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Thanks for the Roku app! Its finally convenient for me to watch AN. Playback works well, but it would be nice if the queue was series-aware. For example, you could add a series to your queue, and after you finish one episode in a series, going to that show in the queue would direct you to the next episode to watch. It would also be really nice if it kept track of how much of each episode you have watched, for when I come back to a show later on.

Thanks again!


Hello Dwella,

The queue feature is in the “queue” for the next update and the app does allow a user to resume where they left off, within the roku and the website. Universal Pause and Play.

Thank you,

Roku Queue has another issue

I have come across a problem with my roku queue. After I watch a show and choose to “remove from queue”, it does go away. However, when I log back in the channel, everything I removed is back.
The option to “remove from queue” is no longer there, but the option to “add to queue” is.
I have rebooted my roku in case it was an internal memory issue, but that didn’t help.
It worked fine during BETA, Just started acting up since the app went live.


We now have an official Roku Support Thread.
For further discussion and questions, please post there.


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