The Story of Ally and Takeru - Prologue of Takeru

Yo, tykes! I’m trying to manage my stories now, and I thought to post one here. This follows the story of Ally and Takeru, and a title hasn’t been thought of yet, so any good ideas for the title later on would be cool. Ifyou need to find any of the characters, the’yve all been drawn by me and posted in my sketches thread. Some are old, but hey, any reference is better than no reference, hm? (tykes…?)

I’d appreciate feedback of any kind. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on my stories, and I feel that I’m not as good as I used to be. This is Takeru’s prologue, and Ally’s prologue will be the next one, tykes…

A note or two… (tykes…)

[spoiler]Birth symbol- In the majority of parts in my fictional world, newborns are given a birth symbol as they enter life. This usually depicts their nature, or sometimes their fate in life. The symbol is worn in some way for identification purposes. Timber doen not wear his for privacy reasons, and RJ and Anya are without a birth symbol. (tykes, tykes)

Syrie- I tried giving her some sort of accent, and if you dont like it, I’ll change it back, tykes…

Magic- While the magic in my stories are drawn out by weapon, there are some families who are such experts in magic that they literaly cant get ti out of their head, which is why Takeru and Mother Takeru are able to perform simple tasks, such as making breakfast. In other words, they have a high imagination. This doesn’t make as much sense, but I’ll try to explain it better later on, tykes… [/spoiler]

“Another bright morning”. He fumbled out of the bed and managed those few words. While trying to find his way out of a seemingly endless wrap of blanket, he poked his hand out of the mess and did a frantic wave. THe blanket followed suit, as if possessed, and turned to his command. He could finally toss the blanket aside, revealing a face still half- asleep, growing a huge heap of brown, untidy hair.

“As always, another bright morning, and my first action goes wrong,” the young man felt very down about the whole scenario and let out a sigh. And then, as if he had a revelation, his eyes grew wide, and he slapped himself with such force. The young man suddenly grew hesitant, and a look of focus was strong from across his face.

“N-No! Today, I… I’ll make a good d-d-day!” He threw himself at his closet and reached his clothes, and then mae a mad dash towards the room opposite his for a change in wardrobe.

“Takeru! Come down for breakfast!” An older woman was cooking away in her kitchen, handling every inch of her gas stove. It was with one hand that she kept her eggs in shape with a spatula, and another hand that was frying the sausages, which were almost done. Even though her hands were at work, her eyes were on the pans in the back. Staring at the toast covered in egg, she had it locked in her mind, and the french toast- in- training flipped over.

She gave a call again to this ‘Takeru’, but no reply. “Such a hard sleeper”, she sighed. After that comment, a loud THUD! came from upstairs. Suddenly, a CRASH! and the woman’s head lowered, and sighed even more, “Great, I just fixed that vase…”

“You need any help, Mother Takeru?” With all of the commotion going on, the girl at the table decided to lend a hand and lighten the load, “After all, why use magic to cook, when an extra set o’ hands are nearby?”

Mother Takeru regained her senses, and pulled her hair out of her eyes, " Oh, dont worry about it, Syrie. After all you’re the guest here, and old women like me need daily tasks like these to exercise our magic now and again". She gave a laugh, interrupted by another *THUD!, *which put her down again. “You dont think he’s falling on purpose, do you?”

Syrie looked confused, “Why would you think that?”

“Well, I have a feeling that that boy’s coming up with an excuse to stay inside today.” Mother Takeru finished her french toast and began arranging food onto sparkling- bright dishes, “The world scares him so much after the death of his father- I’m sure he doesn’t even want to look at the outside air, if it was visible.”

Syrie tried to manage a comforting smile on her face. “Dont’cha worry, Mother Takeru! He’s been getting better! The Amazing Syrie’s been giving him tests O’ courage everyday, and he’s been doing very well! I actually got 'im to climb a building yesterday!”

Mother Takeru was shocked. Her little boy couldn’t muster something of that caliber. “All by himself?”

Syrie bit her lip, “Well, I helped him a little. He was complaining abou’ heights… but today’s different! We’re going to explore a newly discovered temple today!” She rose from the table, striking a heroic pose and a mysterious draft began to carry her hair and sash with her birth symbol on a breeze. “I explored it yesterday! Full O’ situations t’ awake the inner fighter in Takeru!”

The pose set her aside, but Mother Takeru began to smile. “It’s safe to say that I’m glad that Takeru has met a friend like you. Just the person to rely on for those tough situations.”

“Takeru’s my best friend! There’s no way I’d leave 'im in the dust when he needs me!” Syrie looked out of the window. The outside couldn’t have look more beautiful. The trees were aligned, revealing the white trail of the mountain and a wide assortment of flowers.

Syrie smiled, and the outside wind began to play with her ebony hair with white tips. “Besides, it’s a big world, and there’s nothing I want more than for Takeru t’ explore it with me…”

Steps could be heard from behind the wall, and the boy from earlier turned into the kitchen. He wore a long coat, to match his tall and lanky body. On his left arn, was his birth symbol, a large ‘XD’ easily visible.

The boy gave a half- hearted laugh, and was scratching the back of his head “Sorry, mom, I kinda broke the vase again…”

“Oh, dont worry, I’ll fix it later, Takeru,” Mother Takeru brought the plates to the table, “Now hurry up and eat! The food’s getting cold!” Syrie ran up to him and nudged his shoulder, “Ya know, wouldn’t it kill ya t’ wake up early to help your mom out once in awhile?”

Takeru’s face grew flustered, now letting his drooping head do the talking, “W-Well, I, uh…”

Syrie laughed, “Hey, dont worry about it.” She paused, and looked with a fixed stare at Takeru’s shoulders. “Huh? Since when did you get taller? I swear, ya going t’ have a hard time fitting in elevators…” Takeru looked at her in a confused way, and she remembered fast, “Right, right, ya’ve no idea because ya’ve never seen one. Well, you’re in luck today, ya are! We’re going t’ a temple today that someone dug up!”

Takeru looked uneasy, and started stammering again, “I-I’m not sure, Syrie…”

“Now, none of that,” she gave a fist to her palm, “It’s been approved by The Amazing Syrie! Ya know it’s okay then, right? Or, is it that…”

She turned away, and started shaking. Takeru began to approach her, when she turned around again, tears running down her face, “Ya dont believe me, do ya? Your own best friend? After all we’ve been through as kids, and whatever…”

And so, Syrie began her little show, crying her heart out. Takeru flinched at the sound of the first sob, and started looking left and right, hoping to find an answer along the walls somewhere. Mother Takeru staged a furious act, as well, “Takeru! how dare you make a woman cry in this house!” He turned around, freaked out by the sudden confusion," W-What do I d-d-do, mom…?"

