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Probably my 40th intro thread


Hey guys. Some of you may know me. Many of you not. An old reg, who one day reformatted his computer, and then just… forgot. Hard to believe I’ve known some of you tentatively for almost a decade. My work now allows me a lot more freedom to check up on things, and I think I’m going to prowl around a bit due to it. I’ve re-pinned this to my start tab, so let’s see if I can actually keep up on looking at things.


Hello, I don’t believe we met before.


Hello and welcome back.


Hello and welcome back to the tacenda TAN boards!! :3 You have probably not met me before; I am Iron K. Tager. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:
How about you tell us a little about yourself? Like what kind of anime you like, or maybe your favorite color? Stuff like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


Bonsoir Omegaweopon.,

Welcome back to the TAN site I know there are some change along the way but I hope you will enjoy it in here.,

Ahh oui ., before I forget something ., My name is Marc.



Who the f*ck are you again? Just kidding man, nice to see you again. -secret handshake only the vets know-


Well none the least, I am glad that you have come back for a bit. :slight_smile: Welcome back, Omega. Nice to meet you, and see ya’ around the boards.


To answer some questions.

Q) “Who the f*ck are you again?”

A) Pretty much really freaking awesome.

Q) “How about you tell us a little about yourself? Like what kind of anime you like?”

A) Ones that end. Also Ranma 1/2.

Q) Why should I care?

A) Why should you care?

Q) What made you so special?

A) I was the person who talked about his own life way too much on these boards. Some of you may know I’ve had the goal of “Get my life in order” for about 8 years now. Hey! I pulled it off! I now work at home tech support. Make nice money for what I do, and when work is slow, I can kick back and browse the webs, while I get paid for it.

Q) Why is Rai such a tiny baby man?

A) I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Hope that answers some stuff for you!


Nice to have you back AGAIN, Omega.

Time to start placing bets for how long you’ll be around this time. :whistle:


Welcome back buddy! You need to share your stories with us!


3 days already. A new record.


That’s actually better than me and shak we never seem to have time for here anymore what with our jobs and stuff. I want to try and change that though… >.>


Me too, classes are fixing to start back up though.


Hey Omega,

Glad to see you found your way back to TAN!





Always nice to see more people on the boards.


Welcome to you! I have seen you around here before. Nice to have you back!


If a wood chuck could…