Ohayocon News & Notes


No, I live a few hours away near Pittsburgh. I have to work all day Friday and Sunday, and it would be too hard to go Saturday and try to make it back home.


Ah…Well… I will take pics then and post them. I will say “hi” to Matt for you if I get close enough…but there is that pesky restraining order…


Yes, we all remember that unfortunate incident… But thanks!


I thought that expired at the end of the year…


Man, I love cons. Hope AA comes back this year.


It’s that time! Jan 28-30

Ohzayocon is a Major League con. It is huge and hosts thousands of fans. This year I have TWO Ohayocon “care packages” to send, one to Slow and this year to Lady Of Wicca

Nurse Lindsey is the offical mascot of Ohayacon, as a percent of all proceeds go to Children’s Hospital of Columbus

Check it out…



The Ayres brothers were in the office around Christmas and mentioned that this one was coming up. Should be a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself, Outlander.

If you get the chance, check out Doug Smith’s artwork!


Just came back from Ohayocon. Good Lord, It has really grown. It is easily twice the size it was three years ago and even then it was big. It has outgrown the Hyatt Rerentcy complex and moved to the giant Ohio convention center and filled it up. Mind you they do no advertising for this beyond their website and still attracted …thousands… of anime fans. Artists alley, dealers room, panels and everything has twice as many and twice as large than last year. I will post plenty of pics in a couple of days, Yes, Spazzyspan, I met Doug Smith, bought his art and had a pic of us together.I was completely worn out from all that I did and running around this year.

Kiss our Ohio asses, Texas otakus


Got back from Ohayocon today(Sunday)and just woke up trying to make up from the lost sleep I suffered. Showed up Thursday night to get tickets that I pre-reged for and started the late nights from there. What fun. This was my 2nd year there and had a lot of fun. Met many new people, sat in panels,saw some new anime, and just walked around just looking at every one that dressed up. Now I can not wait for 2012 Ohayocon.


Here are some pic from Ohayocon

Spazzyspam wanted me to meet Doug Smith. Here he is and I bought some of his art



Artist,Old friend and Con executive committee member Robert DeJesus with his baby boy


Dave Lister (right) one of the best anime/manga artists around. Very polished art



I’m sorry for the poor quality of the pics. It was a disposable camera with a small flash

Here is the dearles room. It was soo big I couldn’t get it in one shot so I had to pan the camera





Artists alley was in a big U shape in the mezzanie above the dealers room. Again had to pan to get it all. Fail.





And now…











Great pics! Looks like you had a grand time, as usual. It’s always amazing to me to see the detail some people put into their costumes (Zero & C.C.).

I also saw how you loaded up on art again, your wife must be so proud!

And rubbing shoulders with the artists! You’re really moving up in the world! :cheer:


Look at all that FUN!!! Good pictures, man. What all’d ya get there?


fillet wrote:

art of course, plus anime t-shirts, figurines, dvd’s, keychains, mangas


outlander wrote:

[quote]fillet wrote:

art of course, plus anime t-shirts, figurines, dvd’s, keychains, mangas[/quote]

Just the usual, right?


Slowhand wrote:

[quote]outlander wrote:

art of course, plus anime t-shirts, figurines, dvd’s, keychains, mangas

Just the usual, right?[/quote]

Yes, Much money spent foolishly…It was grand