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I write Anime Reviews for this little unknown website called “Planetzot”. I have an editor and stuff, and I we try to review newer releases. This is a list of links for my reviews for that site. Starting from newest review on top the the oldest on the botton. I also review “live action anime adaptations”. - 3 Stars - 2.5 Stars - 3 Stars - 3 Stars - 3.5 Stars (should be raited 3.5 stars, not 3 stars my editor made a mistake and han’t fixed it yet :frowning: ) - 3 Stars

I also have a about news, information, and opinion on the R1 company Central Park Media. I also write reviews of certain DVD’s from their catolog there. I was inspired to make this blog by reading Dragoon’s (which you should also check out). So please check out (and maybe “follow”/subscribe to it?). Tell me what you think about it, and if you have any info or news about CPM feel free to let me know so I can report it in my blog. I decided to make the blog because I found a lot of new info about CPM that really wasn’t being reported anywhere, and signs that they are slowly but shortly recovering.

Central Park Media News Blog:

I added a new review to my CPM blog. Be sure to check it out here:

My new official review is up on Planetzot. Please check it out. It’s a review on When They Cry! Also been planning a review on my CPM blog, sorry I keep putting it off guys.

New Planetzot review:

I added a new review to my CPM blog. Be sure to check it out here:[/quote]

Particularly enjoyed this review as I mentioned to you before.

Good to see a new review now!

Do you have others in the pipeline?

For planetzot, yes I should. Although my editor has been really busy lately, so it may take awhile. I have to do at least 2 more soon though… For CPM News I have quite a few lined up though! I just need the time to work on them.

I’m glad you enjoyed that review btw. I hope you check it out one day and enjoy it as much as I did.

I finally got the chance to make a new review. It’s for my CPM blog. I reviewed “Silent Service”. Please read it!

I finally got the chance to make a new review. It’s for my CPM blog. I reviewed “Silent Service”. Please read it![/quote]

Nicely done review on a title that doesn’t get a lot of mention.

What did you think of Dan Green’s performance in this?

Does Dan Green ever disapoint (ok there was Maetel Legend… :(, a future review for sure)? I don’t remember him playing a main character in this though. He plays like 2 or three side characters, that get some lines, and he still owns. I like it when he does old gruffy men, like the small roles he had in Domian of Murder. It’s a little different for him, and it’s great. But you gata give it up to B. H. O’Neill on this one. He steals the dub, which is pretty hard, considering how good it was already.

Thanks for reading the review! And thanks for commenting! I see Funkgun commented on my blog, but it’s not letting me say anything in response to that for somereason…I wanted to say thanks for reading, and comment more about what he wrote. Oh well…

Do you have a next one planned, to review I mean?

CPM News? Yeah I have a few I want to do. Gata pick one of them. Won’t spoil the surprise for everyone though. Theres quite a few titles I’ve been meaning to review for that. For Planetzot I have NO idea what I should review next. It has to be something new. My reviewer is AWOL anyway. Although I should get to doing some pre-work on that one…lol.

I updated my CPM blog. It’s not easy to get to content for a bankrupt company but I am trying. Also I’ll be looking into their bankruptcy proceedings again shortly for those who care.

But for now, some great nostalgia ! I posted links to 3 great trailer reels from CPM (on youtube), check em out!

Updated my CPM blog with some new news.

“Them Anime reviews put 2 CPM titles Cat Soup and Alien Nine on their “top 20” lists of anime of the decade”

You can read the whole article here:

LOL… Those were two of the CPM titles I could never get into, no matter how many times I tried. But everyone has their own tastes!

Never seen Cat Soup, but I plan to buy it if I can still find it cheap. Looks really good. Alien Nine is something I really loved. SOme reviews called it “the best OVA ever made” or something, which is going to far. But it’s a great little show. Not really a “must see” but very well done all around. I understand not liking it though, it’s VERY surreal.

The dub on Alien Nine is easily one of CPM’s best. That dub, is why I love NYC.

Two updates to my Central Park Media News blog:

  1. Media Blasters license rescues Urotsukidoji

  2. Rumor: Media Blasters license rescues Record of Lodoss War?

A few of us got your hints 3 weeks ago. Interesting to see you spill the beans though. :wink: It certainly would be welcome news if true, with ROLW.

As for Urotsukidoji, saw it once and don’t have any plans to see it again. Most people of this forum couldn’t handle it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I had to spill the beans…been sitting on this for way too long. If they told me to keep it secret though I would have. But they didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks for tempting me dragoon lol.

I knew the promise of cookies would finally break your silence! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe ;). Well I just hope I didn’t get anyone at Media Blasters in trouble. It was nice to finally brake a story. I’m famous O.O .

Well, John Sirabella said he didn’t think it was a very big deal as the show has been released so many times. So I think everyone should be fine.