Online Player Shows to be cycled out of Online Player on Jan 2

Yugo the Negotiator
Sakura Wars TV
Rune Soldier
Prefectural Earth Defense Forces
Orphen 1
Legends of Crystania OVA
Divergence Eve
Diamond Daydreams
Cool Dimension
Burn Up Excess
Bento Beat Box
A.D. Police

These shows will be cycled out of the Online Player for various reasons at the end of the Anime Network Holiday Event. Bottom line, if you want to watch any of these shows, might want to do it asap. :wink:

Hope those “various reasons” aren’t bad things.

Since “Burn-Up W” comes before “Burn-Up Excess”, I tried to watch the former first. The problem with that is all four thumbnails link to the same URL; only Episode 1 of Burn-Up W can be viewed.

I noticed that too. I’ve reported it.

Burn Up W problem is fixed!

Some of these shows may be extended or brought back at a later date. We just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

That sure is a lot of shows…
Are they going to be replaced with something good?

can already see the huge empty gap in my mind if not.

These shows will be around for a few more days. No further details at this time. Will give a heads up before they take their hiatus from the OP.

spazzysam wrote:

Great news. Burn Up W/Excess and Rune Soldier ADV DVDs are Out of Print, I think Prefectural as well- so, Anime Network is the only place to watch these…

I’ve been stressed out watching these (the ones I had not seen before anyway). :wink: Was able to do about 20 episodes, but I still have like 50ish to go to try to do today, tomorrow and whatever time remaining before they are cycled out.
The Event is now finished.** Bandwidth is now mine, muwhahaha. :wink:

Please remember folks, if you liked what you saw or enjoyed some of the older shows on the Online Player please help support it by tossing in a subscription or give a friend a subscription gift to the Anime Network Online Player. It’ll help get more digital licenses for online, expand the servers/network, and don’t forget the fine folks of Anime Network who were here providing back-end support and fixing stuff during New Year’s day even… Help get Anime Network more anime. :smiley:

Even more great news: All of these shows have had their run in the Online Player extended for several more months & in some cases, years. :woohoo:
We’ll give you all a heads up here in the forums when a show is nearing its Online Player “expiration date” .
So you may all return to watching at your leisure.

Great news! Thanks! I still 25 hrs of shows I wanted to go through from this batch. :slight_smile: Goes back to casual pace… :wink:

And Dragoon sheds tears of relief :stuck_out_tongue: