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Name that forum (part 2)

hey guys can we make a new name for this forum its gone through many changes and may have many more but just for right now can we think of some new names

dont think we need it but heres the old tread name that forum


Well, here’s the deal:

This forum was named as a tribute to Outlander, and I have a hard time letting that go.

However, if the majority of folks want to change the name, I will go with the flow.

Comments, please.


No, The Outlands is fine as this area lies in the area outside of Anime in general, so the name fits lol


I can appreciate wanting to change the name from Outlands, but I would vote against it. Mind you this isn’t a democracy, so there is that.

Mark Gosdin


Keep it as The Outlands. It fits as a dual purpose name. Not only does it suit as a thread for any conversation outside of Anime/Japan/TV, Music, or Video Games, but it pays tribute to one of the greatest TAN members.

Despite having only one or two conversations with outlander, through that brief communication, I could tell he was a very outgoing member of TAN. I do believe that since he departed this plain of existence, the liveliness of the forums has diminished quite a bit.

TV/Movies , Video Games , and Music could be consolidated into one thread if not too problematic. Maybe call it Non Anime Media.


I’m definitely with everybody else here. We touched on this before in the past and decided (for good reason), the name is a no touch,

The idea sounds nice but that would be far too noisy IMO.


well there you have it folks but was think it was time for a change but heres to outlander


This was where Outlander always had a lot of fun, mostly at our expense. It gave us all a laugh, and contributed to making us a closer knit family. Those were certainly the days!

It was fitting to name it after him, as a tribute. It should be left that way. I don’t think the name should ever change. As Series said, this lies “outside” the Anime world and the name just fits.


saw this and it made me think of him he will truly be missed outlander still king of the rock


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