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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU / Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

Episode 6 –


It’s been a week and Hachiman believes that he’s returned to his “inner peace” and that Yui has given up on her sense of obligation. He thinks he made the right choice, but does he even notice how miserable Yui is?

Yukino amused me with her assessment of the situation when she questioned Hachiman about Yui. Their teacher tells them to look for more club members because it looks like Yui quit. I laughed when Hachiman asks if he can quit too and Hiratsuka just cracks her knuckles! She gives them till Monday to recruit at least one new member and shoos them out of the room to begin immediately.

Yukino is determined to get Yui to rejoin them. She thinks Yui’s birthday is June 18th and she wants to do something for her – just to thank her for her help with the club up until now. It was very hard for her to ask for Hachiman’s help! They take a day to go shopping for a present and Komachi goes with them. However, she won’t let them shop separately and makes them go together so that they can “share advice”.

But then Komachi disappears to shop for herself – or was it really to leave Hachiman and Yukino alone together? But Yukino won’t let Hachiman abandon her either. She even gives Hachiman permission to treat her like a girlfriend! Just for shopping convenience of course and as long as no one they know sees them. Sure!

Yui keeps losing her dog. She really needs to do something about that. And she just happens to be in the mall too. I have a feeling I know exactly what’s going to happen with that loose dog running around. Hachiman and Yukino are still debating on a gift for Yui and it was funny to see Yukino purchase an apron that Hachiman admired on her. But before she can buy anything, Yukino’s older sister shows up.

I liked how Haruno gives Hachiman the once over! I also enjoyed her quizzing them on how long they’ve been dating and didn’t seem to believe either one of them when they said they were just classmates. Haruno finally leaves them and it looks like Yukino may be a little jealous of her sister. And sure enough, a lost dog comes along and it looks like Yukino is afraid of dogs too as she cowers against Hachiman.

The dog jumps onto Hachiman’s lap and licks his face, causing Hachiman to drop it. The dog seems happy to see Hachiman and rolls onto its back for him. Yui soon shows up looking for her dog and is surprised to see Hachiman and Yukino together. She assumes they’re on a date and misunderstands Yukino when she asks her to come to the club room so she can talk to her about them. Yui reluctantly agrees to meet and walks off dejectedly.

Back at school, it was so funny when Yukino mentions wanting to talk to Yui about the future and Yui thinks she means the future of her and Hachiman! She gets all flustered and wants to congratulate them. LOL The girls are talking about two completely different things and don’t even realize it. At least Hachiman gets it and finally explains. Gee, Yui seemed so relieved to find out they aren’t dating.

Yui loves the apron from Yukino and Hachiman has a gift for her as well. Actually, he’d like to forget everything that happened and start over. But Yui still questions why Hachiman thinks she’s just being nice to him. Even Yukino agrees that the two of them should forget the accident and start over. Yukino leaves to report to the teacher that they have their new member.

Yui opens Hachiman’s gift and thinking it’s a necklace, puts it on for Hachiman to admire. Unfortunately, Hachiman has to tell her that it’s a dog collar! Did she really have to call him a jerk and throw the box at him? LOL She leaves, but before slamming the door shut, she thanks the “jerk”. But out in the hall, a very happy Yui runs off. And why is Hachiman thinking of Yukino?

S1 Episode 2 is now live at ANO

Ep 2

With that logic, being a bear sounds awesome!

Episode 7 –


That whole bit with Hiratsuka trying to get in touch with Hachiman was hysterical. She’s practically a stalker! Turns out that the Service Club is going to Chiba. Komachi is going too and Hachiman thinks she’s a traitor. They used her to get to him! LOL But Hachiman feels a lot better once Totsuka shows up and even promises to believe in God! LOL

Once they reach Chiba Village, more classmates show up – the Hayama group. Hiratsuka tells them all that they will be doing volunteer work and announces a training camp for the Service Club. They are going to be camp counselors! As they begin to help the kids, Hayama gains a quick popularity with them. Ebina tells Hachiman that he has a “strong uke aura” and he should watch out for Hayama! LOL

But there is one lonely little girl, Rumi, that seems to be left out, even when she’s in a group. And she seems to gravitate towards Yukino and Hachiman. In fact, she reminds me of Yukino and could even be her little sister. They all want to help this isolated girl, but don’t know how. Yukino suggests that the Service Club take on her case. Of course, Rumi will have to ask for their help and that may not happen. Once again Ebina’s suggestion was hysterical – “I made friends through Yaoi!” However, I don’t think that will work for a child.

