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Saiyuki / Gensōmaden Saiyuki

Saiyuki / Gensōmaden Saiyuki

Genres: action, adventure, comedy, supernatural
Themes: bishounen, demons
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 50
Vintage: 2000-04-04 to 2001-03-27

Plot Summary: Many years ago, humans and demons lived in harmony. But that unity ended when demons started attacking humans and plotted a mission to unleash Gyumao - an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Now, Genjo Sanzo, a rogue priest, must team up with three demons - Sha Gojyo, Son Goku, and Cho Hakkai - and embark on a perilous journey to the west to stop these demons from resurrecting Gyumao and restore the balance between humans and demons on Earth.

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Saiyuki Reload


Genres: action, adventure, comedy, supernatural
Number of episodes: 25
Vintage: 2003-10-02 to 2004-03-25
Objectionable content: Significant

Plot Summary: Priest Genjo Sanzo and companions Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku maintain their westward journey to stop the resurrection of the demon Gyoumao. As the reputation of the Sanzo Ikkou precedes them, they continue to fight demon assassins at every turn, but they must also deal with increasing tensions within their group in order to defeat a powerful enemy.

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Saiyuki Gunlock


Genres: action, adventure, comedy, supernatural
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2004-04-01 to 2004-09-23
Objectionable content: Significant

Plot Summary: The Sanzo Ikkou continues its westward journey, on a mission to prevent a demonic resurrection. As Genjo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku fight their way to their goal, their path is fraught with internal strife. When they encounter a formidable pair of adversaries from the west, the cohesion of the group – and the fate of the mission – may be at stake.

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Saiyuki Gaiden (OAV)

Number of episodes 3
Vintage: 2011-03-25

Plot Summary: (TAN) In their former lives, Genjyo Sanzo and his crew of misfits were gods; but they didn’t act divine. When Goku flies into a murderous rage after seeing his best friend die, Heaven’s had enough and wants him dead! But Konzen Douji, Field Marshal Tenpou and General Kenren are willing to do anything to protect Goku, even if it means turning all of Heaven against them. Will the three of them be enough to break through the Heavenly Western Army and escape to the Lower World? Or will the Journey to the West be over before it’s even begun?

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Saiyuki Reload Blast

Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2017-07-05

Plot Summary: It’s been two years since the holy monk Sanzo and his followers Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai were presumed dead, but not only are they very much alive but also continuing their journey to the west.

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Saiyuki: Requiem (movie) Vintage: 2001-08-18

Gensomaden Saiyuki: Kibou no zaika (OAV) Vintage: 2002
Saiyuki Reload: Burial (OAV) Vintage: 2007-04-27

Man my eyes are fried now!

I decided to dig into my backlog for Christmas.
I just finished marathoning this entire series in one go!

Next up, Wedding Peach, though I don’t think I’ll marathon that since my eyes will probably just ooze out of their sockets.

There is also Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. This one dragged on, a bit.

There is indeed.
I made a thread on them quite some time back, which can be found in the Other Anime section, since they were licensed by Geneon.

But if you’re interested, here’s the thread for them:

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 01 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]

I generally don’t post re-release cover art, but since this is from AEsir rather than ADV, I figured I’d post it.

Cover art has been posted.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 03 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 04 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 05 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 06 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 07 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 08 (Dub) is now LIVE![/b]
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[size=19]Watch Saiyuki On Anime Network Online[/size]

[size=19]Episodes 43-50 are now LIVE![/size]