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New Dominion Tank Police / Tokusō Sensha-tai Dominion

New Dominion Tank Police / Tokusō Sensha-tai Dominion

Genres: action, comedy, science fiction
Themes: mecha, police
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 6
Vintage: 1993-10-21 to 1994-10-21

Plot Summary: In the follow up to Shirow’s classic anime, Al, Leona and their trusty mini-tank, Bonaparte, continue to fight crime in Newport City, alongside the rest of the Tank Police. But a new threat appears in the form of a series of terrorist attacks, using the latest weapons technology. The Tank Police are outnumbered and outgunned, but Al and Leona set out to discover who or what is behind these attacks. With massive explosions and high-speed chases, Leona often causes more damage than the criminals she pursues.

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Sentai Filmworks Press Release

Dominion Tank Police (OAV) Vintage: 1988-05-27

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I’m going to assume that they’re going to lock in the original. I wouldn’t mind if they created their own dub for these :wink:

This revival of older scifi anime that Maiden Japan has been doing is reviving anime’s appeal to me. I’m almost willing to say that Maiden has rescued more decent-to-good scifi series in the past few months than have been made in the years since ADV broke up.

If they keep this up they might get my anime fandom spirt back up to the levels it was when I was still able to hold out hope that the Greenfield-advocated projects, eg: Bubblegum Crisis 2041, were still a possibility.

Have it on DVD but nice to see it available again.

Have the original on DVD ,but missed getting this so will be picking it up on release.
The original and this were controlled by different companies in Japan . Another issue with the original I believe CPM’s subbing and dubbing materials were part of the liquidation sale so who knows who has them. So yay I say sarcastically for copyright issues.

Maiden Japan’s New Dominion Tank Police DVD to Be Subbed Only

posted on 2013-06-12 23:43 EDT

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So now the stage is set for Maiden Japan to produce its own dub…right?

Don’t kill my hopes here lol. :frowning:

*kills hopes. Doubtfull .

It is more the shame this is actually one of the better dubs from that time period . I am thinking its the English masters are bad. Discotek I believe had to track down masters they could use for some of the older titles they released. As the ones the Japanese gave were not in good enough shape to use. Could Maiden Japan track down better masters probably ,but it may be to costly and time consuming for them.

Maiden Japan Updates On ‘New Dominion Tank Police’ Dub Issue

June 14, 2013

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I wonder if that’s also the reason why Black Magic M-66 isn’t being released without the dub?

I would’ve loved to have heard a new take on Dominion Tank Police with a Texas dub.

This is similar to the Patlabor Movie dubs where Bandai Visual did new dubs for them. So it’s more the Japanese not understanding the NA market and nostalgia again.

I wonder why Bandai Japan was unhappy with the previous dub? The Japanese are WAY too restrictive & obsessive over their works and they just can’t resist meddling and micromanaging NA anime releases, about which they know nothing. I’m not surprised that Bandai is the one dropping the ball here, doubly dub-blocking us. Thx for nothing Bandai, Thx for nothing.

Though Maiden Japan could create its own sound FX/music track for the show and it would be superior anyhow, the perfect accompaniment for their new dub. After ~2 decades of working in the anime dubbing industry I would bet that Matt Greenfield and his associates could whip together something like that in their sleep.

While I liked the dubs to the first 2 movies enough, the whole Patlabor universe should have been dubbed (or redubbed, as appropriate) with the cast of the 50-some episode TV series. Aural Continuity FTW.

It’s probably for the best that they don’t mess with the sound effects tracks. Anime fans can get pretty picky, and vicious about things like that. I still see people complaining about the Transformers DVD release that additional sound effects added in, and that was several years ago now. I’m sure people would complain even more about the music tracks. Not to mention, redoing all of that would get pretty expensive, even assuming that Maiden Japan could get permission to redo the music. Even getting that permission could be complicated as the music rights would be held by a different company. Not to mention, going that route could mean they would have to split up the release (one disc dubbed, the second disc sub-only). It would likely be a lot of hassle for very little gain.

I wouldn’t mind if they just created new BGM/FX (or used sounds for which they could get the rights) for the show. IMO it’d be the classier version of the “classic” Funimation moves of cutting/reducing the expensive music tracks from its anime and making English versions of Japanese songs using completely different lyrics and instrumentation.

That they might even need to get the permission of the Japanese to do anything like this is frustrating; to abridge Cartman: “It’s mah [license], ah do what ah want!” I remember being told by many bang/zoom people (eg:tony oliver) that the reason that their outtakes were so rarely on the dvds was because the Japanese wouldn’t give them permission. I thought that was bogus, since adv (sadly, not really sentai) and funi have had those on their releases forever. Though the more I hear about how some of the Japanese have to control every aspect of NA releases the more plausible that bang/zoom excuse becomes.

Why would they need a sub-only dvd and a dub dvd of this? Would it be because they’ve already announced that this one will be sub-only? If so, couldn’t they just pull a Funimation and delay it and then release it as only a bilingual version (again a better version of a funi trick lol)?

Though why would the current license holder of AL go through all the rigmarole and expense of getting the license just to stream it on a site that doesn’t strike me as being well-watched? Since it is an ADV show I assume that the worst has happened and that the license holder was forced to take on AL.

As I said, first of all they would have to get permission to do any of that. That in of itself is a big issue. ADV and Funi have had things like outtakes on some of the DVDs, but the vast majority don’t have them. Each show is different and often have entirely different production committees.

It’s pretty much been the standard operation in R1 that when a separate sound effects and music track doesn’t exist, they are dubbed. True, they could go through the hassle of creating new sound effects and music, but it’s rarely ever happens in anime. Redubbing a song into English is not the same as having to write and compose an entirely new musical number. Doing new music and sound effects would be a time consuming and costly process, for something that many fans of NDTP aren’t going to appreciate. Many fans are buying for the nostalgia effect, and a new dub, music, and sound effects aren’t going to accomplish that.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to see this with a new dub as well. It’s just not going to happen, unless a sound effects and music track is found somewhere.

…I get the impression that you haven’t had the displeasure of the Blue Gender English opener from your post :wink:

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Full OVA is now LIVE!

New Dominion: Tank Police, OVA 1, is live at HIDIVE

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New Dominion: Tank Police, OVA 2, is live at HIDIVE

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New Dominion: Tank Police, OVA 3, is live at HIDIVE

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