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Playback issues


sorry, will take care of problems with email… won’t use forum again… thanks



Please stop making new threads, go to Anime Network Technical Support & Customer Service thread in the AN Online section.

These new threads just get lost in the shuffle and don’t get you the help you need.

Post in that thread and it will automatically notify the proper people to help you.

I will notify Admin about this problem, please look for your answer.



Administration has tried to replicate your issue.

They get the “Are You Still Watching?” prompt, but the player consistently unpauses and resumes the episode. (not jumping to next episode)

Is this still happening to you?
And is Argevollen the only series this has happened on?

Please respond to these questions in the Anime Network (AN) Technical Support & Customer Service thread.

Thank you,
Slowhand - Moderator

Playback issues reply
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