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Hello! to all ye anime fans! lol :)


Hello I’m new here!
I joined so I could discuss animes that I like with people and get new ones I might like suggested to me!

I might as well fully introduce myself with my favorite animes and anime types!

Fav. Animes
Fruits basket
ouran high school host club
kamichama karin
itazura na kiss
the wallflower

purfured anime types
Romance/reverse harem (when theres one girl and lots of boys!)
Romance/action/comedy/reverse harem

basically I like romance…he he…:slight_smile: but i always has to be paired with something else! I cant do just romance alone! It has to be paired with one or more of those three others!!! Of course I also like the sci-fi parts of some of those shows and the fantasy but i like to fit those in some sector of action to make lives easier 4 me and everyone else…he he…

I started watching animes with sailor moon! and because I watched it overly acessivly during my entire 5th grade life. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to watch it again 4 a while even though I am now in 7th grade and I am 13. Its been a couple f years still cant watch it again!

than after watching a few animes (under at least ten I think)
I came up with the general idea of the kinds of animes I like!

Basically I need your help anime loving girls! to help me pick out the best next anime 4 me to watch!

So thats me!
If you have any ideas 4 my next anime to watch plz leave a post or message me! thank-u!


Voyager517 wrote:

I guess this means I automatically like you. Welcome 'n such.


Welcome to TAN and hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


yay!go fruitsbaskets and pretear. but i must ask are you a tohru and yuki fan or a kyo and tohru fan? and if anyone else wants to answer thisquestion 2fine with me! i’d love to get the idea of who everyone likes better! yuki or kyo!:slight_smile:


Hello there, new person! We encourage any and all discussion related to anime. By all means, if there is a discussion going on about a show you like or you want to talk about your favorite shows make it happen.


Voyager517 wrote:

[quote]Hello I’m new here!
I joined so I could discuss animes that I like with people and get new ones I might like suggested to me! [/quote]

Welcome to TAN. Please come back as often as possible. We’re a very friendly, rambunctious bunch here that share a love for anime as much as you do. :slight_smile:

HOORAYZ same here. Love that show.


Welcome to you! Please enjoy!


Yay! Another Wallflower fan! Welcome. :slight_smile: