Can we please get new Online player software? Q.Q

I know that there is a thread for reporting problems, but that’s not really what this message is about. I recently gained interrest in Anime Network Online and have greatly enjoyed the shows offered here (with no commercials). In fact, I have even subscribed. However, I’m disturbed at the very glitchy quality of the player. I must pause the video in order to go fullscreen and then pray that no unexpected bugs happen which I then must address. If I unexpectedly leave an episode half-way through, I can’t just skip forward in the video to where I left off. For some reason, the player simply won’t do it. I’m sure there are more problems that I haven’t mentioned. There are better flash video players out there with no bugs. Please switch to a better one, for the benefit of everyone. Thank you for reading.

BTW, why aren’t subs and dubs both available for the videos? Eash series is just one or the other. Is it a problem with English cast quality? Thanks for answers.

I haven’t experienced any problems like the ones you’re experiencing in the time that I’ve been here. I can go in and out of full screen without any problems, I can go to any spot in an episode from anywhere at any time without any problems at all either.

Also, some of the series here don’t actually have a dubbed version yet, like High School of the Dead. As for the ones that do have both but only the sub or the dub are available (and not both), I’m not so sure on.

I tried switching over to Google Chrome to see if it works better. Switching to fullscreen worked fine, but I still can’t jump forward without problems. I must simply wait for the episode to to buffer to that spot in the show (which can take forever). If I try to rush the process by hitting play/pause, the player bugs out and goes to the spot where the episode is currently buffered. I would almost rather tolerate commercials on free sites knowing that their players are better.

If you go, you can see which shows are in both English subbed and dubbed.

As far as the buffering issue that you’re talking about, I don’t usually have any problem moving the bar forward even several minutes ahead into the the show (even more than half-way through).

Try this and if your tests are fluctuating more than 5-10mbps, that’s probably the reason that you’re having the buffering problem.

I ran mine twice and came up with this:



Ah, so I should pay more money each month for better internet service just to make up for the shortcomings of AN’s video player software which can’t make the buffer skip forward instantly to avoid needing to buffer the entire episode. OR, I can simply watch free video sites instead.

Bebop4Ever wrote:

I was simply trying to see if that was the problem. If your speed is flucuating a lot, then it tends to buffer more, that’s all.

It has nothing to do with high speed, it just needs to be steady.

Sorry for my attitude. I don’t have any problems with flash video players on any other websites. This is the only one that gives me trouble. It’s just that simple.

This seems like an odd question to ask, but… How long exactly have you had this problem with the player? Do you know exactly when the problem started?

Hornet65 wrote:

I’d also like to add the following questions:

What browser/version are you using?


Is your flash up to date?
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It has never operated differently from this. These problems have always existed. I’ve tried using Chrome instead of IE, and it only improves the player a little bit. I think I’ll just ignore the problems. I’m done worrying about it.

EDIT: All of my software is up to date.

I’m not experiencing any issues on my end. Sorry to hear. :frowning: May I suggest firefox? I’m not sure if it would help, but I just like Firefox waaaay more than IE. Too many security issues (associated with IE), so It’s just a personal recommendation! :slight_smile:

I’m sooo bad when it comes to updating stuff on my computer. I’m always “in the middle of doing something” and then forget about it later…

Then remember when I’m busy again. haha.

It’s likely that you’re all using a newer OS than me. I’m still on Windows XP. Eh, it’s no big deal.

I’m using Windows XP and IE8 (yes, the dreaded IE…)

I’ve got and had the same problem as Bebop4Ever since the start of this web. Ive used my home and school internet and it is the same no matter what. I’ve done the speed test just now (three times) didn’t fluctuate more than .5 mbps and the speed is about 12 mbps with the test. having said this Im using the latest abode flash player and currently using firefox.

I have no problems with this player what so ever, but I have had problems with other online players that others say work great. It must be a computer thing.

I doubt that it’s a computer thing, I’m using a laptop that I custom built for gaming in 2007, have no problems with fallout 3, warhammer online, or WoW(when I use to play it).

EDIT: I don’t have the pause issue when full screening.

as long as it’s up to date, the browser wouldn’t be an issue, so it doesn’t matter all that much which browser you use

although I’ll still stick with the belief that the only thing IE should be used for is downloading firefox, but that’s just my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about ISP? I’m not saying that it’s definitely the issue, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

I should mention that the pause issue I have is that the bar at the bottom of the screen won’t disappear properly (in IE) when switching to fullscreen unless I pause the video. Also, in different situations, the player will have trouble playing the video. Sometimes the video will pause on an image while the sound continues. I must then pause the video, exit fullscreen, and then bring it back up and continue my video. Sometimes, this doesn’t fix the problem and I must wait for the player to start working properly. I think this is caused by a buffering problem. It seems that buffering is an important issue with the player that causes multiple problems.

All of the above is simply for clarification since some people might wonder what problems I have been experiencing.

EDIT: I live in central USA and use AT&T DSL internet.

MrBoomba wrote:

[quote]I doubt that it’s a computer thing, I’m using a laptop that I custom built for gaming in 2007, have no problems with fallout 3, warhammer online, or WoW(when I use to play it).

EDIT: I don’t have the pause issue when full screening.[/quote]

Well, it has to be something. I can watch the AN player with no problems, but have tons of problems watching something on the ANN player. People who watch the ANN player regularly have no problems, but may have a problem with this player. So if I have no problems, but some do, I think it’s a computer thing. Perhaps your video card doesn’t like the JW Player?

I’ve used the JW Player on other sites with no problems, as a matter of fact it gives me a buffer bar on other sites, where it does not on here.

P.S. I don’t even know how to navigate ANN to find any videos to watch so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I do or do not have issues with it.