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Howdy Folks!


Hey everyone! Been watching anime-network on demand for about 2 years or so, but have been into anime before I even knew what anime was(ThunderCats, Speed Racer, and Ronin Warriors count :P). Anyways it seems time to acclimate myself with the anime aficionados here. First anime I watched on the anime network was probably Skull Man, but my favorite thus far has probably been X’Amd, and 11eyes. The synergy between the music and atmosphere of that latter anime was very different and I was definitely drawn in. It reminds me alot of the Persona 3.


Hi and welcome to TAN, its a fun place so hang around. :slight_smile:



If you sign up for this sight, there are some great anime’s online that are good to watch. The one that drew me in was RahXephon. Talk about synergy between music and action… (Kinda of a pun if you know the show)


Hello and welcome to the TAN boards!! :slight_smile: I actually don’t think I have seen any of the shows that you have put so far (Even the ThunderCats and Speed Racer :blush: ), so I guess I don’t have much to talk to you about that. :unsure:
Anyway, I hope you have fun here, post often, and make many friends!! :3


Yeah U!!!

Welcome :laugh:


Hello and welcome! What, no Voltron and Sailormoon? I hope you join in often.


Or Robotech, Star Blazers, Tranzor Z, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Samurai Pizza Cats…


Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone, and yes I know all or most of those shows you mentioned :P. Voltron and Sailormoon were awesome as well. Use to watch Sailormoon on WB back in 97’ or 98’(can’t remember, it could have even been before) and I believe DBZ and CardCaptors showed after that. Anyone remember Escaflowne on Fox Kids around the same time? That show was something else when they were so few anime shows compared to today. I guess I’m aging myself here lol.


Hullo! So nice to have you here.


Hello newcomer. X’amd was indeed awesome.


Welcome to you! You are definately in the right place! :slight_smile:


Howdy. Welcome to TAN! :slight_smile:


Welcome. This is most definitly the place for you. I haven’t seen Rurounin Warriors in a very long time. :cheer:


Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here.