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What's Bugging You?


Got something to complain about? Extremely minor irks recently? Share away.


So there’s this guy next door who has this loud Volvo and everytime he just creeps up the long driveway sloooowly every time. You would think you were being stalked.


Edit: Warning!!! Extremely minor irk ahead(or below)!!!

Yeah I got something to complain about!.. my legs don’t work! And f#%@ treadmills too!.. as a matter of fact f#%@ you and those treadmills… all walkin on them like “look at me I can walk!” People always jogging past my window… Sumbitches… wavin at me like I wanna race 'em… motherf#%@er if you ask me if I wanna race one more time I’m gonna snap your legs in half and then cross the finish line backwards.

MOD EDIT: Too much language.
Edit Fixed? is this ok?


I would also like to complain that there are not enough hours in a day. Now I must go to sleep…


Go paperless but we’ll keep sending you the mail anyway. That must be why all trees in my neighborhood are disappearing.


We’re gonna’ need a bigger web site.

Mark Gosdin


Lol, I love this thread! So yea, I’ll open up a hateful ramble by stating I am extremely agitated by the fact that I have not started a new job. Being in the poor house sucks. Um, I hate the slow internet connection too, RAWR! I hate that I’m still single, granted that’s my own fault but hatin’ it still. I can’t figure out where the leak is in my truck that keeps flooding the floorboards, that’s irking me too. If the friggin’ rain would let up I could fix the riding lawn mower but no, every time I go out there to weld the pieces back together SURPRISE SHOWERS!!!


It was supposed to go before it left the house. :open_mouth:


Lol, no matter how many times ya tell em though five minutes into the drive…


I’ve had it with dirt roads. The runoff and potholes are always never-ending. Also bad for the :car:


I got really annoyed at a server at work yesterday because I couldn’t get the damn thing to connect online. Turns out it was human error, I had mistyped the DNS servers when it used static IPs. I could of had three of the four servers I was messing with at least have their updated firmwares by now. Well, I got two left to deal with Monday I guess.


You know what really grinds my gears! When you’re out, you’re having a good time and someone tries to pull you down with their drama. If I wanted drama, i would ask for a llama. Darn llamas, their leaping and mexican parties.

On a side note i did tear someone a new one after they decided to dictate to me what I can and cannot post on my facebook when things are going well for me.

i feel like these badges are patronizing me. I am an old account, premium subscriber even. You got member badge, you get to put up more likes, you got the editor badge, you edited a post good on you!


When you know something needs to be done, but people can’t help but point things out to you (because bored, NMTOB) while laughing and sounding condescending. Day ruined.


When ya try to fix something, and you’re not exactly clueless but a solution evades you none the less due to unknown causes.


Microsoft Edge breaking everything.

I’ve so been there.


I’m subscribed to a monthly music streaming service called Groove music on my Xbox. This just started yesterday but whenever I start it up it keeps telling me to subscribe in order to listen to unlimited music as though I’m not subscribed to it. I can’t listen to my music which means I’ll probably end up having to call Microsoft and have a fun phone chat with them telling me how they can’t do anything. :joy::poop:


And maybe you can make them understand, I pray someone can!


I’m tired of dealing with floor nurses that don’t won’t to do their jobs, and try to dump their issues on the ER. Just take your damn patients!!


Invisible fence line was cut twice this week by the same person (not me) . I even put multiple flags around to mark the vulnerable spot, but what the hell? Let’s run over it with the tractor (or the mower) ANYWAY! :rage:

Ground keeps shifting so it’s harder to bury it well. I’m getting tired of fixing it!!


If I may:

When my cell phone won’t connect to the cellular network despite having full bars with 4G LTE data

Edit: Like it just did a minute ago when trying to post this :triumph:

Edit 2: The fact I got a write up for the other night when the overnight manager came in and started arguing with me. I told him to go home and I didn’t want to hear it from him that night. He called me a MFer and left. I stayed and did a double shift of multiple crazy hours averaging 3 people short per hour WITH NO COMPLAINTS FROM ANY CUSTOMERS! Several times I was running both front counter and drive thru second window single handedly!


I explained the situation to my GM and she said it was my fault he left so he wasn’t in trouble!