“Well, you obviously do what she wants, unless you want out of the house for a while, and by that, I mean a month, or two, or three…” Mother Takeru was a good actor, but at this time, it was unclear to tellwether she was seriously acting, or was strongly intent on throwing him out. Takeru, also unable to tell, gave in with a start. “O-Okay, Syrie! I’ll go to the temple!” Turning around, Syrie had already began to feel better. In fact, it was like her tears weren’t even there.

She gave a big grin, “Ya wont be disappointed, not one bit!”

Over time, the three ate their breakfast and Syrie and Takeru started for the outside. Syrie doubled back and picked up a somewhat thin, sheathed rapier from by the door, and they both waved good-bye to Mother Takeru, who smiled and waved back, and began to tend ot the nearby flowers, delicately observing the patterns and lost in thought.

‘Good luck Takeru, and make me proud!’

this great. it is very readable. I look forward to more

That was great Timber! I’ll have to go back and look up their pictures in your drawings. Keep it coming!

Timber! I didn’t know you could write as well. You are definately a well rounded artist. Love the story and don’t you change one word! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, tykes! It feels good to hear that my writing skills haven’t changed as much. One of the main reasons I started drawing was to flesh out the characters that I have written for stories, though now I’vebeen drawing more, as opposed to writing stories, tykes…

Ally’s Prologue starts here. The next chapter will more than likely be Takeru and Syrie’s last few days together before the true adventure starts… (tykes, tykes)

It may be a little longer than the last one… maybe I should consider placing these into a spoiler, as well… (tykes…^^’’)

A few notes, tykes…

[spoiler] The power of a name- Ally’s attack, “Allinie Sevenfold”, is a special ability that only she can use. People in this world are able to use their magical attacks/ special abilities through their name. No name= no power. (Examples: Forgiving Takeru, Syrie Swordplay, etc…) There are only exceptions for certain families of the world. (Timber, RJ, Anya, Hide, are some exceptions…)

Ally- Does not have a sweet spot for children. She finds them all bratty and a waste of space. However, she believes that the use of them for gang registry and the like (joining the Safety Knights) is unfair and a terrible thought. Other than that, she mostly cares for the treasure she finds… Ally also has manners, but she’s more sarcastic of them when she’s in thief mode…

Gangs- Every city/town has a gang. The take on jobs and requests to help their city/town each day. Gangs fight with other gangs in ‘Territory Wars’ to claim a stretch of land as one of their own to build bases and other stuff to their advantage. In this part of the world, gangs are uniting with the Safety Knight Organization, run by a big man in the government. They’re being promised better protection of their towns, and other ‘good’ stuff… [/spoiler]

“So, this is the Saturday Tower, huh?” It was the dead of night in the thriving- by- day, peaceful- by- night town of Flipstreet. Enshrouded in the darkness, a young woman was circling the large, six-story building known apparently as the Saturday Tower, and kept a close watch at the fourth floor, “It’s totally lackluster, and for such a safe place, the lack of security is a big-”

She stopped her sentence short; and fell into a pile of bushes nearby. Two men with flashlights were marking every-which-way of the building area. One of the men, also the shorter one of the two, took a deep sigh and turned his flashlight off, “That’s it, I’m going home…”

  "What? But your shift's not even over, yet!" The taller man flashed his light on the other.

"Well, it's always peaceful here, so why would anyone want to show up? It's not like we have anything special inside." At that moment, the taller man bashed the shorter one with his flashlight, "OWOWOWOWOW!"

“Idiot! How out of the loop are ya?” Taller man flashed his light to the fourth-story floor. “The Saturday Corporation just unearthed a special artifact! A glove of miraculous power! It’s said to be able to reshape the world with the push of a finger!”

Shorter man was finally informed with an odd smile of satisfaction. “Oh… Say, I wonder if that one thief’s gonna show up? You know, the one all over the news and everything.We’d be in trouble then, huh?”

The taller man attacked yet again. “Stupid! She is on her way! Why do you think we’re out here? Security is so tight here, there’s no way that the ‘2nd Queen of Thieves’ is ever getting throu-”

Finishing his sentence would’ve been plenty helpful, but both men began to wobble uncontrollaby. Of closer inspection, their legs were tied together while walking, and the two fell over. The shorter man found time to turn his head around. His left eye caught a tiny glimpse of the culprit. The flashlight from the taller man was falling, and the light shone o the woman from before, with long, red hair and a choker around her neck. There was a strange pendant around on her neck, but the flashlight finally fell to the ground to see anymore.

Shorter man tried to utter a quick word’ “Y-You’re…” The woman immediately threw her arm in the air, and it came down with a swift punch, sucessfully knocking out both security guards.

“I just had to say something about security, right?” The 2nd Queen of Thieves groaned. She put her hand at her choker and began to slide her fingers across it. Radio signals were being heard, and she began to speak, “What the hell, Patchwork? Why do they already know I’m here?”

A voice responded, suprisingly. It was pretty hesitant to reply back, “I may have sent a calling card…” The thief slowly arched an eyebrow and her mouth began to twitch. “For the last time,” she whispered, “I’m not a gentleman thief, or anything of that nature, so stop pulling lame crap like that…”

Patchwork’s voice sounded quite cheerful, “Oh, come on Ally! Aren’t you at least a little excited now? The thrill of security on your tail, and whatever…”

“Thanks, but I’m quite old fashioned”, there was a fever pitch in Ally’s voice, “listen, stick to your adventures, and I’ll live mine out, okay?” She slid her fingers against the choker, and the radio signal died down. Ally took a look at the security guards, mainly the tall one. “Hmm…”

“Evening, partner!” A security guard walked from the 3rd floor, “My friend and I are replacements for you guys, my partner will arrive shortly.” The opposing guards looked at each other and shrugged- they were obviously glad to finally take a break now. Retreating down the stairs, they didn’t recognize that the clothes on their replacement guard were a little too oversized.

“Enjoy your night!” The guard waved and immediately reached for her nose. The underarms of the suit, were quite foul, and she threw the clothes off as fast as she could.

“Disgusting!” Ally opened a nearby window of the Saturday Tower and breathed a big breath of air. Afterwards, she threw the rotten disguise into a pile, and pulled a box of matches from her coat pocket, in which she quickly burned the clothes and toosed the outside. “How long did he go without a shower?”

Realizing her situation, she clenched the wall and began to sneak across, keeping an eye out for any security now that her disguise was slowly burning away. The Tower was a quite remarkable building than it was out-tons of complex statues and plants- pretty much a common office building. The outside was plain and gray, and there was a large, stretching forest behind it, the Peltoran Mountains in plain sight. Ally stopped at the door that she was looking for, a wide room with the words STAFF ONLY spread across in a red that was super visible through the dark hallway.

