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My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (aka NouCome)

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy / Ore no Nōnai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru / NouCome


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Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: fanservice, harem, mental choices, school life
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: The story centers around Kanade Amakusa, a boy cursed with the mental power of “absolute multiple-choice” — a multiple-choice quiz will suddenly appear in his mind, and the choice he makes will become his reality. For example, he would have to choose between going nude from the waist up or the waist down in school. While in school, he is given another choice: 1) A beautiful girl will fall before him or 2) he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes. He chooses option 1, and a blonde girl named Chocolat falls before him.
Number of episodes: 10
Vintage: 2013-10-09
Opening Theme: “S・M・L☆” by Afilia Saga
Ending Theme: “Taiyō to Tsuki no Cross” by TWO-FORMULA

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ANN Anime Spotlight - My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy

posted Oct 6th 2013

Episode 1 -


So far, I find Kanade’s absolute choices extremely amusing. Too bad he has to get such an awful headache when he doesn’t make an immediate choice.

Episode 2 –


Kanade likens the strange girl with amnesia to a dog. Not able to even remember her own name, she calls herself “Chocolat” – “so it sounds more intelligent”. I’m not too sure about that! She is there to help Kanade get rid of his “Absolute Choice” curse. It was funny when God called Kanade on his cell phone! And to prove that he’s really God, he temporarily turns Kanade into a girl! It seems that Kanade would have been better off without Chocolat or God, but I guess there wouldn’t have been a story in that case. LOL

In order to break the curse, Kanade must complete certain missions and I can only wonder if they will be as good as his Absolute Choices. The first one isn’t. In fact, it may be a difficult job and he only has one day to complete it. But how do you make someone with a strange sense of humor give an honest laugh?

It seems too that Kanade’s teacher also suffered from the same curse. She’s able to give him a little advice, but she doesn’t tell him much other than that the missions are real. If he fails even one, Kanade will never lose the curse. So how does he make Yukihira laugh? There isn’t much time left. And Kanade is trying way too hard!

In the end, Kanade follows Yukihira to the roof and discovers her crying. I guess that means his first mission has failed and he’s cursed for life. Or is there still a chance?

God’s ringtone is boss. I wanna say its the theme to Dracula which made me shit myself along with all the other funnies. This Fall’s anime lineup has quite a few series that I’m interested in and will be watching. I still need to finish Mushibugyo.

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Episode 3 –


Kanade overhears Yukihira saying that she just wants to be normal. She’s still crying, but once she finds out that Kanade is there, she sends him flying. And when he comes to, he’s forgotten everything! Except maybe a BL dream. LOL And now to make Yukihira laugh! But first, an “Absolute Choice” about humor. As Kanade tries to stop Yukihira from leaving, he slips on a banana and the choice is made. Yukihira laughs! Mission complete!

Next mission: “Spot Yawakaze Konagi’s panties being worn.” Easier said than done! But Absolute Choice kicks in again and he picks asking to see Konagi’s panties. Before she can react, the “Yawakaze Bodyguards” take Kanade off for a little chat. It’s incredible he even survived. But he still needs to complete his mission.

Another Absolute Choice and another talk with the Yawakaze Bodyguards. I hope Kanade has good health insurance. LOL Thinking it will be fun, Ouka offers to help Kanade out with his mission. And the help from Chocolat and God is pretty much useless. But I do wonder what else Chocolat keeps in her cleavage. LOL

A day out with Ouka and Konagi might just give Kanade his chance. These Absolute Choices are really cracking me up! But it isn’t helping Kanade with his reputation. Afterwards, he ends up crawling after Ouka and Konagi, trying to get a glimpse of Konagi’s panties. The girl is a klutz, but every time she falls, something is always blocking Kanade’s view. When they take a break, Ouka wanders off and Konagi falls asleep. Another Absolute Choice – will Kanade flip up Konagi’s skirt? He chickens out! LOL

The timely appearance of a thief and a flying kick from Ouka, that exposes her garter belt, and Kanade’s mission is complete. What? Good calls to explain that Ouka is wearing Konagi’s sting panties. Their presents got switched. And the panties were sent by the Yawakaze Bodyguards! LOL So, by seeing Konagi’s panties, even if Ouka was wearing them, completes his mission.

Of course, after everything is said and done, a gust of wind ends up exposing the underwear of both girls. Go figure! I also enjoy the “what if” scenarios at the end of the episodes.

