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Post Your PSN/XBL/Steam Username Here!


Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s The Missing Link counts its playtime separately from the main game for me. I don’t have many multiplayer online steam games. Kinda brutal. I have Magicka, but outside of the magic.system and the coop the game fails :frowning:


XBL - GHR Burger

Kind of random, but I couldn’t think of anything better at the time.


XBL: Espio aka Keith

I’m a gamer that is easy to get along with. Which I believe is very rare.


Hey guys my Gamer Tag for xbox live is: RathDragon. I have a lot of games but I’ll just list the ones I play online with.
COD MW 3, COD Black Ops (No Zombies), Saints Row 2 & 3, Fable 2 & 3, Homefront, and Mass Effect 3. If u play any of these games please add me, I’m a pretty easy gamer to get along with. B)


XBL RathDragon. I’m a easy gamer to get along w to so I guess we’re not that rare but we are far between, lol.


im FALLENXXLIONXX but no xbox yet…spilt some kind of crap on it 2 months ago! wierd. but i’ll get one in 2 weeks


I play Left 4 dead and Mass Effect 3
My Gamer tag is Oda Nobunga


Techno Zombie97


i dont talk much, u want to hang out or anything add me :slight_smile:



my ps3 just got fucked up. idk how but I’m gonna fix it soon


however i havent been on my ps3 in forever due to not buying a new game in months i think the last time i was on my ps3 was in january smh


All right, the list has been updated to account for all posts thus far! Keep 'em coming!

poor excuse to bring the thread back to page one



my Psn is NathimusPrime1

My Xbox gamertag is goldbug123

You’ll most likely find me on xbox because i dislike Psn and rarely use it.


xbl finalgenocide or ghostwarrior365 but my internet is down currntly im useing laptop



My Psn name is coming soon


PLEASE remember to include who your are when you send a friend request.

Othwerwise, everyone will just think you’re some kind of creeper. :evil:


But I thought we were all creepersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


My Steam name is Ttosk. My PSN network name is also Ttosk. Have no XBox.


For shame sir! No Xbox…


My Steam account (whenever I have time to actually play that is) is: miquelfire

No PS3 or 360 (though I do have a XBL account…