“Wow, no machine security until now…” Ally studied the small machine next to the door, which had a numeric keypad and two squares. Ally thought for a second, and pressed 12 buttons. One of the squares began to flash green, and the doors opened quietly, allowing Ally passage.

The wide room was pretty bland- there was nothing special about a dome-shaped room with no windows in sight. Ally looked around and gave a squint at the middle of the room. There was a glass case, sitting alone over the distance. Ally slowly started walking towards it, sniffing the air, and keeping her shoes pointed towards the goal. She observed the case, and pulled out a folding knife with a very sharp edge. She pressed it against the glass and drew a circle, and pushed it in. Ally claimed her prize- the glove mentioned earlier. It looked pretty thing, and had a strange design on the backhand side.

“If it were only that easy…” Ally kept sniffing the air. She stepped forward smiling, and put the glove in her pocket, and began to speak out of nowhere “It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting, you know…” As if responding to her answer, a large circle formed around here. The circle consisted of boys nno older than 15 wearing school uniforms, the uniforms having a symbol of a setting sun printed on. The boys were also wearing large helmets which may have had bull horns attatched, but were ripped off.

One of the boys began to speak, “In the name of the Saturday Safety Knight Organization, we ask that you drop the glove and put your hands up! We have you surrounded!”

Ally started to laugh, despite the Knight’s seriousness, “My God! The Whippersnapper gang of Flipstreet gave in to the SKOs?” Overcome with hilarity, she even fell over, and the Knight’s face turned red, “H-hey! That’s not funny! We’re even beter than before!”

The Safety Knights threw their arms to the side, and spears, hammers, and axes appeared out of nowhere. They began to charge forward, forgetting that they were supposed to bring Ally back alive. Ally got back to her feet,“You’re right, it’s not funny, where are my manners? And, speaking of which…”

She stood in a chasing stance, and her left hand began to glow. A weapon appeared, as well, in Ally’s case, a bronze punching pot, with claws extracting from them, resembling a somewhat- deformed cat’s paw. She punched the first knight that got close, andhowled " How about respecting your damn elders?"

The knights kept charging on, and Ally moved quickly and without any sound, suprisingly. She danced around spears and axes, delivering a punch to the nearest kid. However, she aimed for the back of their head, keeping in mind that they were still younger than she was. After knocking another knight down, a taller one caught her wide open, and fiercely thrust his spear.

Ally’s eyes grew wide, and she lifted her right leg from her skirt. Attatched to it was a greave, and the spear shattered against the bronze armor. She grabbed the kid by the neck, who possibly wasn’t, after looking at his face through the helmet and noticing a moustache across the upper lip, “Hey, kid, how old are ya?”

“S-Sev-Seventeen…” The boy stammered, and Ally smiled pleasantly, “Great! Now I wont have to feel guilty!”

Her pot and greave began to shine, and Ally tossed the 17- year old into the air like a simple ball. She took a giant jump, and began to chant, “A thief’s power is measured from the skill within! It’ll lead you astray this time! Allinie Sevenfold!”

Ally fitted the vicitm’s body beneath her right leg and tossed him just a bit further. She touched the ground, and held her pot in the air. When the man fell under range, Ally dropped her arm, and the pot collided with his chest, and his body felt the full force offalling through the floor, plus three more.

She marveled at the hole that she created, but Ally began to cover her ears. An alarm began to sound through the entire building. Dozens of security officers began to fill the large room, and Allinie began to run, “Where did they all come from!?”

She readied her pot and punched through the wall opposite the officers, and kept punching through until she couldn’t any more- she punched her way outside, and fell into the forest. The security officers began to observe the holes in the wall, and a man was looking at the forest. He wasn’t wearing an officer’s uniform, rather a heavy suit of armor, and he kept his watch on the area where Ally fell.

“The 2nd Queen of Thieves, Allinie Flavos…” He clenched his teeth, “I’ll get you soon…”

Ally retreated to the ends of the forest. No one was chasing her, so she took a break. She sighed and thought of the Safety Knight High- Schoolers. “Man, I hate fighting children. How low can you go to make the grunts do your dirty work?” She activated her choker and contacted Patchwork, “I got the glove.”

“And right on time, too! There’s something new out there for your rare item collection!” Patchwork was debriefing Ally on her latest job, but she wasn’t listening. Pulling out the glove from her pocket, she slipped it on her right hand. Remembering what the Taller security guard said earlier, she was eager for some more strength. “Let’s see what this thing’s made of!”

She aimed the glove hand at a giant tree. Ally curled her hand into a fist, and punched the tree with all of her power. The tree didn’t budge, save a few pieces of bark. Ally pulled her arm away and started to tear up, removing the painful splinters from her fist. “No, dammit! It was allalie!” She whined.

After removing the last of her splinters, Ally took a look at the insignia of the glove, and a black haze began to from around it. The number ‘7’ appeared in a bold print. Ally felt uneasy and began to pull the glove off, but try as she might, the glove wouldn’t budge, as if attatched to her.

“W-what the? The glove wont come off!”

Great Timber! I love adventure stories. :slight_smile:

That is some good writing, Timber. You should continue this story!


Thanks for reading, guys! (tykes!)

With Spring Break in gear, I’m able to work on a few things, tykes…

So, onwards with the story! Not sure if you were greatly anticipating it, but I sure was, tykes…

The next part I’m working on in the same post, so both stories will be in the same post. (Both will be in different spoilers, tykes…)

A Few notes, tykes! If you’re stumped as to what’s going on, or something doesn’t make sense, then let me know, and for every new chapter, they will be mentioned in the notes spoiler up here, tykes!

[details=spoiler]Office- Will be described later, but most of the ruins and temples in the world are actually working offices, with desks, and other office stuff. They’re a mystery that’s just begging to be solved, and there are many explorers who are trying to figure out the meaning behind them.

Mad Hare- Obviously, the name of Takeru’s weapon. It is a basic staff of a with an evil-looking rabbit’s head on top. The name for Syrie’s rapier will be called the ‘Moon’s Bane’, but I’m not sure yet, and it probably wont matter for awhile… ^_-[/details]

[details=spoiler] “Aw, Takeru, it wasn’ that bad,” Syrie tried to comfort her best friend. They were atop a cliff on one of the highest points of the Charos Mountains, their hometown. Apparently, the expedition into the newly discovered temple went wrong, as Takeru managed to explore the office, and came across a wild nest of agitated bats, which gave him quite the fright. “You were halfway in the office, ya just didn’ expect t’ see the Afterbats in there, that’s all.”