They turn in for the night and of course Hachiman will not be getting any sleep laying next to a Totsuka that is murmuring “Hachiman” in his sleep – I wonder what he’s dreaming about! Hachiman wanders outside to find Yukino humming “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. It was considerate of Hachiman to step on a branch so he wouldn’t scare her. She’s thinking about how to help Rumi and says that the girl reminds her of Yui of all people! I’m sure they will come up with a way to help Rumi.

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Episode 8 –


Hachiman awakens to Totsuka and wonders if it’s the “morning after”. LOL He soon remembers that he’s at camp, but panics when Totsuka asks for his e-mail address. He gets even more excited when Totsuka sends him a test e-mail and ends up passing out! Poor guy! LOL

A test of courage and a campfire is planned for that night. Hachiman isn’t thrilled and a flashback from his past shows why. Hachiman is chosen to be a monster for the test of courage, but he also ends up laying out the campfire himself as well. It’s hot and he soon finds his sister and Yui playing in the river. They are wearing cute swimsuits and Komachi goes into several sexy poses for him. Hachiman isn’t too impressed, but he does seem more enthralled with Yui and even has to rinse his eyes out. Then he sees Yukino and Hiratsuka and once the other girls join them, Hachiman seems to be in heaven.

Soon everyone is having fun, splashing around in the river while Hachiman sits under a nearby tree, watching. He wanted to be the one to throw water on Totsuka and get him all wet! LOL Rumi comes along and sits with Hachiman. Yui and Yukino ask Rumi to join them in the water but she doesn’t want to and the conversation soon turns to friends. It turns out that Rumi has completely given up on even trying to make friends. Hachiman tells her to enjoy the test of courage and walks off.

When it comes time to dress in the monster costumes, they aren’t very scary, although when Totsuka comments on his wizard costume, Hachiman confirms that he is scary – and Hachiman is scared that he’ll “end up going straight down the Totsuka route”! LOL Komachi ends up in a cat costume and Yukino can’t keep her hands off of her. Hachiman compliments Yukino on her kimono and likens her to the Snow Woman. Yukino returns the insult – I mean compliment – and tells Hachiman that he makes a good zombie and he isn’t even wearing his costume yet! Yui is dressed as a sexy demon and also gets a roundabout compliment from Hachiman.

But they still need to find a way to help Rumi and can’t come up with a thing. Hachiman says that they should just use the test of courage itself. Later, during the test, the kids aren’t scared at all by those totally un-scary costumes. Yukino saw Hachiman and did think for a moment that he was a ghost though. The high schoolers begin to bully the kids in the last group, which happens to be Rumi’s. A choice is given to the insulting girls. Half may leave, but half will stay and take punishment and they have to choose who.

Of course, Rumi is immediately chosen to stay. The rest begin to argue among themselves and Hachiman’s plan seems to be working as friendships become strained. Yuka is soon chosen to stay as well. Before the last girl is chosen to stay, Rumi uses the flash on her camera and helps everyone escape. It was an unexpected development and one that did not produce the wanted results. Rumi is still alone once everyone gathers around the campfire. However, Yukino does compliment Hachiman on his idea for getting rid of the clique as the younger kids go off to bed.

Sparklers are later brought out for the older kids and Hayama soon joins Hachiman. Hachiman apologizes for having Hayama play a bad guy. But Hayama was reminded of an incident from his childhood – one that he did nothing about at the time. I wonder if it involved Hachiman. The next day, Hiratsuka takes her group home and praises them for a job well done. Hachiman decides to go shopping on the way home and Komachi invites Yukino. But Yukino’s sister shows up to pick her up and ignoring everyone else, assumes that Yukino and Hachiman were on a date.

Yui rescues Hachiman and Haruno asks if she’s Hachiman’s girlfriend. Haruno is relieved that Yui introduces herself as Hachiman’s classmate – she doesn’t want anyone to interfere with Yukino and Hachiman and warns Yui off. Hachiman and Yukino insist that they aren’t dating, but Haruno just ignores them. Hiratsuka cuts in and tells Haruno to stop. Hachiman finds out that Haruno was once her student too. Haruno tells Yukino to hurry along and that mom is waiting for them. Yukino doesn’t seem happy about that, but gives her apologies to Hachiman and Komachi for having to turn down their invitation.

