This is skanks, I’ve been completely unable to log in to my account, no matter how many times I’ve sent my password to my email address and whatnot. I can’t remember ever changing it, and firefox can’t seem to remember it either.

Eh, whatever.

Sweetkeith? HA! That’s a bummer, man.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

LOL, I should have known it was you based on one of your responses. No one can do sarcasm with bite like you can. :wink:

Good to see you back again shak.

Awww, Sweet Keith, how sweet! :kiss:

(That’s not too sugary, is it?)

What do your expect when he has a tendency to doll up in French maid outfits. Hey Skanks! :slight_smile:

PretearHimeno wrote:

OMG! I almost forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me!

i hax U

Damnit Dragoon, I can’t even remember where I posted besides in the Intro thread now, how dare you jog my memory!

Pretear, I don’t know which to question more, bringing up the French maid antics or the fact that it was you who brought them up. :slight_smile:

Sweet Keith is actually my nickname nowadays apparently. I still can’t believe it stuck.

Good evening fellows. Nice night we’re having isn’t it?

It’s a very nice night actually, the sky is clear, the garden seems to be doing well, and my roommate as well as my neighbors all got back today from their respective trips. Not to mention that I had the day off today.

Hummm… skank’s back, I see