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Photos of Japan....Part "San"* (*Three)


The along with the many events going on at the “Summer Festival” the parade around the neighborhood with a mini “Shrine” is a big event. It is moved around on the shoulders of people while dancing giving “good luck” to all the people’s health and prosperity as well and businesses in the area. Along with the Shrine there are musicians playing traditional music with drums and wooden flutes in most cases in the back of trucks these days unlike the old days of wooden horse drawn wagons.


Forget the message board for the neighborhood… my hubby and I have to have one for just ourselves! We can’t keep track of each other!! :stuck_out_tongue:








Shot these next photos about two years ago. Thought of re-posting for the heck of it. The title was; “It’s amazing what you see when stopped at a traffic light.”


That’s it for now. Later!:wink:


Thanks for posting the pics, Drifter! They look great, as usual. We appreciate it! :laugh:


Ever participated in any of these parades yourself?


Yeah, about a few years ago with the MWR! It was one heck of a good time and a heck of a work out! I must’ve lost five pounds of water weight when it was all over!


Glad you like them, here’s a few more from that day around town.




This food stand sells a American fav. “American style french fries”. (In a paper cup.)As you can see it draws a good size crowd.



Gotta catch a train. Later!


Give me the pancakes NOW.