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Red Garden

So I was watching DVD 4 tonight and I noticed something I hadn’t before, the first two times I watched these episodes on VOD.


So, it turns out, the company that took over Clair’s brothers company is GDH!

Screenshot Ep. 15

GDH Logo

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Nice catch Coffee! I hadn’t noticed that either. Interesting.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe I missed it the first two times, it seems so obvious now.
And I’m guessing not many actually notice it either, or at the very least, keep their mouth shut about it, since it’s not even listed on ANN under the “Trivia” section of Red Garden.

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I’m curious…

Did ADV ever explain why they changed the VA for Hervé Girardot after ep. 16, from ep. 17-22?
I know that’s about the time frame that the fit truely hit the shan, but I was curious if they ever said why they changed the VA.

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Nope, none.

Most studios don’t give a reason, whether it’s personal reasons to protect the VA or business to protect themselves - unless it’s a lead role or something big. Especially today, almost all the studios are a lot more secretive and closed than they used to be. In this case almost all the fans were understanding/didn’t care - so there was less pressure on ADV’s side to speak out about it.

… and now they won’t discuss any of that painful period.

It’s a more and more common occurrence during the singles days when timetables were extended and production spanned year/s where VAs had other jobs or lives that got in the way, especially for supporting characters where the VA pay isn’t paramount. That is at least one positive change dubbing all at once/short period of time has brought (reduction of production timeline - good for the VAs and for production budget - quality on the other hand…).

Usually the main reason cast changes happen is if the VA has a personal matter, gets sick or if they get a gig where they have to go out of town - production has to go on. One example I remember is the case of Mike MacRae as the Alien Captain in PPD, and had to be replaced by Andrew Love (around that time MM got his gig with Frank TV on TBS).

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I remember this, and it was quite a loss. I thought he was AMAZING as the Alien Captain, TOP NOTCH. One of my favorites from that dub. I understand why these things happen, but that doesn’t make mean I won’t be sad about it.

Also I SAW him on Letterman and was liked “THAT’S THE DUUDE FROM PPD!”. The best part about it was I almost never watch letterman, and I saw this when it aired on TV! Freaken nuts. You can watch it Mike MacRae on Letterman - YouTube, he’s quite good I must say.

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Yeah, Mike Macrae was amazing in PPD. I was sad about the change too. :frowning: Saw that before and I too loved his segments at the Letterman show and Frank TV.

Andrew Love did a fine job in his stead - but there is only one MM or Rob Mungle. :wink: I may be biased as a fan in this case, but I think ADV has the best comedic talent and access in all of R1. :slight_smile:

2 of ADV’s VAs got on Last Comic Standing on NBC for a reason. :smiley:

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Didn’t someone open for Cher :stuck_out_tongue:

Tommy Drake, if my memory serves.

Edit: Congrats on your 1000th post.

Thank you ! I was also referencing Milk Chan btw, besides adding to the conversation. Although I remember looking into it and he DID open for her. That was no BS lol.

Open what? her mail? LOL!!!

Yep I remember. :slight_smile: It was in the Milk Chan ADV VA portions… LOVED THOSE. :slight_smile:

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Me too! I liked them more then the actual Milk Chan episodes! They were so cool, and incredbly funny. I fell off my chair with those. Good stuff.

Definitely. I think those VA clips might be my favorite Extra addition of all time in an Anime. Just too funny. It’s on my short list of stuff to buy and looks like I’ll have to buy it at a premium to buy it new. We’ll see… :wink:

But anyway, back to Red Garden.

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Resurrection time.

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Oh, there’s some humor in this thread having the most off-topic rambling that I’ve ever seen on this forum. Okay, scratch that, there’s a lot of humor in it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working my way through this show, and sadly the show has killed all elements of suspense and intrigue in a fashion that I haven’t seen since on such a scale anywhere but season 2 of Joss Whedon’s tv show Dollhouse.


The girls are resurrected to fight wild humans, wild humans with glowing eyes, super strength, and insatiable bloodlust. They were shown to be able to kill normal humans with a flick of the wrist, were able to shrug off being shot, and seemed to feel as much pain as the analgesic girl from episode 3 of Kara no Kyoukai.

