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One Week Friends / Isshūkan Friends

One Week Friends / Isshūkan Friends.

Genres: comedy, drama
Themes: friendship, school
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: (TAN) A new school year has started when Yuki meets Kaori. Everyone takes her as a coldhearted, shy shut-in, but Yuki finds out the truth. He comes to find out she has a certain disease where she forgets memories of her friends after seven days. Every week, her memories of her friends reset. Instead of trying to make friends, Kaori realizes that it’s easier to be alone. From that point, Yuki decides to put forth the valiant effort to make friends with her over and over again.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-04-06

One Week Friends info on ANN

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

March 27, 2014

Hmm, I thought that Sentai had already licensed ef :wink:

In the event that this should get dubbed I’ll place NY vote now for Monica Rial to play the amnesiac, so that “continuity” is maintained.

And this is one of the two series I actually wanted to see this season!
I was pretty sure it was a Sentai title, since it’s most assuredly a TOHO title, but it’s still nice to have confirmation of a license and a most likely CR stream.

Now all we need is Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler to play the leads in the dub :laugh:

Drew Barrymore… :frowning:

When Robert Wagner (Number Two) told Doctor Evil all of the actors whom the evil empire had in its employ if her name had been on there it would have been met with the same disdain as Leo DiCaprio lol.

Crunchyroll to Stream One Week Friends Anime

posted on 2014-04-03 13:00 EDT
Series to premiere April 6 at 9:00 a.m. PDT

Ep. 01

Yeah, solid first episode.
I’m really going to love this one!

Episode 1 -

I have a feeling that this one may turn out to be a tear jerker, but I do admire Yuki’s determination.


One Diary to if not remember, at least realize she has a friend.

Episode 2 –


Yuki has to start all over again the following week, but refuses to give up on Kaori. This time she seems to accept him as a friend more quickly, and by Wednesday he suggests that she should keep a diary. Yuki is positive it will help Kaori remember things, but Kaori isn’t so sure. However, she will give it a try.

Kaori diligently writes everything down in a special notebook. She even makes a date with Yuki to get crepes, but when they get there, the place is closed. With nothing else to do, Yuki takes Kaori to karaoke. It’s a first for her and she really enjoyed herself. And it’s another memory for her diary.

Yuki is very nervous when he goes up to the roof to meet Kaori on Monday. Kaori pretends to remember some of the previous week, but I don’t think she really does. However, it makes Yuki happy. But once Kaori begins to cry, Yuki realizes that Kaori had remembered nothing of their past week together. He feels badly and apologizes to Kaori for pushing her so hard and being selfish.

Yuki feels worse when Kaori writes these things in her diary. But she also ends up writing that he’s a wonderful person, and Yuki just doesn’t know what to say, so he asks her to be his friend again. It must be very painful for both of them to go through this every week. But I’m glad Kaori has the diary now to help her, if only a little.

Ep. 02


The diary is really good idea.
Let’s hope it works out though, and doesn’t confuse her more.


One Week Friends on Anime Network Online
STARTING: May 7th @ 12:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM PST

Episode 3 –


Too sweet! Kaori begins to make lunch for Yuki. Yuki suggests that Kaori talk to his friend, Shogo. She reluctantly agrees and Yuki invites Shogo to have lunch on the roof with them. Yuki shares Kaori’s secret with Shogo, but Shogo doesn’t seem to believe it. He actually thinks Kaori is putting on an act. And that hurts Kaori. Yuki tells Shogo to leave and with a look at Kaori, he does.

Yuki and Shogo end up not speaking and Kaori is concerned. She wants Yuki to makeup with his friend. Kaori tries to talk to Shogo, but can’t really bring herself to do it. Then she forgets her diary in her desk. She goes back to get it, but can’t even walk back into the classroom with all the other students there, and ends up on the roof. She later tries to go back to the classroom again, but hears those girls talking about her again. Tears are rolling down her face as Shogo comes up behind her.

Without her asking, Shogo goes and gets Kaori’s diary and even says something to the nasty girls. But when he hands Kaori the diary, he tells her that she should talk to other people and perhaps they will understand her a little better. When the nasty girls leave the room, Kaori tells them why the notebook is important to her.

On Monday, Yuki invites Shogo to the roof again to prove that Kaori isn’t lying about her weekly memory loss. Just before lunch, Kaori is at the board, solving a math problem, and begins to cry. She runs from the room with Yuki following her. When he catches up to her, Kaori tells him that she remembered making him eggs. Yuki is happy, but for Kaori, it’s only a flash of memory. However, Yuki praises her.

Shogo has overheard most of the conversation, and believes in Kaori’s memory loss now too. But it’s funny that she does remember Shogo without needing to read her diary. Shogo comes to the conclusion that Kaori only forgets her friends and since she doesn’t consider him a friend, she remembered him. But now to solve the mystery of why Kaori only forgets friends. Even with this, Yuki remains positive about her continuing progress.

Ep. 03

This series is just so endearing!


It’s nice to see Shogo address the elephant in the corner:
The ridiculously specific memory disorder.
Kudos to the author for addressing it intelligently, pointing out the real possibilities (a mental condition tied to trauma or a physical issue related to brain damage).

Episode 4 –


When the weather is bad, Kaori and Yuki eat lunch on the stairs. Even though they are careful to return to class separately, Kaori is confronted one day and asked if she and Shogo are friends. She doesn’t answer, so Shogo is asked and he admits that they are indeed friends. Wow, Yuki is upset. He tells Shogo that he hates him.

