Roku Queue has another issue

Continuing the discussion from Roku app queue:

The “Queue” on the Roku App has another problem … when a show is put on the ‘queue’, it listes every episode from the show. This means that, if the show you are watching is in the middle of the queue, you have to go through every episode of every show in your queue, one episode at a time, until you reach the episode of the title you are watching.

In other words, if you have 20 titles (24-26 episodes per title (for example) in your queue, and the
title you are watching is the 10th title in the queue, you have to go through 240 to 260 episodes, one at a time, just to reach your desired title. then you still have to scroll through every episode you’ve seen until you reach the next episode. An Incredible waste of time that could be spent actually watching your show.

Surely an update that would put the titles only in the queue, then allow you to drill down to the episode of that title that you are looking for, would be prudent?

Finally, a ‘recently watched’ section of your queue would be more convenient than you might believe.


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