Syrie offered Takeru a sandwich that she packed with her, but Takeru didn’t budge, burying his face into his knees. “Why cant I just face this outside world the way you do? I’m better off venturing under my bed, and I’m even afraid of that!”

Takeru raised his head up, “But, I just cant help it. It’s almost like I like being scared all the time.” He sighed and dropped his head again. Before it could hit his knees, Syrie grabbed his chin and left him facing her. She slowly edged a warm smile, running her other hand through his bushy brown air in an effort to cheer him up.

“No time for falling into a slump, Takeru! There’s too much in life t’ explore, ya know?” She stood up, and pointed eastward. Takeru gave a squint and figured that she was pointing at the Charomaro forest. “Dont you want to see that city at the end of the forest?”

The forest was a direct, yet difficult path to Marolit Town, the only city for miles, as far as anyone thought from the mountains. Most of the mountain residents can only dream about life and terrors on the outside, and only Mother Takeru has seen the outside. Takeru has always heard about stories from his mom about the faraway lands as a child, and felt special knowing that he was possibly the only kid on the mountains with an idea of the giant world. However, after his father’s death, he wondered if the world from the mountains was worth it.

Takeru turned his view away from the forest “Not really. There’s so much to fear out there…”

“And, how would ya know that for sure?” Syrie blocked Takeru’s new view of the nearby house with a very disappointed frown, “Better yet, what would ya even know t’ fear if ya ne’er leave?” Takeru thought about that remark. Sure, he’d be safe in his room, but what if there was something that his room, or the mountains couldn’t give him? Perhaps even a way to keep him from being scared…

He stood up, and brought his gaze back to the Charomaro Forest, with tons of animals rustling in the trees. “Maybe I could, but…”

“Have ya forgotten?” With another heroic pose, Syrie began boosting her ego yet again. “You’ll have your best friend, The Amazing Syrie wit you! When you’rein a bind, I’ll give those problems what for!” Shetook her rapier out and started swinging at an invisible enemy, forgetting the fact that she was on a cliff, and performed a wonderful save from a random death.

“Hehehe…” Syrie’s face turned red “I’m so amazing that I can save myself from death!” Turning back to Takeru, and realizing that he was frozen solid with fear of the incident. After returning to reality, he laughed away with Syrie. It’s not the first time that she pulled off a stunt like that.

Takeru smiled, and Syrie began to panic herself, considering that Takeru has finally smiled with feeling after years on end. He caught his breath and remarked with, “I guess I can take a look at the world. It cant be all bad, right?”

“Glad ya think o’ it that way!” Syrie dug in her pocket and pulled out a rather crumpled slip of paper. “Because we’re gonna need t’ prepare ya for the ou’side world!” [/details]

Ch.4 (Not 3, sorry! ^^’’) has been FINISHED. Sorry for the wait, tykes…

[details=spoiler]Takeru was shasking uncontrollably. Ever since the previous evening on the highest cliff on Charos Mountain, where Syrie gave him a slip of paper which turned out to be a participation slip to the Charos Mountain Stadium Tournament, he had ben shivering ever since. Standing in the stadium circle now, Takeru slowly backed away at the sight of 100s of people crowding the seats. He turned to Syrie, who was busy stretching and blowing kisses to her admirers in the audience.

“Um, Syrie… I think I’ll s-sit this one out…” Takeru was backing away towards the exit, but Syrie pulled his sleeve back to the ring, “Oh, look alive, Takeru! You need t’ improve ya combat skills, and what says training like a Stadium Tourney, eh? Th’ ou’side world is crawling with monsters, and there are many traps for ya t’ trigger, just like ya told me, right?”

Takeru had almost forgotten amidst the large crowd. Syrie was always infatuated with the stories that Takeru passed on to her, longing for the outside world and finding the new sights. For her, anything was better than the place where she resided- a torn down shack on the edge of town. Syrie never had any parents, and somehow managed to live there for her entire life. Takeru’s Mother always catered to her until she could support her own, but no one decided to take her in. Rumor had it that Syrie was a baby from the outside world, and after the terrible war, no one wanted anything to do with her. Takeru could never find out why.

Syrie suddenly turned around and ran inside the stadium, yelling “Hang on, Takeru! I forgo’ something!” She returned with a box cradled in her arms, and offered it to Takeru. Takeru curiously looked at the box, and reached inside, pulling out a strange sort of wizard’s hat. The hat didn’t seem old, but was quite tattered. There was a birth mark that didn’t match neither Takeru or Syrie’s near the brim, and the hat was covered in sashes. At the tip of the hat, a bunny symbol dangled down, drooping the hat with it.

“With The Amazing Syrie’s awesome knitting techniqus,” Syrie threw the box aside and fitted the hat on top of Takeru’s head with obvious difficulty, “I’ve managed to make ya a traveling hat! It’s a good way o’ powering up ya magic skills!”

Takeru felt a twitch in his heart. He’d never received a gift from anyone before with the exception of his mother. Suprisingly enough, the hat seemed to fit his style. He grabbed the brim and tugged it down,keeping his red face and smug expression under his hair and away from Syrie’s attention.

Eventually, Syrie snapped him out of his happy moment, “Get ready- it’s round one!” Takeru hastily threw his arm down. A bright light emanated from his hand and shaped into a long pole. The light disappeared, and a tall staff replaced it, with a rabbit’s head with piercing red eyes at the top. Syrie reached for her rapier, a very thin sword with a design at the holster resembling a setting sun.

Takeru took his staff and brandished it in front of him. There was a newfound courage somewhere, though it was hard to tell with his continuous shaking. “R-r ready!”

After announcements the opposing team stepped in. Two kids- barely reaching Syrie’s torso. One had burgundy hair to match his burgundy vest and black formal trousers. He had a sophisticated feel about himself. The other one had a helmet out of a kitchen pot, while the rest of his armor wasmade of kitchen appliances. On his back, however, was a bastard sword that was two times his size.

Takeru noticed the two right away and started waving at the burgundy kid. “Oh, hey Gator!” The boy took his warm greeting and replied by turning his head away, smirking. “Well, well. Never expected to see the scaredy-cat Takeru here.” This caused Takeru to slowly put his weapon down in shame.

Gator continued his rant, “I saw you in the locker rooms, but here I was, thinking that you were cleaning out the bathrooms, or something…” He burst out into laughter. The other kid started to chuckle rather quietly, but Gator cut him off, “Silence, Haku!”

Syrie looked at Takeru, who started to sweat a giant puddle. “Dont listen t’ him, Takeru! You’ve got this match in the bag!”

“A scaredy- cat cant even fight his way out of a bag!” Gator broke out in a fighting stance, armed with knuckles and charged “And I’ll keep it that way!”

