Partial sound issue?

friends, seems to take forever to get a reply from support, so thought i’d try here instead this time… was watching Hiiro No Katera, Season 1 and the first five episodes played fine… got to the sixth and very strange thing happens- i get sound from everything but the vocals… go to episode 7 and back to normal… episode six has all the sound effects but no vocal sounds, in any language…?? am i missing something here? thanks for your help…

That’s very strange indeed. I just played Season 1, Ep 6 and got both the Japanese vocals and also the Dubbed track.

Do you have a Premium subscription (and watching it on the native Anime Network Player)?

Or are you watching it via Hulu?

However, this is the incorrect place to report it.

Please go to the Anime Network Technical Support & Customer Service thread.

Please state not only the problem you’re having, but also your Operating System & Browser.

That thread automatically alerts Administration and they check that thread frequently.

I will send them an email on Monday morning to make sure they see it.

Thank you,