Episode 4 –


Chocolat shows up at school as Kanade’s “studies assistance pet”, and is an instant hit with all the guys in the class. Kanade doesn’t like that Chocolat is there and wants her to go home. But he actually thinks he gets two good Absolute Choices this time. He chooses “harem time”, and before it starts, the entire class thinks that Chocolat is Kanade’s sex pet. Too much is happening and where is his harem?! LOL

Well, Kanade finally does get his harem, but it’s all guys! At least Chocolat enjoyed it. LOL Kanade later tries to get more information out of Utage, but once again, she is limited in what she can tell him. No help there and no help from Chocolat. Who’s left? The “Flippant God” calls Kanade and he isn’t much help either. No one seems to know where this curse came from or why weird missions are the only way to get rid of it.

It’s time to welcome the new students with a party and the ideas that the class comes up with are horrible! LOL And actually being considered, which is hysterical. I think Chocolat had the best idea! LOL The meeting is interrupted by the Student Council President and Vice President. They have come to invite Kanade, Ouka, and Yukihira to the “battle”, the main event of the welcoming party. It will be the Popular Five against the Reject Five!

And with the battle comes another mission! Kanade has to have all the girls participating in the battle say that they like him. Good luck with that one! LOL He has until the end of the battle to accomplish it. Can’t wait to see how Kanade completes this difficult mission! But now I’m curious about the hospital scene. Is that a clue for what is really happening?

Episode 5 –


Kanade has found a way around his mission. There is “like” as in love and “like” as in like. He asks Ouka if she likes him as a person and she says that she does. It worked! Now, to find the other girls. He finds Yukihira and asks her the same question, but she unexpectedly twists it around. He asks her again, and she says that she hates him. Not good! Maybe it won’t be this easy after all.

A childhood friend has returned home and ends up at Kanade’s school. But from Kanade’s reaction, Yuragi seems to be a rather annoying friend. She acts as a little sister to everyone she meets. However, I bet she ends up on Kanade’s team. LOL Another Absolute Choice appears and Kanade rejects Yuragi. But Yuragi enjoyed the show and now thinks Kanade is “cool”! LOL His “super” sadistic rejection of her has turned on her “super” masochistic side. Oh geez!

It was hysterical to see a “soeur” scene from “Maria Watches Over Us” when Yuragi meets Yukihira. Against Kanade’s wishes, Yuragi is made the final member of their team for the battle. But he agrees when he realizes it will be easy to get Yuragi to say she likes him. However, with all her affection towards Kanade, I think Yukihira is getting jealous of Yuragi.

With the final member of their team in place, they meet with the student council. Yukihira and Reikadou are instant rivals – a flat chest against a huge bust. LOL And with that comes an Absolute Choice! Both choices are offensive and stupid, but Kanade make his choice and then apologizes. Afterwards, Yuragi says that she loves him and another member of the team gets checked off. Then Yuragi makes a spectacle of herself with Shishimori and her little sister act. LOL

More hilarity when Chocolat enters the room and gets propositioned by Yoshiwara! Nice to see everyone getting along so well. LOL But another Absolute Choice is demanded. The pain in his head makes Kanade declare that he will get everyone to like him. But of course that will now make his mission even harder to complete. Later that evening, a naked Chocolat gives Kanade a book – “Ten Ways to Get Girls to Say They Like You” – but once again, such a book isn’t any help.

At school the next day, Kanade confesses that he needs to have the girls say that they like him. Yukihira swears that she will never say it. But then she finds out that Ouka has already told Kanade that she likes him. Yukihira walks out of the classroom. It looks like she has some thinking to do. I don’t know why Kanade can’t see that Yukihira has some true feelings for him. I guess he’s just too caught up in his mission.

Episode 6 –


Kanade’s next target is Konagi. But before he can get her to admit she likes him, the Yawakaze Bodyguards show up for another “chat”. I knew that would happen! LOL Konagi finds him afterwards to make sure he’s okay. She tells him that she likes him, but then explains that she likes him as a person. Still, it’s good enough to check another girl off his list. Kanade feels bad about tricking her though, and of course the bodyguards heard every word. Once again, he survives! LOL

But Kanade must have been hit in the head one too many times, because he goes after Reikadou next. Seeing her sitting on her “fan” like that certainly reminds me of someone here. LOL Anyway, she wants him to get on his knees and beg! Well, he really has no choice, so Kanade does as she wants. Reikadou asked for it, so why is she surprised? Geez! Yet, the girl refuses to say she likes him now.

