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I would also love to see this on the Roku.

~ Thanks! K


I love my Roku and TAN would be a perfect fit. Please do it!!


anything new on this topic?




I agree. Roku App, not Hulu Plus. Death to Hulu advertising!!!


I love to see AN on Roku. I presently watch Funimation there. It is nice in that it remembers where I’ve left off in a show if I have to stop it.

Presently, only the “guest” stuff of AN appears on Hulu Plus. This doesn’t work well for AN subscribers like me.

I’d be much happier watching my AN subscription on my 50" TV as opposed to my 9" iPad Mini.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can watch the subscription side videos on your TV via your Roku using the Trimeplay app and AirPlay. You can add that app to your Roku by visiting h t t p s : // owner dot roku dotcom / add / 2XQQN. It is a free app.

Open Trimeplay. Open TAN in Safari. Start the video on the TAN site. Slide up from the bottom of the screen so you can access AirPlay. Select the Roku device it detects. Do not select mirroring. It does not support it. Close the settings for AirPlay. Push play again to watch the video hosted on TAN. The “waiting for signal” screen on your TV should be replaced by your selection.

It can be a little buggy sometimes, but it will work. I just finished watching 5 episodes of the new “From the New World” dub. :slight_smile:


Three years, four months since the original post. I would also really like a Roku channel. Has there been any news about this? I’d prefer to avoid using thing like AirPlay and streaming from my computer to my Roku.


I run on Linux and Flash support is invariably less than awesome; a Roku channel would add value to my membership. Some sort of a road map would be nice, otherwise, TAN can just keep saying… “someday”. Considering how easy it is to create a Roku channel I don’t see what the problem is.


Roku! Roku! Roku! it would be awsome to watch theanimenetwork on my Roku come on funimation has a Roku Channel why not


really…nothing yet :S


Ex Crunchyroll subscriber. I would join right now if TAN had a Roku app. Crunchyroll has totally messed up their Roku app so I had to quit giving them money.

Has TAN even mentioned they will do a Roku app in the future?


I have the Funimation App on Roku. I would definitely pay for a subscription for a Roku app. The stuff on Hulu Plus is annoying with all of the ads

App for Android phones and devices

Anymore on this ? Got a Roku now .


I have subscriptions to Funimation, Netflix, Hulu, and Cruncyroll all on Roku. This would be a great addition, and id subscribe in a heartbeat! I dont have a Playstation or Xbox so watching through Roku is the only way I can watch these channels on my TV. Please Please Please create a channel on Roku (:


I also have subscriptions to Funimation, Netflix, and Hulu. I watch a lot of anime on Funimation and lessor amounts of Netflix (limited content), and Hulu (commercial, mostly subs). I will subscribe to TAN when they have a Roku app (assuming dubs available and no commercials). Hope they get there soon. In the meantime, considering adding Crunchyroll to help satisfy my anime fix.


With this thread now being three years old with no response form TAN on it, I’d say at this point it’s highly unlikely that we will get one or a Roku channel. While TAN does offer some great content I have found over the years they are very slow to adopt to anything new and/or have little interest in expanding their market share to include anything remotely associated with Android.

Sad really as it could prove to be a huge revenue builder for them.


Dear fans,

If you’re one of the lucky customers who received a pre-ordered DVD or BluRay from Right Stuf, you’ve probably seen the commercial for our new Roku channel!

However, since you received your discs a few weeks before the street date, you are seeing the commercial early and our Roku channel hasn’t launched yet. Stay tuned for our official launch announcement.

We greatly appreciate your patience on this – the wait is almost over!

The Anime Network Team

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OMG! This just made my day! :sunny:

WE DID IT GUYS! WE DID IT!! :smiley:


As soon as I get it installed on my roku, I’ll be subscribing.