“Great, no swordplay for me…” Syrie put her sword back and charged in with her own fists, “C’mon Takeru! Snap ou’ of it!”

Takeru finally grabbed ahold of the situation and ran forward, staff in the air. Syrie jumped at Gator, firing a punch, but flew back. She landed on her feet, and took a look at Gator, who was screened by a giant, blue barrier. The barrier faded from sight.

“Ha, forget that I’m a magician, Syrie?” Gator laughed even louder, and Haku joined in on the fun, “You’ll need a better strategy than th- SILENCE, HAKU!” Syrie turned to Takeru, “You hear that, Takeru? we need t’ break that barrier with some magic!”

Takeru began to asess the situation, “Let’s see, there’s a spherical barrier covering his body… if it blocks phsical attacks, then it needs magical force to take it down!” His courageous calculations couldn’t match his timid timing, unfortunately- his Mad Hare staff started to shake at the trembling of his body, and he coughed up the words “Fl-flaming… T-Take-Takeru…” In response, the magical balls of fire that flared from the staff head were compared to his incantation- pathetic and weak.

The balls of fire hovered at a rather strenuous pace, and hit Gator’s physical barrier, but they began to fizzle and fade away, being very weak. Gator roared with laughter, “Wow, what was that? How can you even call yourself a magician? I mean, you’re older than me, trained with magic even longer than me, and these are the fireballs you produce?” He pushed Syrie aside with suprising force for a 10-year old, and threw his fists in front of a cowering Takeru. He grew frightened of his own fireball spell that he fell to the ground.

Gator’s knuckles began to cover in flames. The flames grew and grew, and Gator’s fists were barely visible anymore. His face took on an intimidating feel, and his hair began to blow every which way in the random wind.

“Burst Gator!” He took a grand swing and smacked Takeru clear across the face, with Takeru’s new hat flying through the air. Takeru screamed in agony, and wouldn’t let go of his burning face. Syrie stood straight up and charged after her friend, “TAKERU!”

His screaming could be heard and felt across the entire audience. Everyone knew Takeru’s nature, and couldn’t understand why Gator would retaliate with such anger. Gator himself laughed it off and remarked with “You can laugh now, Haku.” Haku kept silent- he couldn’t condone Gator’s random outburst at all. He readied another fist again, whispering “I’ll wipe your fear away!”

He stopped and saw what seemed to be breaking glass. Gator’s barrier shattered, and Syrie finally touched gator as she lifted his body by his vest, keeping he head down. Being the 10-year old he was, the boy tried to fight back, but Syrie had a mean grip to behold. Her fists were flaming brightly, in similarity to Gator’s.

“Your move happens to be both physical and magical,” Syrie’s fists were wearing away Gator’s vest, which even he thought was fireproof,“And e’en if it’s somewhat physical, then my Syrie Mimicry can take o’er.” Syrie punched his shield with the fiery force, causing the magical might to crush the barrier away.

She lifted Gator over her head, anger in her voice, “If ya want t’ play by adult rules, then fine! I’ll stop going easy on ya!” She threw him with such force, colliding with his partner, Haku. They both fell into the ground, and a giant cloud of dust rendered the two unable to see. The cloud faded away, and Haku stood over his pallen comrade, waving a white flag from a giant pit. Gator could not open his eyes, and was wriggling slowly, as if he were having a bad dream.

The announcer signaled the end of the match, and Syrie ran to Takeru, whose screaming had somehow thrown him into an unconscous state. The flames on her fists had died down, “Takeru, are ou all right?” She began examining his face, and to her suprise, there was no evidence of a burn mark at all, not even a single scratch. Syrie pondered about the reason why, “I’m not sure that the imagination factor can treat wounds… why isn’t he hurt?” She eased away from his face, as Takeruwas finally coming to. He slowly lifted his head, and looked around, gaining his memories of fighting in the stadium, and Gator clobbering him with a fist of flames. “W-we lost…?”

Syrie’s shock of Takeru’s bruise-free face never reached him, and she just smiled, “At least you’re okay. Actually we’ve won this one by a slightly cheap thread. Can ya stand?”

Takeru even managed to stand without any issues, as if the battle didn’t even phase him at all. He ran and received his had from someone in the stadium audience who had managed to catch it. Facing Syrie, he began to apologie “I wanted to fire a perfect shot, but I started to get scared. I was thinking, ‘What if I mess up?’ and ‘What if my magic doesn’t work?’”

Syrie sighed, “Ya need t’ calm down, Takeru! With a clearer mind, ya’ can focus clearer magic!” She chuckled, “Ya can make it up in th’ next match.”

Takeru gave a slight nod. He looked over Syrie at the audience, or what was left of them. Everyone began running and panicking, leaving the seats totally empty. Takeru wondered what was going on until he sniffed the air., “Is there a fire nearby?”

Syrie looked behind Takeru. A giant cloud of smoke could be seen over the distance.

“Looks like it… and it’s coming from th’ direction o’ my house!” [/details]

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As mentioned, Ch.4 has now been finished, so feel free to take a look.

If there’s something that you dont understand, then please let me know, and I shall list the explanations in the spoilers containing notes, tykes.

Ch. 4… huh, I think that I possibly added too much, and yet too little to the surroundings, tykes…

Ch. 5 should be the encounter between heroes, and the loss of one… (tykes, tykes…)

This post will be dedicated to character bios, tykes…

After some revision, there are a few continuity errors in the story (I believe…) that I will be fixing eventually… (tykes…)

[size=3]Character Bios…[/size]

Takeru Nakamichi- Male

Main Protagonist #1, leading Hero #1

Hair: Brown, and very bushy
Occupation: Magician. Son of Emiko Nakamichi and best friend of Syrie.
Dress: A long, open gray coat and black pants with brown boots. He is given a magician’s hat by Syrie, which is covered in sashes and is patched in several places, but is said to help Takeru with magic power. Wears his birth symbol on his left arm.
Abilities: Little combat magic, and a specialty in barrier and strength magic. Has a high imagination factor.
Weapon: Mad Hare- Staff with a rabbit’s head adorned at the top. The rabbit has evil-looking, piercing red eyes.

Timid by nature, Takeru witnessed his father die in front of him during a war when he was a child. Because of this, he developed a fear to just about anything and everything, and doesn’t like to leave his room. He’s best friends with Syrie, who brings him outside and helps him to become braver.

