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Photos of Japan....Part "San"* (*Three)


“American style french fries,” do they pair up?


Flowering wrote:

The “pancakes” I believe is called; “o-konomiyaki” or “savory pancake”. It’s basically a pancake with a filling between two pancakes and there is a great deal to choose from like; "beef, pork, squid, shrimp, prawns, buffalo chicken meat(no bones) dirt from the ground (if you want) for example and has worcester sauce on it. The cook will make the pancake right in front of you on a grill. It does make a full meal in the end! Yum!:slight_smile:


fillet wrote:

:laugh: Yeah, with burger maybe.


Now i have to go experiment with pancakes. Any excuse to make a pancake sandwich.


Oh boy, the ol’ ‘dirt from the ground’ pancake! Boy, it doesn’t get any grittier than that! :stuck_out_tongue:


What about Taco Stand on the Mexican border.


“What do you mean, an American taco stand or a Mexican taco stand?”

“I…I…I don’t know that?”

"Yehaaaa!!* (Into the pit that sounds like a toilet flushing.)

“How do you know so much about “taco stands”?” asks my fellow team member as he raises his full face viser on his riot/combat helmet.

"Well, you have to know these things when you lived in Japan as long as I have.:stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys, I’m bit tight on time, however, here is a few photo’s I had laying around.

Landmark tower in Yokohama. The tallest building (as of now) in Japan.


A few shots around MM21 from Landmark tower.







Sorry, that’s it for now. Gotta go, later!:slight_smile:


Now that’s tall. Do they hold any records for their buildings?


Sorry about being gone for awhile. Had to go back Korea…again.

In fact, for a while all I was seeing was…


Good ole DMZ! Don’t forget the North and South are still at “war”. They have been just “chilling” for the past few decades,however, that can change so fast over here it’s not funny.


I’m not too sure that I got the name of these inlands right. However the GPS is telling me that at LAT: 30 54.05 N and LON: 130 37.65E it’s in the Southern Osumi-Kaikyo Straights and their names are Io Sima and Naga-Si. This is South of the main inland of Japan.


Here’s the other one. There were a couple more inlands, however, it was real hot and my long range lens for my camera was “fogging” up good and could not take the shot.


That’s so contradictory of the sprawling towers and homes we’re so used to seeing! Easy to forget that Japan is a bunch of islands. Did you have any fun at all in Korea?