P (continued)?

I am unable to select any of the TV Shows starting at P (continued) in the A-Z Section for TV Shows. All the TV Shows before P (continued)
I can select though.

Are you still having the problem? I’m not experiencing it, so I need some more information in order to troubleshoot your issue.
Is it that the names are not click-able or that they don’t lead anywhere?

The names are not click-able

Shinji Ex wrote:

Are you using a PS3 to try to access them? I noticed this same issue last night, and I seem to remember you posting something about this the other day. I was only able to click on Nuku Nuku Dash, and it only loaded the first half of the shows on the page.

If you are, there is a work around. You can go to the shows tab and the select the show you are looking for. There are links for the episodes that take you to the player page.

Another issue I noted with using the PS3 is that Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao will not stream. You get the sound, but no picutre.

Currently, the site is not optimized for PS3 browsers, so if that is what you are using, there will be issues.

Shinji Ex: Let me know which browser/version you are using.

Sony PlayStation 3 Web Browser
With the current firmware update

Thanks. Since the site is not optimized for non-traditional browsers, there are a lot of bugs that occur when using the PS3 browser. I’ll forward the issue to the development.

Shinji Ex wrote:

[quote]Sony PlayStation 3 Web Browser
With the current firmware update[/quote]

That what I thought. You can still access the shows through their individual links here:


Simply select the show, then click on the Watch Tab. From there, you are taken to the shows Online Player page. Once there, you can select each individual episode as you normally do on any other browser.

I tried this several times over the past couple nights, and it seems to work on every show, with the exception of Demon King Daimao, in which there is sound but no picture.

Thank you!
For helping to address the issue.