Allinie ‘Ally’ Flavos-Female

Main Protagonist #2, Leading Heroine

Age: 18
Hair: Red-Orange, straight, with a cowlick/ahoge at the top
Occupation: Master Thief, partner with Patchwork
Dress: Skirt and dress jacket with puffy cuffs. Wears a pendant of a bizarre shape on her chest, and a choker around her neck, which is used to communicate with her partner, Patchwork. Wears sneakers, and a glove she recently stole that she cant take off.
Abilities: Specializes in aura attacks, relying on punches and kicks. A skilled fighter, with dance-like evasion. However, she’d rather stick to her stealthy nature, and sneak around to avoid confrontation.
Weapon: Kit and Kaboodle- Ally’s prized claw and grieve, respectively. Kit is a faintly-golden claw that resembles a cat’s claw and fits on her left hand, and Kaboodle is a faintly-golden grieve that fits on her right leg.

A Master Thief, who has caused trouble in half of the world already-with the other half remaining. The police force and the Safety Knight Organization are always after her. Trained in the ways of a thief as an orphan in her early years. She gets her next mission by her partenr Patchwork, whom she never sees and has to rely on by voice. Her latest heist resulted in finding a strange glove that was said to be able to destroy mountains with a single touch. The glove was a fake, and instead robs the host of its strength. With the help of a Magician, Ally hopes to be able to remove the glove before things get a little out-of-hand.


Hair: Black, with white tips at the bottom
Occupation:A Spelunker and fencer, best friend of Takeru
Dress: Wears a black jacket with long sleeves and fur at the top. Wears a short yellow skirt and black boots. A long sash is tied around her jacket wiht her birth symbol on the front.
Abilities: Aura attacks through the use of a rapier. Syrie is quite formidable, being able to fight with her fists, as well. Has a mimicry skill to copy magic abilities when in a tight pinch.
Weapon: Breaking Dawn- A very thin rapier with an image at the hilt, resembling daybreak.

Syrie has lived by herself ever since she was a baby. She was discovered after the war in an old shack. People decided to leave her be with the exception of Mother Takeru, who treated her as one of her own, but decided to keep her in the shack for reasons unknown. Growing up with her best friend Takeru, Syrie has grown a yearnng for the outside world and has trained to become a very skilled fighter and explorer in order to survive out there. She is a brave and mighty soul, and tries to teach Takeru to be the same. She wants the two of them to explore the world to make names of themselves. She deeply cares for Takeru, and frowns when he starts to speak his negative thoughts. She is incredibly playful, and nicknames herself ‘The Amazing Syrie’.

Emiko ‘Mother Takeru’ Nakamichi- Female

Hair: Brown, bushy, and is kept in a ponytail.
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, Veteran Magican, Mother of Takeru and Guardian of Syrie
Dress: Wears a long shirt that covers the entire body and glasses. A witches’ hat covers her head, and bends towards the back. Usually keeps an apron on.
Abilities: Not much is known, but is apparently skilled with magic. Has a high imagination factor like her son, which she can use to multitask around the house at will.

A widow who raised her son Takeru and Syrie from their early days. She is concerned with Takeru’s constant fears, and is always glad that Syrie is around to help him out. She knows about the outside world more than anyone on the Mountains (being a native in a certain town), and told Takeru about it as bedtime stories. She’s always busy, cooking, aleaning, and taking care of Takeru’s clumsy acts.

Wonderful Timber - can’t wait to read more! I like the character bios too! Keep it coming! :slight_smile:

[spoiler]Thanks for the feedback, tykes! As I promised, my Summer Break is finally here, so I now have a bit more time to work on the story.

Now, I wanted this chapter to include the full story, but I figured that since we haven’t seen Allinie in a while, she should go first. Here it is! (tykes, tykes!)[/spoiler]

Allinie kept her focus on the glove on her right hand. A terrible rumor indeed, she couldn’t believe that she went through all of that trouble, sneaking in the Saturday Tower, and all for a glove that was practically worthless. And from a rumor, no less…

She recalled the conversation she had with Patchwork after she wrapped her hand up in some bandages. Patchwork, howling with such laughter after Allinie’s punching incident, finally calmed down, “Hoo, boy… well, you said there’s a number on the glove?”

“Yeah,” Allinie continues to tug at the glove, hoping t oget a lucky strike, “It’s in the middle of the glove in some sort of black smoke…”

She could hear a faint sound of Patchwork gulping through her communicator, “You better hope it’s not a Death Sentence, Allinie…” His voice seemed frightened, and Allinie’s eyes widened in sudden shock, “D-d-death sentence?”

" A tough Magician must’ve made that glove long ago- could’ve fooled his victims, too. That’s a magic condition that you dont see much these days, even by the top experts…"

A nerve snapped in Allinie’s head, “WHAT?! I cant die yet! There’s so many things I haven’t stolen yet! I’ve only been to so many places! I didn’t even get to dimension-travel yet! Only seven days to live…” She rammed her back against a tree, and gripped her hair in frustration.

“Uh… dimension travel?” Patchwork seemed rather confused, “Anyways, the number reads seven, right? Well, you dont really know what that means, from seven days to seven years. I’d rather you relax until the 6th day.”

“Oh, relax, my ass!” Allinie was ready to choke herself if it meant choking the choker that she hoped Patchwork could feel, “I need to know how to get rid of this thing, ASAP!”

“Calm down, Allinie,” Patchwork sighed, “Like I said, the glove was made by a magician- at least, I hope- so all you need is a magician’s help to remove it.” There were a series of beeping and whirring heard through the choker, “According to my research, there’s supposed to be a veteran magician in the form of a mother in the nearby mountains somewhere. If you can somehoe sweet-talk her, I’ll bet she could help you remove the glove with no problem.”

Allinie slowly opened her eyes. Looking above her, her hair was standing straight up, with a brown sky, “Hm, I must be having a bad hair day…” As she looked in front of her, a metal spearhead was pointed directly at her. From closer inspection, Allinie could see a tall, strange mushroom-like creature that was upside-down. It had arms opposite each other on sides and one being at the bottom of its body. It made a whistling noise, and a bunch of others just like it, came hopping towards it, pointing the’r spears at Allinie in a circle. Allinie began to sit up, but her dangling arond by a rope told her immediately that she had been caught in her sleep at the forest, and was now upside-down. Her hands were bound, as well.

“MUSH! Mush, mush-mush…” The first mushroom spearman talked to the others, and they began licking their lips with impatience. Allinie sighed, “I wonder how I taste…”

She began to fidget in the rope, and the mushroom spearmen looked at her in curiosity. Her hands burst free of the rope, one holding a knife. “Lucky for me, I’m a handy escape artist! …sort of…”

Slicing the rope with a miraculously sharp blade, Allinie fell to the ground and spun around a bit before regaining consciousness. The mushroom leader yelled, “MUSH!” And began to close in on Allinie, order to skewer the thief.

