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Post Your PSN/XBL/Steam Username Here!


My Xbox gamertag is Irish wannabe. I don’t have a ps3 or steam but I do have gw2.


PSN XBox Steam



xbl- reko31994


my PSN is bran2397 (PS3) and kobe2397 (PSVITA)


XBL = Colrz iConquest

Steam = BluxEngineer (Yes, I loved TF2 when I made this account)

PSN = HDEKii (Never really on PS3 though so kinda pointless)

Tell me if your from the forums in your friend requests as I may not add you otherwise as I get a lot of random requests.


hey Kyoy im twistedboiiiiiii



My PSN is SetoZiese. Come farm items in Castlevania HD with me!


That OP is horribly broken now… someone get Hentai to come back and fix it.


[quote=“Hornet65, post:72, topic:5784, full:true”]
That OP is horribly broken now… someone get Hentai to come back and fix it.[/quote]
Are you talking about the first post?


Yes. OP = Original Post

…Or I suppose it could also mean Opening if you’re talking about openings…
but in this case, we’re not.


I think Hentai might be off somewhere being a doctor… :tshirt:


Dr. Hentai… I like it… has a nice ring to it. :bell:


I fixed all the links and deleted the ones who’s accounts are no longer active.


XBL is Neodarken0691

I dont have PSN

and my steam is also Neodarken0691

I mainly play Titanfall on the xbox one, but i also play COD AW also. i dont play very often because of my part time job making me work strange hours but i i do like playing co op on those games.


Hullo thar! Glad to here from ya, I haven’t played Advanced Warfare yet myself. How was it?


My PSN name: Es5674death
I don’t have a XBL nor a Stream account.


What is psn?


PlayStation Network


My Steam is miquelfire