Online Player Problems With FireFox 3.5

I recently upgraded to Firefox version 3.5 for my browser and have been having repeated problems viewing episodes online. The player freezes after I select an episode with the following message showing in the status bar:

“transferring data from”

or some other area of Google such as “doubleclick” etc.

To unfreeze the player I have to delete all of the tracking cookies installed by TAN and then reboot.

My system specs are as follows:

Gateway Laptop with AMD 3000+ processor
Cable Modem on local telephone Company’s system @ 3.1 MB/s download speed
Windows XP with SP3 installed
Online Player version 4.4.198
Anime Viewed: Nuku Nuku Dash, Divergence EVE, Princess Resurrection

Before the upgrade I was not having any problems with TAN Online for the previous two weeks or so. Prior to that I did experience some buffering problems as described in other threads. I also should mention that I can’t view HD content full screen. This is not unexpected due to the limited amount of RAM that my Motherboard can recognise.


Thanks for your feedback and specs, i’ll let one of our guys know about your problem, we’ll try to fix it ASAP tomorrow.