Thinking fast, Allinie ducked under the spears and manuvered easily through the mushroom’s thin bodies. She started running for dear life. Up ahead, she noticed what looked like a giant wall of dirt through the path of trees…

“This mush, er must, be the way to the Charos Mountain Town!” She gave a brave smile and charged off, “Now to pay this Magician a visit…”

I feel sorry for him… Good work Timber!

Nice job Timber! Serious and funny at the same time. :slight_smile:

[spoiler] Me again, tykes! This chapter will be put into parts, for now. Mainly because I’ve typed this quite late and dont have the energy to wrap it up right now. I’ll do it later after I’ve taken care of a few things, tykes…

So, yup. Things happen here. Hopefully it’s not too cliched… actually I’m pretty sure it is, lol… (tykes…)

Syrie and Takeru ran out of the Arena through a flood of the panicking citizens. Takeru looked around and wondered why- the smoke had risen in a single area, and nothing really seemed out of the ordinary, save for the rushing crowds. 

“Syrie, doesn’t this seem a bit strange to you?” He was being dragged along by Syrie, who was too focused on her home that could be on fire, thus ignoring his question completely. “S…Syrie?”

Climbing through the city square, the two could hear a bit of strange talk from the townsfolk- “Armor? But I’ve never seen anyone with armor that fancy around the mountains before!” “I dont know what they would want with our peaceful town! We separated ourselves for a reason…” “I dont want my children in the middle of a war like that one from 15 years back!” Syrie clenched her fist hard and pulled even harder Takeru’s grip as they climbed a rocky path to reach her home. It was then where she began to tremble. Placed in a great spread of forest, a moderately-sized wooden shack burned like simple firewood, falling apart and giving the flames more excuse to dance. Syrie’s eyes grew wide with concern, even visible through her interrupting hairstyle, “No…”

For the first time in a long time, she had let go of Takeru and proceeded down the rocky path at a fast pace. Takeru nearly tripped, realizing she had let go. He watched as the flames were tearing her house apart, not remembering the place too well. The two never played inside it, and the farthest inside he ever saw of it was through a window, with a shelf blocking part of his view.

“Wait a minute…” Takeru had regained his senses, and charged after his best friend, “S-Syrie! Wait up!” He chased her through the trees, smacking against the branches that she had familiarly pushed aside. Syrie had no intention of stopping, tears streaming down a serious face. From her actions, the house must’ve been her legal guardian, raising her and keeping her safe through the different weather changes.

Takeru tried his best to keep his hat on and attempted to speak through his mouth filled with rude leaves, “Mmmmph… Srri… wa-” Before he made another word, Syrie pulled him over and behind a tree. The burning house was dead ahead, and so was a circle of tall soldiers wearing horned helmets. The two took watch at the large group, who had pointed spears at a group of four people brandishing what looked like kitchen and workshop materials. Takeru squinted at the leader of said group, a woman with glasses, and a tall witches’ hat bent over. His voice muttered the usual trembling, only worse.


Takeru’s mother stood in the prime of the group, keeping a hold on her frying pan, while shifting her eyes left and right at the armored soldiers. Behind her were a man and woman, the man with impressive sideburns and a thick pair of shades, and the woman, rather portly, with her hair in a bun and a large metal shield in front of her.

The man took a mallet in his hands, pounding it softly, “Heh… I can hear the town from here. Running around, only because they haven’t seen a fire in ages. I get more action from my burning pottery kilns than a burning house…”

The woman snorted in anger, “Ugh… damn it, Emiko! This is all because you went and married that man, didn’t you? I always said that he’d bring nothing but trouble. All of those outsiders are nothing but trouble. Had you listened to me, I could be watching my little Gator beating your son to a pulp right now…”

Emiko kept her focus on the circle, as the soldiers were moving closer with their spears. She made a face as if saying ‘Oh, really?’ that the shield-carrying woman could make from the corner of her eye. “Oh Bonnie, hush! My little Takeru is more than a match for your pampered little brat. I heard that he only learned his fist skills last week, and Takeru’s known his magic for quite some time.” She urged to say more, but the sound of the soldiers and their clinking boots reminded her of their situation. “Uh, I’d hate to break it to you, but I’m feeling a little uncomfortable to win your argument…”

As if the spears couldn’t get any closer, the front of Emiko’s side had opened, and a large, muscular man in a suit of armor walked in between. Unlike the other guards, his armor was of a different design, and wasn’t stitched together. he wore no helmet, but instead a string of rope to keep his ebony hair out of his sullen face. In his hands and in the dirt was a long ball and chain, spiked.

He approached Emiko, wearing a greasy smile of accomplishment, and she held her face back from the rough stench his smile gave off. “Hmm… so it appears that we’ve finally met… Emiko Nakamichi… It’s a shame that I missed the wedding, but to even miss the funeral? I had a powerful speech for ol’ Telltao and everything… tsk tsk.”

“Well, fancy meeting you here, ‘Captain’ Raksha,” Emiko smirked at the man’s excuse for a greeting, “So, what brings you to these parts? You look like you’ve become stronger since the last time we-”

“No, no, NO! NO CHANGING SUBJECT!” Captain Raksha began to stomp around the ground in a tantrum- very unnatural for a man of his possible age and size. Even Emiko was thrown off, not expecting the man to take his words so literal. He yanked her by the arm, and began to bark in her face, Emiko taking a strong whiff at his strong breath and saliva mixture, “YOU ALWAYS DO THAT! I’M SICK OF IT!”

Emiko arched an eyebrow. “Well, okay then. But to be fair, what exactly do you want me to say? There’s a reason why we didn’t want you at the wedding, and it’s the very reason that you’re here now.” She pointed to the burning house, ash floating into the air and the roof slowly caving in. In hiding, Syrie could barely take it, grasping the trunk of the tree in mad effort to snap it in two.

“Think about what you’re doing, Raksha! This idea is utter nonsense, and you know it! There is no ‘Gift of an Angel’ here!” Emiko broke free of Raksha’s grip, backing away to rid herself of his terrible breath. “You’ve just picked an innocent town to tear apart for selfish goals!”

The Captain gave a hearty laugh. His knights raised a spear to Emiko, pushing her back in her normal place. “Oh, but there is indeed a ‘Gift of an Angel’ here. You see, we’ve had a high reading of an imagination factor from this mountaintop- higher than what anyone has ever seen before. I also remember Telltao bringing a little girl with him to this village. Honestly, it’s not that hard to figure out once you use your head…”

“This village doesn’t take kindly to those who aren’t born into it, the last time I checked… so giving the girl a warm welcome would be out of the question, right?” Raksha looked to the man in shades, who looked away, gripping his hammer rather softly. “Hmph, I knew I was right. And this house looks like the kind of shack that an outcast would be banished to, am I right?”