Yui seems to recognize the car they leave in, but Hachiman tells her that fancy cars all look alike. Was this the car that hit him? In fact, he only said that to comfort Yui. He did recognize the car immediately as the one from his accident. So, Yukino may have been involved as well. But he doesn’t see Yukino again for the rest of the summer. What will happen when they all return to school?

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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Game, OVA to Ship on September 19

posted on 2013-06-05 22:41 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

S1 Episode 5 is now live at ANO

Episode 9 –


I like the way Komachi keeps pushing Yui and her brother together to go see the fireworks! But Yui did look cute in her yukata and Hachiman thought so as well. They also seemed a bit more awkward than usual with one another. Date pressure? LOL I also liked Komachi’s “priceless” shopping list. I see she wanted to make sure that Hachiman and Yui spend as much time together as possible. Hachiman also sees what his sister is doing.

When Yui meets her friends, they assume that she’s on a date with Hachiman as well. It is kind of obvious – especially with the way Hachiman keeps talking to himself. LOL At least they get all of Komachi’s shopping done in time for the fireworks. Unfortunately, Hachiman finds himself between Yui and Haruno. And Haruno accuses him of cheating on Yukino again. Yui insists it isn’t a date, but she isn’t all that adamant in her protest.

Later, Haruno offers to give Yui and Hachiman a ride home, but when the car pulls up, Hachiman remembers his accident and Haruno tells him that it was that same car. She tells him that Yukino wasn’t to blame as she was just a passenger and Hachiman reluctantly agrees with her, saying that he doesn’t dwell on the past, but he also declines her offer of a lift home. Of course he dwells on the past!

Riding home on the train, Yui confirms with Hachiman that Yukino never told him that it was her car in his accident. Yukino never told Yui either and Hachiman says that it’s just better to let the matter drop. It looks like Yui was going to say something important to Hachiman – perhaps a confession from the things that she was saying – but her phone rang at just the right moment!

And so, it’s back to school for everyone. Hachiman runs into Yukino and things are awkward again. He asks her about the club starting up again and walks away when Yukino says that was the intention. Up until now, Hachiman has never hated himself, but he does now. I think he’s beginning to see just how human Yukino really is.

S1 Episode 6 is now live at ANO

Hachiman is my Hero.

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Episode 10 –


The Service Club is very quiet because Hachiman and Yukino aren’t talking. Yui is trying to make conversation, but isn’t really getting anywhere. Hiratsuka puts Hachiman on the Cultural Festival Committee and you just know how thrilled he is with that! Sagami gets pushed in to being the female rep. But then she later volunteers for committee chairman as well. Yukino is also on the committee.

Yukino suspends the club until after the festival. And just as they are about to close shop for the day, Sagami arrives with her friends. Since she knows nothing of being the planning committee chairman, she requests their help. Like Yukino said – so much for Sagami’s personal growth! Yukino decides to help her on her own and Yui doesn’t like that. Hachiman is just indifferent, but I know that he’ll get dragged into it as well. Sure enough, Yui extracts a promise from Hachiman to help Yukino.

Although her help was wanted, Yukino quickly overshadows Sagami with the planning committee and Sagami isn’t liking it one bit. On top of everything else, Hachiman’s class is putting on a play and once again, Hachiman gets forced into something he doesn’t want to do. He will be the narrator for the play and Hayama is the lead. With Ebina taking on the roles of director, producer, and playwright, there’s no telling what will happen on stage! LOL And when Hachiman backs out because of his committee duties, Ebina makes Hayama the narrator and Totsuka the prince. My! My! Can’t wait to see how that ends up! LOL Of course, Hachiman thinks Totsuka would make a perfect prince.

It seems that Sagami has given up on her role as chairman and the committee has called in Haruno to help out. Yukino really doesn’t want her there and Haruno is surprised that her sister isn’t the chairman. She does meet Sagami, but I think she sees right through her. This girl is leaving her work to others while she enjoys herself. Sagami will also allow Haruno to be a volunteer and kind of throws it in Yukino’s face.

