Prede's Art Thread

This thread I’ll use to upload non-anime face stuff I’ve made in the past.

[size=4]** Prede’s Anime Review Logo **[/size]

So guys since very few people commented on it, do you like the logo for my blog? I worked hard on it. Hope it looks ok. Whoever can guess all the characters names and the series they are from get’s a cookie. Whoever can guess where the background comes from gets some milk to wash the cookies down :P. Whoever can tell me where I got the plane from gets my respect. And whoever can’t tell me where the mecha comes from I’ll laugh at :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hint: They are all series, movies, or manga that I really like.

Really though try and guess where this stuff comes from. I’ll be sure to let yah know soon enough.

[size=4]Zelda Comic Strip[/size]

I created this little comic for a class assignment in school a couple years ago now. Like it? It took a LOT more time to make this then you’d think lol. Based on the Zelda games of course.

(Click the picture to enlarge it so you can read it!)

[size=4]Gothic Playing Cards[/size]

For the same class I had to make a set of playing cards, here’s an example of some of the cards I made. Cool eh? I made a gothic set of playing cards hehehe.

[size=4]Random Old Guy?[/size]

Hmmm…I have no idea why I made this, but I did. I drew this old guy in Macromedia Fireworks and I think he looks cool. For some reason it was uploaded to my photobucket account, so here it is!

Awww still no comments? At least guess where the characters from my blog’s logo are from. Please?

I like the playing cards Prede. They look pretty cool. Did you make the whole deck?

Yeah I made the whole deck. But the generic numbers are kinda boring so it’s not worth even posting them. I think you get the general idea by looking at the “2’s” right? lol. I didn’t even upload them to photobucket. But I do have them saved on my computer…somewhere. That was a project from school.

Anyway thanks so much man! Glad you liked them.

Well, I like the cards - they remind me of “A Nightmare Before Christmas” - one of my favorites. The Zelda comic is cute too. And nice old guy!

I also recognize characters from “A Wind Named Amnesia” and “Gunslinger Girl” in your logo, as well as your past avatar, although I’m not sure where it’s from. Not sure about the rest. But, nice work!

Lady of Wicca: That’s totally Jack “The Pumpkin King” as the king :wink: . “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is one of my favorite movies too! That and “Coraline” are amazing. Henry Selick is a master at stop-motiona animation and storytelling. The guys amazing.

The Zelda comic is cute right. Yeah everyone seems to think that lol. Thanks.

Anyway thanks so much for commenting!! You rule

Now for the banner of my blog:

Manga Character, Girl on far left with orange hair - ???, from “Shadow Star Narutaru”

Anime Character, Lady with white hair in the middle - Sophia, From “A Wind Named Amnesia”

Airplane - from ??? (hint: It’s from an anime movie)

**Girl with Blue Hair on right ** - ???, from “Gunslinger Girl”

Giant Blue Mecha ???, from ??? (you really don’t know this one? LOL? Really? Sorry thought everyone saw this 100 times already.)

Background Picture from ??? (hint: It’s a movie ADV released on DVD)

Prede wrote:

[quote]Now for the banner of my blog:

Manga Character, Girl on far left with orange hair - ???, from ??? (but your right she’s my old avatar. ALso my current Avatar is from the same series. Dragoon should know the show. It’s one of my favorites)

Anime Character, Lady with white hair in the middle - ???, From “A Wind Named Amnesia”[/quote]

[spoiler]You gave yourself away! LOL Your avatar is from Shadow Star Narutaru! You posted it in the Holiday Thread. :wink:

And the other is Sophia from “Wind Named Amnesia”.[/spoiler]

But you’re right about the mecha - it is familiar and I’ll probably hit myself when I find out. But I’ve seen so many that I just don’t remember which is from where! :lol:

Opps. Totally forget about posting that! No one would have ever guessed it (exepct Dragoon, but only because he watched everything lol). Well two right answers!

As for the mecha…well it’s THE mecha series.

I thought I already commented here. Nice stuff man! The Zelda and Cards are especially neat.

What? You want names too??? pfft :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Girl w/ orange hair - Hiroko Kaizuka from Shadow Star Narutaru

  • Lady - Sophia from A Wind Named Amnesia (Edit: Looks like Lady got it earlier)

  • Airplane is too vague, can barely even see it fully. :stuck_out_tongue: For some reason I’m tempted to think Barefoot Gen or Grave of the Fireflies. But no idea.

  • Blue haired girl Claes from GG

  • Mecha is Unit 00 (Zerogoki) from Evangelion, I think. It’s been too long since I saw it. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • BG pic is 5cm Per Second

Dragoon: Thanks man!

And yes I’m tough :P. Real tough.

You got everything you said right. Zerogoki :smiley: . Hehe, I like the sound of Unit 00 better. but yup :wink: . It’s Rei’s mecha, with the blue paint job. It was originally yellow/orange.

Airplane is actually pretty easy, but you haven’t seen it that’s why. I know it seems kinda small and generic. But if you saw the movie you’d instantly know.

Also very surprised you actually got the background lol! That must have been hard.

I knew em all instantly ('cept the plane), but the 5cm one was like almost in my blood. That one I did not even have to think about for some reason. I could tell from the art style. :smiley:

The plane though that one I knew I hadn’t seen or seen too long ago.

Haha! Your really good Dragoon. My hats off to you (if I wore a hat that is :stuck_out_tongue: ). You really watch EVERYTHING don’t you? Well not the plane movie.

Nah not everything. But I’ve seen my share - my memory is usually not too bad too. :wink:

The Panther double front propeller plane in Sky Crawlers?

Yes you are correct Funkgun! You win good sir!