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Poll: Rate 2016


Share your thoughts on the subject.

###How would you rate 2016 for yourself personally on a scale of 1-10?

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I rated the year as a 8, some very good things happened for me & the family. Some bad stuff, but not too much.

Mark Gosdin


Gave it a 9. The year for me was pretty dang good. No job losses or real bad news in general, bought lots of anime, election win, no nasty surprises (unexpected people from the past, appliance breakdowns, etc). I really can’t complain.


I’ll give it an 8.

Mostly good, but some bad. I suppose it all evens out in the end.


Me too, rated it about an 8, Some great stuff happened some meh stuff happened, but nothing majorly bad.


I gave it a 1, I’ll be going out with a miserable ending albeit self-induced.


Fillet, I’m sorry that 2016 was so bad for you. There were a few years in the 90’s & 00’s that would have rated negative numbers from me.

Mark Gosdin


Thanks Mark, it’ll actually end better than it started. It’s just been a very stressful year for me, I’m still stuck working out of town and even though I got a brand new trailer sitting on my Dad’s place I’ve only been there once this year.


2009 was my almost negative rated year, Probably the worse year in my life so far (knock on wood)


That year was a shock to all of our systems in varying degrees. 2015 wasn’t so kind to me in many ways.