Yeah, Yuki is upset supposedly because Shogo’s friendship was recognized before his. But in fact Yuki is just jealous since Kaori remembers Shogo and not Yuki every week. But if Yuki doesn’t say anything, things will never change. For Kaori’s part, she only hopes that Shogo isn’t mad about the rumors going around the class of them being friends. Yuki joins Kaori on the roof for lunch, without Shogo this time.

Kaori tells Yuki that because of him, she’s finally having fun at school. But when she mentions Shogo, Yuki changes the subject. I can see Yuki getting jealous when Kaori continues talking about Shogo. She knows so much more about him than she remembers about Yuki. I can see how Yuki would feel about that. He’s had enough and asks Kaori if she has feelings for Shogo. Kaori denies it, but Yuki still thinks she likes Shogo and it bothers him. He’d rather talk about them.

But Kaori begins to cry and calls Yuki an idiot. Saying that Yuki doesn’t understand why she wants to talk about Shogo, she leaves the roof. Not only does Kaori leave Yuki on the roof, she goes home as well. Yuki has really hurt her this time. Kaori ends up in a slight accident and loses her diary when her bag falls. In the meantime, Yuki has returned to class and tells Shogo that he made Kaori angry with him. His eyes fill with tears. It’s Friday and he doesn’t know how to fix this.

Kaori returns home, soaked by the rain, and comes to the conclusion that friendship is hard. She goes to get the diary from her bag and ends up fainting instead. The note she keeps on her door to read the diary also falls off. Sick with a fever, she spends the weekend in bed and by Tuesday, she still hasn’t returned to school. Yuki is worried and blames himself for Kaori getting caught in the rain.

When Kaori finally does walk into the classroom, Yuki drags her back out and apologizes to her. He also mentions her diary and introduces himself. But Kaori has no idea who he is. Yuki thinks she’s playing around, but soon realizes that she isn’t. Yuki asks her about the diary and is told that she doesn’t keep one. Besides, the only person she talks to at school is Shogo. That just killed Yuki. He must think that Kaori was so mad at him, that she must have hid the diary from herself, so she would forget him. Telling Yuki to leave her alone, she goes back to class.

Yuki has no idea what to do, so he turns to Shogo for help. He even makes Shogo cut class with him in order to discuss it. Yuki does think that Kaori threw away the diary, but Shogo wonders if she just lost it. Shogo berates Yuki for thinking that Kaori would be so heartless as to throw away her precious diary. This finally makes Yuki realize that Kaori would not have thrown it away, and he knows she had it with her when she left school on Friday, so that means she must have lost it on the way home. Yuki runs out to look for it.

At lunchtime, Shogo joins Kaori and although she remembers him, she doesn’t remember making eggs for anyone. Kaori kind of remembers having lunch with Shogo the previous week, but the memory is unclear. Shogo asks her what she did after school that week as well. She remembers someone going to get something she had left in class, but can’t remember what exactly it was when Shogo questions her. Shogo can see hard this must be for Kaori now.

Kaori feels that she’s forgetting something important. Shogo tries to nudge her memory, but tells her not to force herself when her head begins to hurt. He’s about to tell her what she forgot, but Kaori tells him that she needs to remember it on her own. Shogo wonders where the important thing is and says that Yuki is out looking for it. Shogo tells Kaori that she should talk to Yuki because it would make him happy. On the way home, Kaori sees Yuki running around and tries to talk to him, but he doesn’t see her, so intent is he in his quest to find her diary.

At home, Kaori’s mother finds Kaori making lunch for her friend. But Kaori seems confused about it. Yuki is not in class the next day and Kaori ends up on the roof alone. But she remembers something! She goes running back to the river and the spot where she dropped her bag. There she finds Yuki searching through the grass, and asks him what he’s looking for. She tells him that something important is missing from her memories and wonders if he’s looking for the same thing. Yuki says that he hopes they’re the same and Kaori offers to help him look. Yuki won’t let her, saying that it’s dangerous, but he does ask her if she could have thrown away her important thing. She still can’t remember what it was, but is certain that she would not have thrown it away.

That makes Yuki very happy, and Kaori sits on the steps as she watches him search the grass. When Yuki falls, Kaori runs to him, calling his name. That pleases Yuki as well, but Kaori isn’t sure why she called his name. And in the spot he fell, his hand touches the diary. He brushes it off and hands it to Kaori. She hugs it to her and Yuki asks if she will read it, but she tells him that she doesn’t need to. She reaches out and taking Yuki’s cut and bruised hand in hers, lays it against her cheek. Yuki is happy that they’ve made up. And Shogo is watching them from the bridge. I’m glad he was so concerned. I suppose he’s good for more than just sleeping through class after all.

Kaori hasn’t opened the diary yet, but I can only imagine it’s condition. It fell out in the rain and was sitting in wet grass all night. I wonder if it’s even readable. Perhaps Kaori will have to start all over again. At least Kaori and Yuki survived their first fight. And Yuki thinks it’s brought them closer together. That can only be a good thing.

Episode 4 spoilers


I find it a tad scary that if Kaori ever loses her dairy, she will forgot all the progress she’s making in terms of making friends. Hopefully she’ll do a better job at keeping tabs on it.

Ep. 04

That was so sad in such a heartwarming way.


Yūki blows things out of proportion and Yūki & Kaori have their first fight.
It was interesting to see how Shogo knows just exactly what to say to Kaori to spur her on to try and remember her “important thing”.

Episode 1 is now live at ANO

Anybody besides me waiting for the other shoe to drop?

-We might get some answers next episode with the Mothers of Friends title…