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Marketing strategy maybe? AN is carried as VOD for most cable/sat providers. Where funimation has a roku channel but no VOD service with sat/cable that I’m aware of. I suspect the same is for curnchyroll. AN also has iphone/ipod/ipad apps but it’s al a carte for android users. I highly doubt an will put fourth the effort and money to maintain a roku channel. Seems they can barely handle what they have currently.


huh? isnt Roku Chanel that womens perfume people loved so much in the 80s?

i doth be confuzzled.


Nah, Chanel No. Roku (Chanel number six) is one better than Chanel No. 5.

You can purchase for Mothers Day.



just sayin.


media blasters has a channel on the roku it doesn’t have much but at least they’re trying.


I agree. TAN on Roku would be awesome.


Still no ROKU Channel. BAD!!

as i hunch over my PC to watch TV(?) getting back and neck pain plus eye strain.


You need to set this up for Roku. You are loosing out on paid subscribers who use Roku. If you read the post in the suggestion box, you can see there is a demand for it.


I just asked Anime Network to add the Roku to thier stream, also. Lets keep this going.


Instead of limiting this topic to Roku, why not make it a general request for all players like WDTV or Slingbox since they serve the same purpose, streaming video content over the internet. I’ve noticed that practically all of these players have a Netflix channel, so let’s use the same player code to setup a TAN channel that’s compatible for all set top boxes.


For everyone out there with a Roku and with a Hulu-Plus subscription:

Can you view The Anime Network shows by simply having Roku to connect to Hulu?
There are a lot of shows listed on,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,3/func,view/id,90797/#149023 and even more on



Yes. And you will watch a b u t load of hulu adds also.

[under breath; 'hate hulu adds soooo bad]


roku please


DEFINATELY PLEASE!!! that is to both needing a roku app and DEATH TO HULU


any one in charge care to comment on this suggestion?


I do very much agree with the idea of a Roku channel. Especially since the Roku has been around since 2008. Its popularity has grown in the last few years, and in March of this year Roku released its third generation model. I know that Hulu handles all free streaming content from TAN, though it still would be nice to see some form of an actual TAN channel added soon. This would also grant premium subscribers, like myself, to be able to watch subscription content on my TV without having to use my connected PC.

I do understand that there are a lot of license agreements that need to be made in order for this to happen which takes much time to do. Anyway for those reading, this is the only news that I can gather for now. Here is a response to this very same proposal…

Quote Reference:,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,104409/limit,20/limitstart,80/#155893


It should quite easy to out do FUNIMATION web interface and channel. Currently CRUNCHYROLL is the only ch on ROKU that has dedicated anime streaming with really good interface and QUEUING. With CRUNCHYROLL you can see where you left off a series and more! VERY COOL! I have been out of fast fiber for a few weeks and going back to FUNIMATION after a week to pick up on a series is blotto unless i wrote down last ep watched [su see ks].

The $8.00 or $9.00 a month for a TAN channel on ROKU would surely create more revenue than those silly hulu adds do. I’m guessing hulu adds revenue isn’t all, just, well, real woo wee.
Get clue?


bump for this


I agree. A ROKU app would be great!


yes I agree a ROKO channel would be great !!!