Captain Raksha continued with evil laughter, while Syrie grew ever so impatient with every chuckle. The moment the roof collapsed into the greater flame, Takeru found his only friend charging into the crowd, hands prepared to draw her rapier with a war cry. “RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

The knights turned around to identify the nonsense coming their way, spears touching the ground. Raksha looked behind him, a smile growing bigger and greasier across his face, “HA, HA! It looks like I was right, after all!” Emiko, thinking quickly, reached into her apron, finding a small bomb, decorated with an innocent-looking mark. She lit the fuse, and looked to her companions, “You know the drill! Protect the girl!”

She threw the bomb to the ground, and smoke began to exhaust from the now-wasted fuse. The knights were surrounded by a thick and heavy smog, coughing and hacking. Syrie stopped short at the crowd, and ran toward her house, ignoring the smoke. Takeru chased after her, realizing that Syrie was actually the type of person to run into the fire, “Syrie! Hold on!”

Raksha stamped the ground even harder, shaking the earth a little with his tantrum, “FIND HER NOW!” Looking through the smoke was tough, however, as he tried to maneuver his way out. He didn’t get far- from in the smoke rushed a iron hat attached to a pole, which struck a clean hit towards his face. Emiko’s voice cold be heard, laughing confidently. “My son’s a coward… but at least he’s not a whining little baby!” She thought for a moment, “…wait… aw, well.”

She appeared next to Raksha in an instant, her frying pan disappeared, but in its place was the long staff used to smack Raksha earlier. She attempted another swing, but he raised his mighty arm, and his armor ceased the blow.

“I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOAL, NO MATTER WHAT! RAKSHA RAMPAGE!” He pushed Emiko back and charged towards her, placing fingers to the side of his head, resembling a pair of bull horns. He was soon covered in flames, as a huge, fiery bull was now in Emiko’s path. She breathed slowly, and took a step back, making a clean jump from Raksha’s attack. The charging put her at a disadvantage- the force was tremendous, and smoke began to clear up. She could find her partners, battling the knights. The man in shades preformed an aerial launch with his hammer, cracking a knights’ helmet open and rendering him unconscious, while Bonnie’s shield grew a long spear, and she charged through a giant wave of meager, thrusting spears.

Sliding against the dirt, Emiko dodged all of Raksha’s charges with ease. As he ran, he left a new trail of fire in the ground, but the earth carved in doing so was immense. She shook her head in disgust, “Such a shame… my Takeru could learn a think or two from you. If only he were watching. Precision is key in fighting a battle, not losing your mind!” She took her staff and held it aloft, chanting, "Here! I hold the heartrending memories of battles past without end! CALAMITY EMIKO!

While the bull continued to charge, the earth ripped open by several bits of steel. They shot forward, revealing themselves as countless swords- tattered and new alike- which ripped through the bull’s fiery hide, and gave way to being Raksha again. He was launched from the ground, swords piercing his armor with great force, and fell back to the ground.

Hello, new/old readers and fans-hopefully, lol! (tykes!)

[spoiler]Right, so the thread reads that I’ve not been here in a month, but I’ve really been editing the same post with more story off and on during the previous weeks. I figure it’s time to update it now, tykes.

The action is a bit slow, since we've not yet reached the main part of the story, so I'm apologizing for that. These battles are quite lengthy, or it's possibly my fault and I'm doing something wrong... (tykes...) [/spoiler]

“Ugh… damn it…” Raksha slowly climbed from the ground, armor pierced by swords, with a few of them remaining in his body, slowly carving through his flesh. He bent over trying to grasp his chest, though unable, and began to cough up a pool of blood, "Telltao… always had great taste… in women… "

Emiko smirked, taking her staff and miraculously twirling the iron mass around her body, like a mere baton, “Well minus the war, you’re talking to the only one who has ever bested him on the lines of battle.” She shifted her glasses demeaningly, and forced a threatening staff pose at Raksha. “I cant assure your life should this battle continue, so I’d prefer it if you’d take your knights and leave these mountains!”

“Hm… heh-heh…” Raksha had taken a careful step. He began wiping the blood from around his mouth, and a big grin was seen around his face, “Hmph… you better be kidding, lady… I’m just… getting started! RAKSHA REBOUND!”

Raksha stood completely still as he channeled his energy. Emiko could hear a strange slipping sound. When she looked at Raksha’s armor, she noticed the swords slowly edging from the place in his body, until they shot out completely. There was no cover from this blindingly-fast strike- she took a series of jabs from the swords flying free, and flew back, scraping the ground with her staff flying away.

“Heh… that’s better.” With the swords free from his body, Raksha checked the movement in his hand. Turning it into a fist was no problem, and so was moving around. He walked over to Emiko, desperately trying to recover, but the pain in her chest was too much to bear. “My… my staff… March Hatter…” "She looked around, trying to reach her staff, but it was much too far for her grasp. She did grab something, however- Raksha’s foot- as he drove it straight into her. “AHHHHHHHH!”

The smoke finally cleared away, and the rest of the party didn’t have as much of a better time as Emiko. Bonnie quickly grew tired, swinging her giant spear around, and the knights surrounded her as she fell to her knees with heavy breathing. The man in shades found Emiko at the mercy of Raksha, and couldn’t help calling out to her in dismay, "EMIKO!’ The knights caught up to him, thrusting their spears his way. Finding his leader down, he had dropped his hammer in defeat.

Raksha had given his heartiest laugh yet. “HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! You should’ve learned your place, woman!” He launched a kick into her side, and Emiko went tumbling across the dirt. “There is no one- especially a pathetic woman- who will ever stop me!”

Raksha paused, but not of his own will. He felt an annoying scratch at his back. The feeling of… cat claws? He turned around and watched his chin sail back and to the sky in a powerful uppercut. Afterwards, he saw a shadow at great speed as it gripped him and sent him spiraling into the ground. The dust settled as Raksha took a look around him. His Armor was even more tattered than before and pieces of it had broken off, scattered around the field. In his vision, a familiar face with read hair placed her foot on his chest. Behind her were a group of mushrooms, their hands gripped tightly around a spear. His face grew red, and his temper began to rise with a greater intensity than before.


Allinie looked at the man, wearing a sneaky smile, as she bent town to greet him. “Captain Raksha! You look well! However, now’s not really the time to chat… you see, you just tried to get away with some rather offensive words about a woman and you… and I feel pretty offended.”

The next part will focus on Takeru and Syrie. Still thinking on wether or not I’ll include that battle. Also, what is it with me and spears, tykes? x_X

I’ve missed your tale telling Timber. This was a great add. The battle was exciting and I was really pulling for Emiko. Raksha is a real macho meanie!!