And here is his Absolute Choice! Reveal the silicone secret of the “Boobless Breakers” or change his name to Amakusa A. (“And I Will Always Love You”) Kanade. Realizing that Kanade knows her secret, she takes him somewhere more private and asks him how he knows. Leverage! LOL He threatens to tell her secret or she can say that she likes him. She agrees, but instead of saying she likes him, Reikadou takes off her blouse. She knows what this pervert really wants! LOL She even accuses him of dragging her into this room. Delusional female! LOL

Of course Kanade denies it, but Reikadou insists that he wants sexual favors from her, even as she calls him trash. He just wants her to say she likes him! Kanade is getting very frustrated with this entire situation, but Reikadou finally whispers that she likes him. Kanade gets confirmation on his phone (and from his hips), apologizes to Reikadou and says that he’ll leave her now. But somehow Reikadou looks a little disappointed. LOL She argues with him and calls him a pervert again. She gets so worked up that her bra snaps open and it looks like Kanade gets an up-close and personal view of the “Boobless Breakers”. LOL

Back in class, with the remnants of a nosebleed, Kanade wonders what to do next. Yukihira leaves the room, but drops a flyer for the “White Piggy”. Ouka explains that it’s a character toy that is popular at the moment. On the back of the flyer, Yukihira has written that she loves White Piggy. Unfortunately, Yukihira returns just at that moment. Embarrassed that he saw the flyer, she hits him and runs from the room.

At the kid’s show that the flyer advertised, Kanade is inside the White Piggy costume. He really hopes that Yukihira shows up. She doesn’t but Kanade is asked to walk around the town in order to promote the character. But he can’t talk! He ends up with a bunch of kids following him around, but then he spots Yukihira peeking at him from behind a pole with a camera. He approaches her, but she runs away and takes his picture from her next hiding spot.

Once the kids leave him, Yukihira finally walks up to him. He “oinks” at her and she asks him to do a spin. Next, she asks to touch him and he “oinks” again. She’s in heaven now, and making sure no one is around, Yukihira hugs him and tells White Piggy how cute he is. Kanade can’t get over the change in her. LOL She apologizes for getting carried away and tells him that she likes cute things. C’mon Yukihira! Say it! Say that you like the cute White Piggy!

Nuts! Yuragi shows up, on the hunt for more brothers and sisters. Yukihira ducks behind White Piggy. Yuragi sees White Piggy and a possible piggy “Onii-chan”. Kanade is more concerned that Yukihira might run away and tries to misdirect Yuragi. It works and Yuragi runs off, but when he turns around, he picks a surprised Yukihira up in his arms and runs down the street with her. LOL I think that would terrify me.

Yukihira doesn’t much like it either as children wave at them as White Piggy runs past them. At first she’s embarrassed, but then she starts to get in to it. A look of delight crosses her face that surprises Kanade once again. They spend the day together and at one point, Yukihira is wearing little piggy ears. LOL By the end of the day, Kanade is exhausted, but Yukihira is still with him. She thanks him for the day and tells him how much fun she had. Yukihira tells White Piggy a little about herself and tells him about a boy in her class – Kanade. She begins to cry as she implies that she likes him, but he thinks that she’s a weirdo.

I know Kanade really wants to say something, but he can’t. So, he rubs the top of her head to cheer her up. Yukihira smiles and hugs him again, thanking him – and she tells him that she loves him! Yay! Finally! Another hip wiggle confirms it, but Yukihira looks a bit suspicious. And of all the times for an Absolute Choice to pop up! He can ask her to get him out of the costume or he can delete his memory of the natural Yukihira along with his “The Path to Being a Philosopher” folder.

Kanade obviously can’t let Kanade know it’s him, but the thought of losing his folder makes him cry. Hey – what about his memories? That doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He was later found passed out from dehydration. He can’t remember clearing the mission, but he does intend to celebrate. However, when he gets home that one particular folder is missing from his computer, so I suppose that was the Absolute Choice he made. LOL

Yukihira is at home, bathing, and wonders if White Piggy made it home okay. She remembers all the fun she had and hopes to talk openly with Kanade someday, like she did with White Piggy. Kanade’s future job interview after the credits was hilarious. He had changed his middle name to “And I Will Always Love You” and he gets the job! Of course, his weird neighbor is the interviewer. LOL

Episode 7 –


It’s time for the battle! Karasu, the final member of the team, finally shows up during a strategy session. He seems to be a weird looking guy, all wrapped up in bandages. Kanade questions this and Karasu just moans and makes gestures. Kanade just lets it pass, but since Karasu is a third year, he should be the captain of the team. He holds up a note that he declines. He writes his name on the roster and leaves. Kanade follows him out to the hallway, but the guy has disappeared into thin air!

However, Seira is in the hallway and asks Kanade how things are going with the list. He realizes that she is the only one left to say she likes him. So, he asks her if she likes him and she answers that she doesn’t “dislike” him, which is no help at all. So, he asks her again and Seira says that the word should be reserved for “one special boy” and that obviously isn’t Kanade! LOL Kanade realizes that she’s going to be a though one.

