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Question re the AN UK Future


To The Anime Network,

Nothing necessarily new, but asking for some openness and honesty.

Over 10 months ago on the Anime Network UK section of the forums, in the thread entitled UK vs USA, a list was shown of the available shows to watch in the UK.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,20/func,view/id,25619/limit,10/limitstart,10/

Having been watching with some angst over the period since then of all the shows we can’t watch in the UK, I’ve done a quick check to see that not only have no new shows been added to the list, but we’ve actually lost some, meaning what is available now is even less that it was.

I do understand there are problems surrounding licensing, even if I don’t understand how the various companies can’t see that money from the UK revenue is just as spendable as money coming in from the North USA.

So my question is, going on the information above and your obvious own negative experiences of trying to win licenses for UK distribution, is your market for the UK effectively dead? I know you can still show the dwindling list you have for viewing now, but with nothing new coming in for over 10 months and the loss of some, I fail to see the incentive for attracting new customers and keeping the old.

Hopefully you can see that this isn’t a mindless rant at the situation, but just a question…?

Many thanks,



I really hope this doesn’t just get ignored… it’s just a question.

Anime Network?



Sorry I didn’t respond, but I did forward it on to the Administration.

They have been preparing for the New York Anime Convention this weekend.

I’m sure someone will get back to you. Please be patient.


Thanks Slowhand, didn’t realise. I’ll hang fire…



No way for you to know. I should have said something.

I’ll remind them first thing next week.


Hey there,

We’re always on the lookout to get UK rights to our stuff, and to reaquire or get new licenses to old shows for you guys to watch. I’ve sent you a PM with a little more info, hope it’s informative. We’ll post anything of relevance here when it comes up. Thanks!