Sagami makes a silly decision and Haruno sides with her, much to Yukino’s annoyance. With the entire committee off enjoying themselves, Yukino’s workload increases dramatically. I think it’s time for Hachiman to step in and help her. He did promise Yui after all. Hayama can see that Yukino is near exhaustion and tells her that she should rely more on the others, but she wants to be more efficient and do things herself. Hayama tells her that he’ll help and I’m not sure if Yukino would have accepted his help or not, but Hachiman says something that makes her decline it.

Sagami comes just in time to delegate more work to Yukino and she ends up taking most of it home. Hachiman himself is exhausted and arrives the following day to see that Yukino is missing. Hiratsuka makes the announcement that Yukino is out sick and Hachiman looks over at all the work piled up at Yukino’s chair. Will he finally step in to help?

S1 Episode 7 is now live at ANO

S1 Episode 8 is now live at ANO

Episode 11 –


Hachiman lets Yui know of Yukino’s absence and they go to visit her. Her apartment is beautiful and of course the committee work is on the coffee table. Yui notes that Yukino is pale and tired and that she shouldn’t be doing all the work herself. Yui is actually annoyed at both Yukino and Hachiman. Yukino is doing too much and Hachiman isn’t helping as he promised her he would. Hachiman finally speaks up and tells Yukino that she’s going about things the wrong way. Yui tells Yukino to rely on them, but Yukino cuts her off. Right after tea, Hachiman decides to leave and Yui goes with him. Yukino tells Yui something sweet in that she promises to rely on her someday and thanks her. That made Yui happy, but Hachiman walks out.

The next day, everyone is at the committee meeting and Sagami looks to Yukino again to run things. The time has come to pick a slogan for the festival. None are liked, so Sagami and her friends make a suggestion of “Bonds: Helping Each Other” and of course Hachiman has issues with that, as he did with all the suggestions. Sagami challenges Hachiman to come up with a slogan and he comes up with “People: Look Close and You’ll Realize One Side is Getting Off Easy”, which of course is aimed right at Sagami. Haruno breaks the sudden tension by laughing at Hachiman’s suggestion, but she also agrees with it. Hiratsuka has Hachiman explain his slogan and Hachiman talks about his workload and not having any “help”, but you know he’s really talking about Yukino being a “sacrifice”.

Hachiman manages to insult Sagami and Yukino looks like she was laughing behind her papers, but she officially “rejects” his slogan. She suggest to Sagami that they end the meeting for the day. Yukino would like all of the members to come up with slogans for the next day, as well as work every day from now on to make up for lost time. Sagami can’t even get in a word and has to end up agreeing with Yukino. Hachiman is labeled as the bad guy for wanting to make his workload easier, but Yukino corners him after the meeting and I think she’s pleased with him in her own way. It looks like they’re on better terms now too.

So, the slogan that is finalized is “If We’re All Idiots, We Might As Well Dance! Sing a Song!” and that sounds very Hachiman-like! LOL At least Sagami is finally working. But Hachiman has just as big a pile of work as ever. Haruno compliments him with a strange theory, but I think she’s also thanking him. It seems that she may have stepped in to help behind the scenes as well. They are interrupted by Yukino with more work for Hachiman and he seemed really thrilled – not! But Haruno is put to work as well.

The cultural festival is opened with the slogan and Sagami makes the welcoming speech. But she’s nervous and ends up making mistakes, allowing things to run behind. Hachiman signals her to wrap things up without her even speaking, but it seems he’s ignored. The play with Hayama and Totsuka proceeds and it was funny when Hachiman suddenly wondered if he should have kept his part. The girls in the audience are all excited at the scene with Hayama and Totsuka, and Ebina faints with a nosebleed. He later tells Yui very nonchalantly that the “audience liked it”.

An incident in the hallway causes Hachiman to ask Yui what happened after he left her in Yukino’s apartment. It looks like he’s fishing for information and Yui acts a little strangely. He wants to know if they talked about anything and Yui just tells him that Yukino didn’t say anything that would interest him. Yui did say that she thinks Yukino wants to get closer to them and she’ll wait for that, but she also said that she would not wait for “someone it’s pointless to wait for” and that must have been aimed at Hachiman. He seemed not to know what Yui was saying, so she told him that she’d “make the first move” without waiting. I think Hachiman finally got the message! He almost got a date out of it too, but decides he has to think about it.

It bothered me that Sagami never once thanked Yukino or even the committee as a whole, but it looks like she may be having some second thoughts – and it’s about time!