Seira sets some terms for their battle to make it more interesting. If the Reject Five win, she’ll say the words he wants to hear. But if they lose, she just giggles. Kanade wonders if she knows something of his predicament and she answers that it’s “something God only knows”. That sounds like she knows a lot to me! When he returns to the classroom, he informed of the team name - “The Sweets” – and it isn’t exactly what he had in mind. Now with a very good reason to win, Kanade makes himself the captain.

It’s the big day and in the first round, Shishimori will face Yuragi. “Acting Skills” is the chosen subject, but I liked Utage’s “Death by Strangulation” better. LOL A door appears and that is their only prop. Shishimori barges through the door and makes up some lines. Yuragi’s skills were vastly superior, but I don’t think she was actually acting. LOL Of course, she wins. Yay! I think.

Round Two – Konagi vs. Ouka and the subject is a wrestling match! Or, as Utage puts it – “the happy smiling Die, Scum!” But it’s going to be oil wrestling. The bell rings and Ouka heads straight for Konagi. Grabbing her, she throws her to the middle of the ring and both girls slide around. It looks like Ouka is going to win his one. But as she goes to do her finishing move, Konagi slips in the oil and falls. Avoiding her, the nice, oily Ouka gracefully somersaults out of the ring and onto Kanade. No one is hurt, but I can’t figure out how her bloomers fell down in that position. Once again, the embarrassed girl runs away, so I guess that means that Konagi wins by default. She does, since Ouka is unable to continue.

Round three has Reikadou facing Yukina and this should be good. LOL Utage – does she ever stop eating? – picks “boobies” which is really “Nicknames”. Yukina is really good at this! LOL her nicknames are more like insults. But in the end the audience gets to choose the best nickname and the round goes to Reikadou. Yukina was so close!

It’s Karasu’s turn next, but he went home! If that is truly the case, then the match will have to be declared a forfeit and the Reject Five will lose. However, Yoshiwara comes up with a compromise and it’s approved. Of course, he chooses Chocolat to be his opponent. Great! And the subject is “Insults” too. Yukina should have had this round. LOL To top it off, Chocolat doesn’t even know what an insult is. But once it’s explained to her, she kind of gets it. When it’s Yoshiwara’s turn, he cheerfully gives up, because he can’t insult a girl. So, the Reject Five win another round and are still in the game!

Final round with a tied score of two to two, and Seira faces Kanade. But first, an Absolute Choice! An unfunny pun or a drain that never clogs. Obviously, it will have to be the unfunny pun. It’s very unfunny and falls totally flat with the audience. Okay, and now it’s time for the subject – “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Can Kanade win? Seira throws “scissors” and Kanade throws “rock”. Kanade wins! The Reject Five wins! But why do I get the feeling Seira threw the match. Anyway, yay for the Reject Five!

Seira walks up to the microphone and makes an announcement. She likes Kanade! In fact, she loves him! The audience is stunned into complete and utter silence. Seira runs over to Kanade and hugs him. The audience goes insane with disgust. And as for Kanade, there’s no hip wiggle! Something is wrong. Seira asks him if he’s figured it out. Of course! Chocolat was also in the battle. Kanade calls out for Chocolat, but Seira won’t let him go. The announcement is about to be made that the battle is over. What to do?

Kanade calls out to Chocolat again and asks her what she thinks of him. She says that she loves him. Once again, there is a shocked silence, but the mission is cleared and Kanade gets his hip wiggle. Seira is still hanging on to him so she must have enjoyed it as well. LOL Well, she did tell him it was amazing. But it was just one more thing that the audience did not appreciate. And after the credits, Kanade is the drain that never clogs! LOL

Episode 8 –


With everything that happened at the end of the battle, Kanade has to avoid his fellow students. I wonder why he even went to school. LOL He makes it there in one piece, but then he has to face his classmates and “friends”. At least they didn’t beat him up too badly. To make matters worse, Seira causes a commotion when she enters the class and hugs Kanade from behind. She puts on a nice little show before she takes him out of the classroom, so that they can be alone. Seira teases him a little more, asks him about love, and leaves him in the hallway.

Back in the classroom, he once again has to contend with his classmates as well as his three women. What a time for an Absolute Choice! He has to hug Chocolat, Yukihira, or Ouka. It’s the first time he’s had three choices, but why now? It’s impossible! But the headache begins, so Kanade makes a quick choice and hugs Chocolat, even as he apologizes to her. However, something seems to be wrong with Chocolat, and Kanade can see that too.

Kanade’s classmates attack him again and Chocolat defends him, and tells everyone that they are just friends. Now the rest of the class can also see that Chocolat isn’t herself. Kanade leans down and asks her who she is. She’s still Chocolat, but it seems she’s gotten her memory back. Kanade grabs her hand and drags her out of the classroom. He takes her to the roof and begins to question her. But before he can ask her the really good questions, Yukihira joins them.

