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Queue/ Playlist!


This has been sad before and should be said again and again until this becomes a reality. Add a Queue. If there already is a queue, please tell me where it is, because queues are super important to keep track of what anime I want to watch without having to search it up every time, especially on the iPod app.


I very much agree. I was one of those that had said this in the past. I find it a pain in between a multi-episode marathon. This is annoying for me because I use my 42 in. HD TV to watch streamed shows on. Having to get up and search for & select the next episode can be a pain. Of course, now I sound like a lazy slob… LOL! But coming from watching content on Hulu back to the TAN player kind of feels like a step back with all due respect. I second the notion, as I’m sure that many others would welcome gladly.


I think a queue would be a great idea. However, TAN has to be careful how they implement one. There are several patents on queue techniques, primarily held by Netflix, and they could get into legal trouble if they implement a system that infringes on one of these copyrights. Just ask Blockbuster/Dish about this. If and when TAN implements a queue system or playlist, they will either need to license some patents or find a legal work-around.


REALLY? Sometimes I wonder about our patent system.


I agree a queue or someway of separating titles like: the ones you’ve seen, ones you don’t want to see; and everything else


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