Playstation 3 Online Player Work Around

Currently, the Online Player page does not load properly on the PS3’s browser. Despite this, you are still able to stream shows on it with this work around.

  1. Click on “The Shows” tab at the top of the website.

  2. From there, select one of the shows that are available on the online player. This will take you to a a show information site.

  3. Click on the “Watch” tab above the show info window. This will take you to the show’s steaming page.

  4. From there, the player will function as it does on any other browser, though you will have to use the work around to access other shows.

so does the show page actually load? When I do it on my ps3 browser it quickly scrolls down to a blank section of the page.

Do you mean the page that lists all the show?

If so, only the first third loads. So you get most of the shows A-C. However, when I’ve tried it, Nuku Nuku Dash is the only show I can click on.

This work around does seem to work for all shows, except Demon King Daimao.

yeah i meant the watch now link. Do you watch show in full screen dragoon? It is a little jerky animation wise but watchable. It is not sony’s fault though flash on the ps3 browser is old and crap.

Yeah, I watch it in full screen. I only notice “jerky” animation when streaming HD. Of course things like internet speed and connection type can heavily affect that.

Can you guys post some screen shots here of the pages that are not loading properly? I’m putting together a report for the developer and need to see what you guys are seeing.
Thanks for posting the work around for others to use, Cody!

Sorry, I didn’t see your replay Sam. I can try to get one when I get home, either tonight or tomorrow.

But until then, this is the page that does not fully load:

It usually loads up to the line where Diamond Daydreams is listed, then the rest of the page is blank. Like other posters have stated, you can only select one or two shows from this page. They are unable to be clicked on, and the show titles act just as normal text.

Does the text stop at the em-dash immediately after “haze”?

Here is the line with two hyphens instead of an em-dash:
“The stuff of dreams is a cloudy haze - - that is, until one comes true. Take a tri…”

Here is the text with the non-ASCII character:
Diamond Daydreams

The stuff of dreams is a cloudy haze–that is, until one comes true. Take a tri…