This girl is so jealous! But she’s her usual deadpan self, and Kanade is still clueless as to why she’s acting this way. But Chocolat sees it and comments that they are expressing their love for one another. Kanade begins to question Yukihira now and the only thing she can do is leave. Chocolat tells him that she’s jealous and envious of the relationship that he and Yukihira have. Kanade is just confused again and has to wonder who Chocolat really is.

Later, Chocolat makes Kanade an amazing dinner. Chocolat really has completely changed and the dinner atmosphere is a bit tense. Turning on the TV didn’t help either. LOL Chocolat ends up feeding Kanade dinner and Kanade thinks he can relax again, once he’s in the bath – until Chocolat joins him! LOL She’s come to bathe him, although she’s very embarrassed by it. He just wants her to leave, but when she does, he tells her that they still need to talk.

In the living room later, Kanade sits while Chocolat brings out a whiteboard and explains everything in detail I had to laugh at the “Homewrecker Shut-in Incident”. But she can’t tell him much about Absolute Choice and Kanade deduces that there must be a third god involved. Chocolat asks if she can stay with him and he agrees, but then Chocolat says that she loves him. Then she tells Kanade to kiss her. LOL This has Kanade thinking all kinds of things. But he thinks better of it and refuses her.

However, Chocolat won’t take no for an answer, and keeps trying to get him to kiss her, asking if he wants to make Absolute Choice disappear. He wonders if a kiss can really get rid of it and tries to ask her, but Chocolat is just too intent on kissing him. He almost gives in, but then Kanade tries to push her away again. She backs him into a piece of furniture and something falls on her head, knocking her out. When she wakes up, she’s back to being the other Chocolat and I’m not sure if Kanade is relieved or disappointed. He tries to ask her about the previous day, but she remembers nothing. Maybe he should hug her again? Kanade seems to like her better this way anyway.

Back at school, her classmates also seem happier with this Chocolat. Yukihira asks him about the day before and he tells her the truth, but puts it a little backwards. She then teases him about his “nighttime shock therapy” and he calls her a dirty old man. She keeps describing what he must have done the night before, and he finally admits that something almost happened to him instead. Yukihira is actually pleased that nothing happened between him and Chocolat, once he confirms it. And it seems that Ouka is back to her old crazy self as well.

Seira strolls in to the classroom too, in order to give Kanade his prize for winning the battle. It’s tickets to Aqua Galaxy, a pool, and all of the Reject Five are invited. Seira says that she looks forward to a “pleasant event” at the pool before she leaves. Chocolat and Ouka are excited to be going and Yukihira is worried about wearing a swimsuit. Kanade gets a message on his phone and it’s another mission! “Take a photo of Yuouji Ouka’s crying face at Aqua Galaxy.” Now that Kanade is convinced that there is a third god involved with his curse, I wonder if that god is Seira. She seems to know too much at times.

After the credits, Kanade walks along the school hallway and thinks his recent Absolute Choice wasn’t all that bad. He thinks that God may be slipping and begins to laugh, causing the three girls standing by the window to look at him oddly. Just to prove him wrong, he gets hit with another Absolute Choice and both of them are pervy. LOL He has to choose between a rock and a daikon, and it seems both items have magically appeared before him. The rock looks like a butt and the daikon looks like legs. Both of these choices are bad ones! LOL He finally chooses to eat the daikon “erotically” and it really disgusts the watching girls. Kanade can only cry as the girls consider him a creepy pervert.

Episode 9 –


Kanade tries to give a ticket to Aqua Galaxy to Yukihira, but she doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t know how to swim and she doesn’t want Kanade to see how small her chest is in a swimsuit. But once Kanade says that he’ll find someone else to go, she grabs the ticket from him, and will “feed it to her pet goat”. LOL

Well, it’s a lot of fun just getting to Aqua Galaxy with Utage driving. I think she played too many racing games. LOL But Kanade needs to find a way to make Ouka cry, so he can take her picture and clear his mission. He even received another book from God and a recipe for onion extract to help him out, but hopefully he won’t have to use it.

Just before they arrive at the park, Kanade gets an Absolute Choice. Three pop up again and only one seems like it would work, but I see something good coming after the credits maybe. So, he makes the obvious choice, and will now have to randomly say things he’s thinking. But another choice pops up as he’s in the locker room. Three choices again and I don’t see how any of them will work – smallest in the history of humanity, loincloth, or nothing at all. LOL Poor Kanade!

When he finally does enter the pool area, he’s wearing trunks that have “Smallest in the History of Humanity” written on the front. Utage offers him some sympathy, but he protests that it isn’t true, especially since she hasn’t seen it! LOL Besides, when he takes a good look at her in her little girl swimsuit, he says that she shouldn’t be the one talking. Thankfully, she chose not to hear him.

