Online Player Update Thread: 6/1/09

[size=4]Hey guys, we’ve updated the Online Player with some new goodies for you! Registered and Premium members get some sweet new stuff, which include:

Free for Registered


Enjoy everyone! Keep checking this thread for more updates as we put them up![/size]

[size=4]We’ll also be putting in an “Online Schedule” page in the Schedule Tab on the main page, so you can check out all that we’ve added so far and stuff that we’ll add in the future![/size]

Thanks for the update Rai. I will be checking out Rune soldier tonight.

The interesting and significant part of this update beyond the new Online Premieres is, this is the first time that Anime Network Online Player subscribers are getting exclusive content ahead of VOD/SVOD members with Princess Resurrection.

Now if the cable companies had any common sense, (which they don’t) they’d get in on this deal and make it possible to offer more hours and content like Princess Resurrection. I wonder if they could make much more money with subscriptions like this. I would think it would have huge potential maybe? Both ADV films and the cable companies would benefit. Will big corporations ever learn?

Now, now, didn’t I mention that adding the movie of Nadesico without adding the series is kind of mean, since you know, the movie is a sequel to the series.

Otherwise fine updates, can’t wait for you to get the schedule up.

mitamaking wrote:

[quote]Now, now, didn’t I mention that adding the movie of Nadesico without adding the series is kind of mean, since you know, the movie is a sequel to the series.

Otherwise fine updates, can’t wait for you to get the schedule up.[/quote]

Mean… eh, nah. Let me spell it out for people. Even though PP and I have been talking about it for years. :S

Japanese do not consider online broadcast rights the same as TV rights. A lot of shows in the past… Japanese were difficult to convince to get online distribution rights especially for older shows, they have a more conservative approach. Sometimes it’s very difficult to convince them to give them the online rights. One of the largest R1 companies even only 2 years ago only had like less than 5 online rights. A lot of the less newer titles are affected by licensing agreements of the past of this nature. And to get those rights it’s not just calling them, “oh I want to post your show Online, Ok?”… Which is why it’s so significant lately with ADV being able to get all these new Online Premieres. These are not just simple oh, we have this show on TV let’s show it Online. It’s a very complex and time consuming process, and from the looks of it, ADV and Anime Network have been able to negotiate with a lot of the Japanese companies to give them more freedom with all the premieres happening lately.

That being said, I do agree with you it would be great for them to get Martian Successor Nadesico. I am a huge, huge fan of the TV series and I’d like more people to check it out, and hopefully eventually like it and buy the DVD set. ADV has the DVD set for a really great price and PP and I give it our highest of recommendations. :wink:

Japanese companies are quite conservative, change happens, but again it takes time.

I know that, just seems that if that is the case posting the movie is pointless, the people who would watch it would have already seen the show, and fans would likely have seen the movie in the last 11 years, you are very unlikely to grab new people to buy the DVDs which by my understanding the main point of the Anime Network.[size=4]Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi[/size] posted, first time this series has premiered Online!

Episode 1 is free to watch for free Registered viewers

I wouldn’t say this is a complaint about the online player so much as a hope for further modifications of the schedule menu. Right now there are options for choosing All, Guest, Registered and Premium titles available. For me, the problem is that the ‘Registered’ lists make no distinction between titles that are available in whole for registered users; and those which are first-episode-only ‘tryouts.’ One has to click on an icon to see whether there’s a row of red stars, or one red star followed by yellows. Frankly, as a registered but not premium user, I’d rather know ahead of time. I can’t speak for anyone else, but there is no anime that seeing the first episode of would cause me to decide “Oh! I MUST see the rest of this amazing series! I shall subscribe immediately!!!” Of course, I’m not sure how further distinctions would be made; I simply wish they could be.

[size=4]Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat is now added to the Anime Network Online Player[/size]