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Subscription Management


I have not yet seen this brought up yet so I wanted to address it here. When I first received my confirmation via email that I had paid for the subscription? I watched to see when my bank account would be charged. That never occured. I am not sure when the credit cards are charged each month and there does not appear to be any info about it. Also I noticed there is no place to go and edit your account details regarding your subscription like to check the status and see when its paid or change method of payments. At first I could see this info if I followed a link that was provided to me in the original confirmation I had received but I can no longer access that info. If I use that same link it just takes me to the main page of the site. I emailed the email address provided in the confirmation asking about this but I never got a reply back. Is there anyway I can contact someone about it? We should be able to access account details about our subscriptions. Is this something The Anime Network is setting up? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!


We are working on a new screen for managing your subscription. Right now if you want to change or cancel – please don’t! :wink: – your subscription please send an email to info (at)


lol apkoff I have no intention of canceling :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted a little more info on what I was paying for that’s all. The Anime Network is the best with this new subscription service thank you again