Another Absolute Choice! And with Utage this time. But there are only two choices this time, and while both are cute, I don’t think Utage will appreciate either one. However, since she went through this herself once, she should understand. Kanade apologizes before lifting her up with an “Upsie-daisy, Utage-chan!” He cries the entire time he does it, and Utage blushes, saying that she realizes how hard it is on him. She really does understand until the first Absolute Choice kicks in and he tells her that her chest is tiny. She clobbers him and stomps off. I wonder if this is how he will end up making Ouka cry.

Well, we have Ouka swinging from a tree, Yuragi trying to make a little boy her onii-chan and get him “excited”, and Chocolat ogling all the “naked” men. LOL Even better – she’d like to see one of them with Kanade! Kanade gathers the girls together and reminds them that they are in high school and should be acting more mature, but his words fall on deaf ears, as the girls scatter, going back to doing their own thing. Yukihira is watching, berating herself for turning down Kanade’s invitation. But she’s still worried about her small chest.

Great! Seira is there too, with Konagi and Reikadou. Of course they were going to show up since Seira wants to watch a “pleasant event”. She offers to help him find the other girls and sends Konagi and Reikadou off. She makes another of her strange comments to Kanade that he doesn’t understand, but she just laughs a little before wandering off herself. I am still wondering how she’s involved in all this. Kanade sees that Reikadou has found Yuragi, but she’s brainwashed a pile of men. Yuragi admits that they now live only for her, as her onii-chans. Reikadou wants to teach Yuragi a lesson, but she’s just as bad, declaring herself queen of the men.

It’s Yuragi’s sweetness against Reikadou’s abuse, but some of the men choose Yuragi and she declares “Unlimited Brother Works!” The other choose Reikadou and she “Queen of the Moe Pigs” – “Gate of Oinkton”. LOL I really need to take a break from laughing! It hurts! The men fight and all of them are defeated. Yuragi vows vengeance and pulls out a gun. It’s a water pistol! Yuragi shoots at Reikadou, as she pulls out her own gun – where did she have it? – and shoots back.

Kanade watches, fascinated. He’s a little concerned about the girls, then wonders why he’s taking it so seriously. He just stands there and enjoys the show. Reikadou falls and Yuragi jumps on top of her. She will make Reikadou her onee-chan too. Yuragi plays with her chest and Reikadou gets angry enough to turn the tables, when it looks like Yuragi may have discovered her silicone secret. But Yuragi one ups her again and shoots Reikadou’s chest. Why did she pass out? Yuragi thinks she’s won until Reikadou falls on top of her, suffocating her with her chest. Kanade just watches until Yuragi passes out as well and then goes to look for Ouka.

Chocolat is judging a “Mr. Sexy Contest” and her comments about turning a seme into an uke were hysterical. Kanade overhears what she says about him as well, and just turns away. But Seira is right behind him. She directs him to the roller coasters. He wonders what she’s up to, but she claims that she just wants Kanade to have a good time. Why do I not believe her? I still think she’s the third god that Kanade was wondering about. Seira tells Kanade not to forget about the “white kitten”, meaning Yukihira, although Kanade doesn’t know what she’s saying. She also tells him not to cheat, so she must know about the onion extract too.

Yukihira is still wandering around and sees how popular Kanade is. She saw Yuragi and Reikadou fighting over him and she saw Seira with him too. Yukihira feels like a stalker. Unfortunately, she isn’t watching where she’s going and walks right into Kanade. She falls and Kanade tries to help her up. But when they recognize each other, Yukihira jumps up and starts swinging her fists. Kanade accuses her of trying to kill him and she doesn’t deny it.

Yukihira makes up an excuse for being there, and Kanade invites her to join the others, but she says she’s going home. All this time she hasn’t’ turned around either. LOL But Kanade compliments her swimsuit and says that they should all come back to the water park some time. However, Yukihira turns it around again and describes a perverted swimsuit, calling Kanade a pervert. Yukihira walks away, blushing, as Kanade protests. I know she’s upset with herself for saying that.

Kanade finds Konagi and she’s crying. Wrong girl! Poor girl threw her back out. Ouka wants to ride the coaster with Kanade, but he doesn’t want to. She figures out that he’s scared, but she drags him on the ride anyway. She also tells him that she doesn’t cry. That isn’t good. Kanade is the one to cry when the roller coaster begins to go down. He goes wild and grabs Ouka’s breast, not even realizing it. Afterwards, Konagi helps him snap out of it and he turns to Ouka.

