjoying some buttery hors d’ oeuvres and chatting with Willow who leaves the conversation, appearing slightly annoyed, to serve Carter a drink. Dahlia is reliving her glory days and promising her captive audience that they haven’t seen anything yet, when she trips. Her petite glasses slip from her nose and crack with the impact of hitting the hard-wood floor. Oh well, she feels she looks better without them anyway, younger even. She stands up, with the assistance of a polite young man, and smooths her hair behind her ears causing someone to compliment her on her lovely pair of diamond earrings. Al and Ricky are being sociable, if a little nervous. Their eyes dart around suspiciously. Must be a habit. Even so, they’re pleased to see that everyone is enjoying the liquor they provided, at cost. Guests seem to enjoy the exotic parrot Al keeps on his shoulder. A trademark really and quite the fashion statement. Mr. Croup is seen slipping an outstanding tip in the shirt pocket of a server and nodding. Is the service really that good? Carter and Farnsworth are chatting together. About what? The coin of course. It is regally displayed, nestled in a square velvet pillow atop an ostentatious marble pedestal. It’s off to one side of the room for all to admire. Mr. Vandersmith stands nearby rolling his eyes at their exchange. Harlow struts by smoking a cigarette. She compliments Mr. Vandersmith on his fabulous new gloves. They’re from Italy. She walks over to chat with other guests, always the social butterfly. Then suddenly, the lights go out! The guests gasp, a woman screams. The sound of 2 thuds can be heard followed by a fainter thud. A clap of thunder and lightening very briefly illuminates the scene, then darkness. After what seems to be minutes, the lights return. Carter is found… dead, with no apparent cause. A look of great shock and pain is permanently etched in his face. Next to him lay the archeologist, who had apparently been stabbed through the heart. And if that wasn’t enough, the coin is missing! The party goers look at each other, gasping and murmuring in shocked disbelief. More thunder and lightening sound off.

Murders and a missing coin!

YOU are on the case.

All 5 clues are out of the bag. The bag of murder that is. Mwahahahaha…

May I still mingle with the socialites even upon my demise?

Tom, are you as shocked as I that red didn’t buy it first this time?

He didn’t bite it at all. There are but 2 victims and 1 missing coin. And yes if your character is dead please feel free to participate anyway. It’s just a story! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hooch for sale! Just don’t tell the revanuers where you got it!

He didn’t bite it at all. There are but 2 victims and 1 missing coin. And yes if your character is dead please feel free to participate anyway. It’s just a story! :P[/quote]

Pretear, I just meant that, for once, redshirt1 didn’t suffer his namesake’s fate-a situation he has bemoaned from time to time. :laugh:

Like totally.

Do the Charleston for us Harlow!

There’s always drama at these types of shindigs.

Some 20’s slang to get us all in the mood!!

                             Slang of the 1920's

Applesauce- an expletive same as horsefeathers, As in "Ah applesauce!"
Bank’s Closed - no kissing or making out - i.e. - "Sorry, Mac, the bank’s closed."
Bearcat - a hot-blooded or fiery girl
Beat it - scam or get lost
Beat one’s gums - idle chatter
Bee’s Knees - An extraordinary person, thing, idea; the ultimate
Beef - a complaint or to complain
Beeswax - business, i.e. None of your beeswax."
Big Cheese - The most important or influential person; boss. Same as big shot
Big six - a strong man; from auto advertising, for the new and powerful; six cylinder engines
Bimbo - a tough guy
Bird - general term for a man or woman, sometimes meaning “odd,” i.e. "What a funny old bird."
Bum’s rush - ejection by force from an establishment
Caper - a criminal act or robbery
Cat’s Meow - Something splendid or stylish; similar to bee’s knees; The best or greatest, wonderful.
Cat’s Pajamas - Same as cat’s meow
Ciggy - cigarette
Clam - a dollar
Dame - a female
Dapper - a Flapper’s dad
Gams - A woman’s legs
Get a wiggle on - get a move on, get going
Giggle Water - An intoxicating beverage; alcohol
Gin Mill - An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar

Do the Charleston for us Harlow![/quote]

-does the hell out of the Charleston- It’s the cat’s meow!

Any theories yet anyone? Anything? Did I make this too hard? >.>

Any theories yet anyone? Anything? Did I make this too hard? >.>[/quote]

The only thoughts I’ve had so far, is that

the murder doesn’t necessarily have to be the same person who stole the coin, in addition, there could be more than one murder. These are just speculations, not really any solid theories.


(puts pipe in mouth)

Great! Participants and theories! We need more of this!

And, here in the '20s, I hear smoking is quite good for one’s health. -blows smoke ring-

Pretear - let’s go to the movies!

Eeek! Is he going to ravish her? Rudy is so, so… dreamy! Isn’t he just the cat’s meow?

Mmmmm… quite.

Well, so far, it appears that…

I was stabbed and Carter was poisoned.


It is implied that the earring that was found in the archaeologist’s pant leg belongs to Dahlia. But, she was wearing both earrings when she tripped. So some time between then and the archaeologist getting stabbed [strike]37 times[/strike] in the chest, she was close enough to him to have it fall into his pant leg. In addition, I’m curious about the feather… it’s implied that the feather belongs to the parrot, but sometimes fancy clothing could have bird feathers on it… so someone who happened to be wearing some fancy cloths could also have bird feathers on them… just more theories I suppose.

Bring in more giggle water from the jalopy, Daddy. This party could use it.