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Procrastination Aside

We put off many things in life but when you finally get something done, it’s a great feeling. Did you accomplish something you’re proud of today? It can range from something small to an overwhelming task, positive things. Post about it and let’s discuss. We should use our words more. :slight_smile:


Early this week I put to bed a particularly thorny computer issue at work. I had to get a machine image restored long enough to copy critical data off it. Oh and the system people kept telling me no image existed,

Fun stuff.

Mark Gosdin


I made a dentist Appointment! (First time in 7 years!)


7 years? I can’t even begin to imagine the torture in that chair. :open_mouth:
Tell me good news man. lol
Congratulations on that step forward. Good health to you. :grinning:


I got outside to do some post-winter cleanup in the woods by picking up all the big sticks strewn about everywhere. Then raked up the grass to get the small ones.

IN A WORLD where sticks exists in the sticks, [details=Be smart and don’t play with sticks.][/details]

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I got out of bed today.
that’s something, right?

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You get an :a: for awake.

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Last week, I finally got around to installing my new door bell. See

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Really nice. I’ve heard about those Wi-Fi doorbells. What a genius idea that was. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t swallow the screwdriver! ::astonished:

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Oh here’s a segway. I had just a random thought about The Ring all of a sudden after watching that video. lol.

I just shoveled ~8-10 inches of snow this morning mixed with ice in the front and back yards. I’m now enjoying my coffee.

I promised myself I’d do it today so in between the simulcasts, I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and steamed the tile. It must’ve been months since I did the latter.

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Yeah really. :yum: A more appropriate sign would be BEWARE: Your Back.

Scrubbed the vinyl on the front of the house today. It was very dirty. Almost slipped on the ladder too. Fun times.