…Then these beasts were shown to be able to be killed by being hit with baseball bats, arbitrary wooden sticks, and even an ancient telephone in a sack. Totally anticlimatic.

The only drama left as it stands now is the MTV esque drama created by the girls themselves. That is, mercifully, starting to abate but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Another lapse which frustrates me about this show is that in episode 2 one of the girls discovered that she had been imbued with superhuman abilities somehow in the resurrection process, but besides a tangential reference in ep 3 or 4, the powers haven’t been mentioned at all.

I suppose that they don’t need to explore their superhuman powers when they can just kill the enemies with sticks lying in an alley, but were I in their place I would totally be exploring the powers.

Also, since the enemies can be killed by being clobbered with ordinary objects, why did they need to resurrect girls, give them superpowers, and force them to fight? Lula, Chris Patton, and their organization of faceless goons could be taking care of these monsters themselves.

I hope the show has a great answer to that.

Oh, and the spontaneous singing could have totally been cut out. This isn’t a 20th century family friendly musical piece…at least, it did not say it was on the box. If they had to have songs, they could have at least been memorable, like “under the sea” from TLM, “be prepared” from the lion king, or “whole new world” from Aladin. The singing does not fit into this show at all. Why Gonzo, WHY?!

MOD EDIT: Please use spoiler tags when revealing plot points, as others may have not yet seen this anime.

What I liked most about Red Garden was the characterization which was fascinating from a psychological perspective.


The show takes four girls, all from different circles, with different personalities and puts them all in an extreme situation for which they all react to and deal with differently. Not only that but they learn to get along and even become really good friends. Plus throughout the series the characters develop and change believably in my opinion, and gain depth and facets, getting over their hang ups and weaknesses. By the end, I felt like the show did a great job at rounding the characters and making me feel like they were human and I really knew these people, rather than them just being the shallow characters we get in a lot of other anime.

That alone would be enough to give it a passing grade but it also had an engaging storyline, mystery elements, and some decent action to improve the mix. This series appealed to me because it had both ultra-violence and substance something you don’t see often enough together and done right. It was also “dark” but not overly oppressive or too depressing. When I first bought it I ended up marathoning the entire thing in one sitting and couldn’t stop watching. In my book the show deserves high marks, although, I wouldn’t say that it was perfect or anything though. It did have some faults.

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So far, this is all that it really has going for it. Now that the sitcom/reality-show-esque drama is dying out this aspect has become more tolerable IMO, though I personally prefer different types of characters to view from a psychological perspective.

Sadly I’m just not seeing all of that other stuff. By episode 9 most of the mystery is wrapped up, and the storyline has been stagnant for much of eps 2-9 as most of that was a character study. I’m going to finish the show, but I feel that all the pieces are in place, that the mystery is pretty much as solved as it is going to get. Maybe I’ll be wrong, but that’s part of why I’ll be watching this till the end. So far the action hasn’t been decent since ep 2; beating down wimpy monsters in a 4 v 1 that only lasts a few on-screen seconds isn’t doing much for me. I don’t know why they didn’t go down the Gantz route with the monsters, but I’m hoping that the show might be so kind as to let me in on that in the remaining eps. :huh:

I don’t see the ultra-violence, but that’s subjective. I blame Paranoia Agent for that lol :laugh: :laugh:

I certainly agree that the show is good, but I just want more. Never satisfied lol; to really throw y’all for a loop, I’d rate this higher than PMMM B)

Yes, [size=16]“For Reals”[/size]

The final scene in this show is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in a show. I’m actually in the process of rewatching this and I can’t wait for that moment.

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I’ll be staying tuned for greatness then. :wink:

Funimation also has Red Garden, which means that I can finally watch it as they’re streaming it (Rightstuf shafted me and only gave me the first 5 dvds) an so far it seems like it is set to be the “better Gantz”. I can’t say that I cared for the slapdash ending of Gantz, and I’m not a big fan of Catcher in the Rye. :wink:

Sadly I do not think that, even though it is also a rescue release, that Funimation is streaming Gantz yet. No episodes show up for it on their streaming service. It’s too bad, as while I have seen Gantz, it was subbed.

Is there such a thing as “too adult”??