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Ninja Girl & Samurai Master / Nobunaga no Shinobi


Ninja Girl & Samurai Master / Nobunaga no Shinobi

Genres: comedy
Themes: ninja
Running time: 4 minutes
Number of Episodes: 26
Vintage: 2016-10-04
Plot Summary: Young female ninja Chidori dreams of helping the Warring States-era warlord Oda Nobunaga to achieve his goals. (from manga)

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Ninja Girl & Samurai Master 2nd

Genres: comedy
Number of Episodes: 26
Vintage: 2017-04-07

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Ninja Girl & Samurai Master 3rd / Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen

Genres: comedy, drama
Plot Summary: Nobunaga’s beloved sister Ichi has married Azai Nagamasa. But the impending battle between the Azai + Asakura forces and the Oda Army is unavoidable. Even a moment’s hesitation could cause either side to lose something important at the Battle of Anegawa. It is there that Chidori, who has been saving her tears, will awaken. In this battle to bring the whole country together, there are times where even brothers must fight.
Number of Episodes: 26
Vintage: 2018-04-06

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Naoki Shigeno’s Nobunaga no Shinobi Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2016-02-25 05:00 EST
4-panel gag manga centers on female ninja whose dream is to help Oda Nobunaga


Nobunaga no Shinobi Anime’s Key Visual Revealed

posted on 2016-02-26 03:45 EST


Nobunaga no Shinobi Anime’s Cast, Staff Unveiled

posted on 2016-03-24 12:00 EDT
Inori Minase, Wataru Hatano, Kappei Yamaguchi, more star in adaptation of 4-panel manga


Nobunaga no Shinobi Anime‚Äôs ‚ÄėEpisode 0‚Äô Shows Chidori, Nobunaga‚Äôs Meeting

posted on 2016-04-02 11:30 EDT
Episode previously screened at AnimeJapan 2016 last weekend


Nobunaga no Shinobi TV Anime Premieres This Fall

posted on 2016-05-23 02:15 EDT


TV Anime ‚ÄúNobunaga no Shinobi‚ÄĚ Confirms October 2016 Premiere

July 08, 2016 9:55pm CDT
Directed by Akitaro Daichi (Kodomo no Omocha, Kamisama Kiss)


Retainers and Warlords Join the Cast of ‚ÄúNobunaga no Shinobi‚ÄĚ

July 22, 2016 9:22am CDT
TV anime comedy based on the 4-panel manga by Naoki Shigeno hits Japanese TV in October of 2016


Nobunaga no Shinobi TV Anime’s Additional Cast, October 4 Premiere Revealed

posted on 2016-08-25 11:15 EDT
Yuji Ueda, Daisuke Hirakawa, ShŇęta Morishima, Naoko Matsui, more join cast


Nobunaga no Shinobi Anime Promo Video Streamed

posted on 2016-09-18 18:15 EDT
Series about a female ninja premieres October 4


‚ÄúNobunaga no Shinobi‚ÄĚ New PV Explains Story of Female Ninja

September 28, 2016 4:55am CDT
Directed by Akitaro Daichi (Kodomo no Omocha, Kamisama Kiss)


‚ÄúNobunaga no Shinobi‚ÄĚ Manga 11th Volume Comes with DVD Including All TV Anime Episodes

September 29, 2016 6:42am CDT
TMS Entertainment-produced series will premiere on October 4


Crunchyroll Adds ‚ÄúNinja Girl & Samurai Master‚ÄĚ to Fall Anime Simulcasts

October 03, 2016 2:00pm CDT
Starts tomorrow, 10/4 at 7:00am PT


Casual Ninja Badassery Makes ‚ÄúNinja Girl & Samurai Master‚ÄĚ a Comedic Delight



Singer Valshe to Perform New Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Theme Song

posted on 2016-11-15 17:20 EST
Singer also cast as Hattori HanzŇć in comedy series


‚ÄúNinja Girl & Samurai Master‚ÄĚ Manga Author Offers Their Distinctive Take On the Heroines Of Recent Anime

January 05, 2017 12:55am CST
Naoki Shigeno explained that they like of occasionally draw the characters from the anime they watch


‚ÄúNinja Girl & Samurai Master‚ÄĚ Anime To Continue This Spring

February 21, 2017 9:36am CST
AkitarŇć Daichi and TMS Entertainment‚Äôs anime shorts adapt the gag manga recounting Sengoku history from the perspective of warlord Oda Nobunaga‚Äôs cute, young ninja


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Nobunaga no Shinobi TV Anime Gets 2nd Season in April

posted on 2017-02-22 10:30 EST
1st season about ninja girl, samurai debuted in October


‚ÄúNinja Girl & Samurai Master‚ÄĚ 2nd Season Key Visual Posted for April 7 Premiere

March 24, 2017 3:15am CDT
Original stickers will be distributed at Anime Japan 2017 this weekend


2nd Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Anime Season’s Promo Video Features Theme Song

posted on 2017-04-05 19:30 EDT
Air dates change for new season; Renka returns to perform theme song