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Hello, TAN members :)


Hi! I am new to the network. Finally got sick of all the horrible cartoons that are on TV these days…sigh. I had heard for a while about the possibility of an anime station being aired, but so far DirecTV, DishNetwork, and Charter, all the providers in my area, offer no such thing.

I mainly watch anime on Netflix (streaming online) and those that I buy.

My most recent happy purchase is that I am now the proud owner of everything Yu Yu Hakusho (except Eizou Hakusho, and that’s next on the list :laugh: )

I also collect manga.

I am a fan of all types of genre from sci-fi (Lain), to kids (Hamtaro), to magical girl (BSSM), to horror (Another), to comedy (FM Panic). While I prefer subbed, there are some dubbed I like (YYH, InuYasha, and Kenshin are really the only ones I’ve found where I can stand the English voice actors. Actually, I love the English voice actors they found in all the ones I mentioned).

I am mainly here to watch anime and meet others that are into the same anime I watch B) . If you think that sounds cool, please consider adding me as a friend.


I’m a Charter customer and they do carry Anime Network, its $6.99 a month and listed under “Premium” in the OnDemand section.


Welcome to TAN! We are all normal!


Hello and welcome to the “normal” TAN boards!! :3 It is always nice to have someone who has a wide range of interests join. :slight_smile:

I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! Please enjoy your watching!! :lol:


Welcome! Post often. Don’t lurk


Thank you! I didn’t know that Charter offered it! I don’t have their cable, just Internet, but maybe that will sway my decision of whether or not to get them when I get TV… :slight_smile: Thanks, again! :laugh:


outlander, she seems unfazed by our absurdity. She might be the one.


Hey! I thought I was the one! Hmmph!

Welcome to TAN, Squirrelsgopeep. Thus far, everyone I’ve met is very cool. You’ll like it here!


Welcome to you!

Actually, all of the cable/satellite providers you mentioned have Anime Network.

See the program schedules here:

Hope you have a good time on our forums here, we’re a smaller bunch than most other anime forums, but we’re a fun group!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask, that’s what we’re here for. If it’s a more ‘personal’ nature, feel free to PM me, I’m at your service (I am a girl, by the way!)

Stick around, post often and have fun!


Pics or it didn’t happen.


Welcome to you! Yes, we are a fun, crazy bunch. Please join us often! :slight_smile:


LOL Every one I listed has it available?? Well, don’t I feel like a dolt. -_-; Thanks, Slowhand :slight_smile:


And by the way, it feels pretty fantastic to be considered “the one” :stuck_out_tongue: Makes me feel like the next Luke Skywalker or something! Thanks for making me feel welcome! This place seems like a lot of fun B)


Welcome to the boards!!!

Hope you enjoy posting and keep active^^


Welcome to the TAN forums, hope you like it here :slight_smile: . I don’t post often, but am always watching B) :evil:.

Be forewarned they are those whom will try to turn you crazy here, don’t let them get to you. Especially stay away from that Outlander guy, you will know what I mean soon enough. :dry:


Oh, my! Thank you for cryptic warning O_O LOL



Well, I was going to put up a pic I found, but can’t get the add file thing to work…is there a secret I don’t know about??


Skip the ‘Add File’, we all do.

Just put your jpg or png file between an image code like this: img ] .jpg /img ] but don’t put any spaces in it.