Kanade has seen her panties – twice - and now he’s touched her breast. When he approaches her now, Ouka screams. She’s almost crying too! But he doesn’t remember grabbing her breast and Ouka feels much better. He takes her hand to help her up and thinks her hand is really soft. Here goes Absolute Choice again. He says that they feel good and he wants to touch them. Of course he’s talking about her hand, but the way he says it, Ouka thinks he’s talking about her chest. Screaming that he did remember, she jumps in the water.

It’s almost time to go home and Kanade has to take action. He fills a water pistol with the onion extract and approaches Ouka. He apologizes and mentions holding her hand, which clears up that misunderstanding. Kanade pulls out the gun and, as Ouka admires it, he takes careful aim. He feels awful and tells her that he will apologize later. Kanade is about to pull the trigger and get hit with another Absolute Choice. He can shoot the gun up his butt, or up his nose. He laughs as he realizes that he really can’t cheat, and shoots the gun up his nose. Seira hears his scream where she is and just smiles, saying that she told him so. But I hope his pain at least makes Ouka cry! I was also a little disappointed after the credits not to see how any of his other choices would have turned out.

Episode 10 –


After Kanade shoots the onion extract up his nose, Ouka can’t stop laughing at him. Well, she didn’t know it was onion extract. Yuragi and Chocolat are about to drag Kanade off to the haunted house attraction, but Ouka gives an excuse not to go. However, she gets dragged along as well. Once inside, Yuragi and Chocolat run off together, leaving Ouka with Kanade. And she’s holding on to him for dear life!

Ouka runs away from the monsters chasing her, but it was funny to see the monsters getting scare of one another too. And Ouka is crying too! But Kanade can’t take her picture. Then, at one point, Ouka tears the camera off Kanade’s neck and throws it at one of the monsters. It breaks and Ouka runs off.

Kanade finally catches up to her and Ouka tells him to carry her. She’s acting like a little kid too, well, younger than usual. Kanade gives her a piggy back ride. Another monster comes along and they have to run again, with Ouka crying her eyes out. But now Kanade faces a fork in the road – and an Absolute Choice. If he takes the quick way out, Ouka will stop crying, but if he goes the other way, Ouka will keep crying even after they exit. Kanade really isn’t that cruel, so even if it means that he can’t complete the mission, he takes the quick way out.

As they exit, Kanade is still carrying Ouka. Yukihira sees them like that and runs away. And it looks like Seira was watching the scene too. Chocolate and Yuragi are enjoying ice cream and choosing where to go next. Seira walks up to Chocolat and tells her that her “duty” will be ending soon. When Yuragi looks up, both Seira and Chocolat are gone.

Ouka is still a scared little girl and won’t get off Kanade’s back. Embarrassed to have everyone staring at them, he asks her what else he can do, and she tells him to carry her “princess-style”. LOL Well, that certainly isn’t going to help, but Ouka threatens to cry again and Kanade has no choice. Ouka must be heavier than she looks, because Kanade ends up falling over with her. Of course he lands on top of her too. But she seems to be back to her normal self and remembers going into the haunted house, but nothing of what happened afterwards.

Ouka also asks why Kanade is on top of her, but when Kanade jumps up, Ouka begins to cry. She doesn’t know why, but she’s crying because she’s happy. She doesn’t remember what happened in the haunted house, but she remembers Kanade being there for her the entire time, and it just makes Ouka feel all warm inside. It sounds like a confession is coming, but Seira pops up and interrupts. Seira holds out a camera to Kanade and tells him that it’s his last chance. How does she know he needs a picture?

Kanade hesitates and asks Ouka if he can take her picture. She nods and he snaps a quick one, but as he helps her up, Seira has disappeared again. But she hasn’t gone too far. As Kanade keeps hold of Ouka’s hand, Chocolat sees them and runs away, right past a smiling Seira. Kanade finds her a little while later and tells her that he cleared the mission, but he can see that something is wrong with her.

Kanade offers to get her something to eat, but that isn’t the problem. Chocolat tells him that she got a strange feeling inside when she saw him take Ouka’s picture. She hands him another book, and saying that she isn’t sure how she feels anymore, walks away. And there is Miss Seira again, coming up to Kanade and asking him what’s wrong. Kanade quickly hides the book behind his back and makes a lame excuse. Seira sighs and tells him that he’s “the most oblivious person in the history of man”. She says that the gods don’t know what to do with him, but it looks like she’ll have to give him a hint to get rid of the curse. She does know! But is she the third god?

Kanade gets all flustered that she knows everything. Seira tells him that in order to get rid of the curse, he just has to fall in love with someone. Kanade gets a flash of Chocolat trying to kiss him that time she got hit on the head. She did say something then about making Absolute Choice disappear. Kanade asks Seira who she is, but she tells him that there is no more time.

