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New Person... I am in your Care


Hello all… i am new here and am wanting to become more involved in anime… i enjoy most of all the romantic animes out there… i am somewhat of an anime freak but around where i live it kind of wierd to be having this type of hobby… anyway nice to meet you all hope i get to know as many of you as i can…i am into several different types of anime in the romantic section, i evjoy nogizaka no haruka season 1 and 2, cresent moon, ai yori aoshi and ai yori aoshi enshi, myself yourself, and others… if you like the same or have the same interest please talk to me i enjoy learning new things about anime and what not


Hello and welcome to these boards of TAN!! :3

Really? I find myself to be into most of the romantic shows as well. :slight_smile: Maybe we can compare notes. :wink:

It’s nice to meet you as well. I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends! ^-^



Hello, welcome. Please post often.

If you have a question, just ask

You’ll find we are always ready to lend a hand…


Though most of us are crazy, we will gladly help you out. Also, don’t worry, the people of TAN will destroy Outlander before he brings his van to your place.


lol well thats good to know… btw outlander what anime is that picture from… nvr seen that anime


Hello and welcome to you!

shinmori wrote:

That would be from :laugh: Fortunately, the incident in that pic didn’t (entirely) happen. You’ll have to watch it yourself and see. lol It’s a good comedy anime, especially if you like cats!


I’m late to the party :frowning:

I hope there’s still cake.

Well, Welcome anyway!


yes there is lots of cake to enjoy so pull your sleeves up and grab a plate and dig in


Welcome to TAN. I’m Newshawk, the lovable but cantankerous Otaku Grandpa of the group, a TAN Casting Sensei (along with LadyOfWicca, PretearHimeno and Mystic), the benevolent dictator of the Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen game and compulsive list maker (not to mention the internationally-renown author of that classic in the making, “Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD”). You’ve made it to the best little slice of anime heaven this side of the Pacific!


hello there! i’m new here too! i figured even if we share different interests in anime i could at least say hi. ;]


Welcome to you! Thanks for the cake! If you like romantic comedy, try “Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers”. It’s currently playing right here on the site. “Diamond Daydreams” is another good one here, as well as “Maid-sama!” and “Princess Tutu” - actually there are plenty of good ones here on the site you might enjoy.


thank you so much