Hello everyone,sarahviola here i hope you get to know me well.
I’m a Yugioh duelist who name is white rose, I’m also a girl who loves to draw anime.My goal is to create anime movie that people will love.
And i also watch a lot of movies.


Welcome to the TAN Forums @Sarahviola!

Mark Gosdin


Nice to meet you


I was going to talk to you


Shoot me a PM. I’m an IT Guy so I don’t get to stay with the forums for very long during the day.

Mark Gosdin




Hello! And welcome.


Hullo thar! Welcome to TAN, happy to jibber jab about anything anime here so go to town.


I’m happy to be in TAN


welcome to you sarah v

hope you continue to enjoy your stay here in tan


I’m 11 years old and i live in grandview


Some times i love to be call by my nickname


I was famous last year in school people are going to miss me:sob:


Im 12


Just a reminder my birthday is this friday!


Hey everyone @sarahviola here! I’m in 7th grade this year,so hooray for me!:joy:
so I post this so i get to know everyone in TAN very well.In this tread you can talk to me about your
days and how are you’re feeling. And yes I join TAN a very months ago.

P.S. I hope I get to know everyone really well!:joy:


Sarah v you still here wow that’s great and Congrats on your leveling up :point_up_2:

Don’t forget to study hard and then play hard OK good luck




You’re welcome Sarah v aka white rose

Are you building up your deck


sure am