Yukihira is on the pirate ship, looking around and wondering if guys really do prefer big chests. Chocolat is suddenly beside her, sighing. Ouka joins them too. Chocolat admits that she’s a little jealous of their relationships with Kanade, and runs away. Kanade sees her and runs after her. He gets her to stop and asks her about Seira, but Chocolat just tells him that she loves him. Kanade thinks she means it the way she always does, but she sets him straight. Chocolat hugs the surprised Kanade and begs him to love her back.

Kanade is flustered again and Chocolat is squeezing the life out of him. Yukihira sees this and just falls to her knees behind them. Ouka comes looking for Yukihira and also gets to see Chocolat hugging Kanade. He tries to tell them that it isn’t what it looks like and Yukihira tosses off one of her insults, as Kanade tells Chocolat to let go of him. She holds him tight as she asks if he dislikes her.

Absolute Choice time! He can confess that he loves Chocolat, Yukihira, or Ouka. Awkward, and of course impossible for Kanade to choose. But a fourth choice pops up this time – “something will happen at Aqua Galaxy”. Will it be an easy way out? A horrible headache hits Kanade, but since he once swore to himself that he’d never to pick a choice that would hurt someone’s feelings, he chooses the fourth. The headache immediately goes away.

Utage finally makes an appearance and Kanade runs up to her and asks about the “something will happen” choice. Utage gets really upset when he says that! She tells him that they’re “in for it now” and that something truly awful happened when she once made that choice. Utage is so terrified that Kanade imagines the park exploding and yells for everyone to get out!

Kanade spies the park’s loud speakers and makes his way towards them, but Chocolat is running behind him, still demanding an answer. He grabs a raft and Chocolat jumps in with him. He heads to the loud speakers, but has to break through a wall of Yuragi’s Onii-chans. That couldn’t have been very pleasant since it looks like his swim trunks are half pulled off afterwards. LOL

Now, here comes his neighbor in a raft, and she wants to give Kanade ice cream. He says no, but she pushes it in his face anyway. Nishino is in the next raft, and he tosses a beach ball into Kanade’s face. Next are the Yawakaze Bodyguards, and they stop to beat him up. Thankfully, Konagi needs them more, but when they leave Kanade, his swim trunks are pulled down again. LOL

Reikadou is next, with a wall of her abused men. Kanade manages to avoid them, but they are followed by a girl calling out for Natsuhiko, the one Kanade once had a dream about. Kanade is curious, but doesn’t have time for that now. Next, an offer to have a baby, and Kanade finally makes it to the loud speakers.

He and Chocolat run up the stairs and he notes that “nothing” has happened so far. Really? LOL And now a White Piggy blocks the stairs. Chocolat helps him push it out of the way and they continue up. They finally make it to the booth and, switching on the mic, Kanade begins to make an announcement. However, Chocolat interrupts him, demanding to know if he loves her. He tells her that it isn’t the time, but Chocolat demands her answer. It’s broadcasted to the entire park as Kanade tells her that he likes her, but not the way she wants him to.

Kanade says that because Chocolat is important to him, he has to tell her the truth and he apologizes. Chocolat is a little embarrassed, but says that she still loves him. Then she reminds him that the mic is on. LOL But he doesn’t make the evacuation announcement after all, not sure why. As he and Chocolat get back to the pool area, it begins to snow! Everyone at the park is stunned and speechless. Kanade wonders if this is the “something” that is to happen. He and Chocolat join Ouka and Yukihira. Ouka is enjoying the snow and it’s Chocolat’s first experience with it.

Kanade walks over to Yukihira and softly says her name – “Furano”. She gets all excited that he finally called her by her first name. And Kanade finally gets to see what Yukihira is really like. I hope he gets to remember it this time. Yukihira is still flustered, but Kanade and the other girls are talking of different things now. A giant snowball rolls by and picks up Kanade, slamming him into a wall. Yuragi and Reikadou are fighting it out again, this time with canons and snowballs!

Kanade tries to avoid the hail of canon fire as Utage takes bets on which girl will win. And there are still plenty of other strange things going on as Kanade asks Utage if this is what she meant. Seira just isn’t sure what to do. Kanade knows that he’s going to be stuck with Absolute Choice for a while longer, but will continue to make choices that he won’t regret – at least he hopes to! The part after the credits was hysterical and a perfect ending to the anime. This was a wonderful comedy!

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Australia’s Madman Ent. Adds Noucome

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Sentai Filmworks Press Release

July 9, 2014

My Mental Choices…, Eps 1-10 Episodes (Sub) are live at ANO

Intrusive Thoughts: My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

March 21, 2018 10:00am CDT
“Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog” checks out the 2013 harem comedy TV anime based on the light novel series

My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy. Official Trailer