Profile avatar uploader broke?

So I tried using the drop down tab to change it
but when I click upload after choosing my picture I get this
I also tried using the avatar change option here
This didn’t work either so then I created a photo album in photos and uploaded the picture there. Next I selected the option to use that picture as my avatar and so here I am with my issue. Help would be great!

So I was able to upload a pic via my phone. Using my laptop is a no go apparently. Anyone wanna take the time to give any ideas as to why? 28 views and no response, what are your fingers lazy? lol

Fingers are NOT lazy, trying to figure out the problem. It IS the weekend, you know.

I know we had this problem before and am trying to find what the solution was.

You have the laziest fingers ever Slowhand with your 10,572 posts… lol. Thanks for the weekend work.,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,103477/limit,10/limitstart,2080/#127226 and reports that it appears to be fixed now.

Everything seems to be in working order. Thanks to those involved. :cheer: