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Section23 Films Announces February 2010 Slate


Per PR:

Includes Two New Anime Series

HOUSTON, December 4, 2009 – Home video distributor Section23 Films today announced its February 2010 slate of new DVD releases.

Section23 client Sentai Filmworks is coming out with three new home video releases, including complete sets of anime series The Skull Man and Maria Holic. Also coming from Sentai Filmworks in February is the second collection of To Love Ru.

Switchblade Pictures, another Section23 client, has two “live-action” DVD releases straight from Japan, including Kirenji Women’s College and Ryuji the Yakuza.

Product details follow, in order of release
Coming February 2010

Published by: Sentai Filmworks
Distributed by: Section23 Films
Run Time: 325 min.
Street Date: 2/2/2010
Format: DVD
SRP: $39.98

SYNOPSIS: Otomo City: where freedom and justice have atrophied to the bone; where conspiracy rules the day and death stalks the night… Death in the form of The Skull Man, a literal Grim Reaper whose skeletal grin presages grisly mayhem and murder, even to the monstrous mutants that haunt the city’s underworlds! Now, to investigate a bizarre slaying, journalist Minagami Hayato and photographer Kiriko Mamiya must stalk this ultimate predator, through a festering cadaver of a city where the corruption flows in rivers as deep and foul as the sins of the reigning elite, and unearth a secret so shocking that an entire city has been turned into a tomb to contain! In a nightmarish necropolis where nothing is as it seems, vengeance comes in the form of a living Death’s-Head in SKULL MAN – The Complete Collection!

Published by: Switchblade Pictures
Distributed by: Section23 Films
Run Time: 125 min.
Street Date: 2/9/2010
Format: DVD
SRP: $19.98

Kirenji is so definitely NOT your typical Japanese girls’ school. For example, while the word “hot” might describe an attractive girl at other places of higher education, at Kirenji it’s more likely to mean “hot blooded,” “hot tempered” and “ready for red hot action” (as in physical combat, that is)! So when 17 year old Maki enrolls, thinking she’s the baddest bad girl of them all, she quickly learns the hard way that at Kirenji she’ll have to punch her way to the top of the pulchritudinous power pyramid… and it’s just too bad that the equally intimidating Natsumu is standing in her path! Epic battles, beauties bashing and girl on girl action abound, especially when new girl Kirei joins the fray, in the non-stop cat fight that is KIRENJI GIRLS’ COMBAT SCHOOL – the Complete Collection!

Published by: Sentai Filmworks
Distributed by: Section23 Films
Run Time: 325 min.
Street Date: 2/16/2010
Format: DVD
SRP: $39.98

SYNOPSIS: As if being accidentally engaged to a demon-like alien princess while attending high school and still making points with the girl he REALLY likes wasn’t enough to keep Rito on the edge of insanity, he’s now stuck with an more dangerous challenge: living up to the expectations of LaLa’s devil-like father, King Deviluke! And if that’s not bad enough, the girl Run (aka, sometimes, the guy Ren) decides to make her move on Rito, the school is overflowing with even more not-so-well disguised ghosts and aliens (some of whom need an education on how to emphasize their feminine side,) SOMEBODY lets word slip that LaLa is actually an alien princess, and to cap it all off there’s a trip to the waterpark PLUS the obligatory Hot Springs episode! Love isn’t a battlefield… it’s the War of the Worlds in TO LOVE RU – Collection Two!!!

Published by: Switchblade Pictures
Distributed by: Section23 Films
Run Time: 300 min.
Street Date: 2/23/2010
Format: DVD
SRP: $39.98

SYNOPSIS: It’s not easy to find the perfect girl, even when you’re the same sex! Kanako thought attending an all girls school would be the perfect way to meet the girl of her dreams, but after her hot new roommate turns out to be a guy in drag, and catching the eye of the most popular girl in school only brings down the wrath of all the OTHER similarly obsessed girls, she’s not so sure! Complicate things with a cat-eared dorm leader, her roommate’s rude-mannered maid and identical twin sister (who attends an all boys school, of course,) and WAY too many attractive girls of questionable persuasions and the question becomes whether Kanako can die from frustrated nosebleeds! (Life would be SO much easier if guys didn’t literally give her the hives!) Will Kanako ever find a non-polar opposite of a compatible non-opposing polarity? Let’s just say that the quest for true love will not run straight in MariaHolic – The Complete Collection!

Published by: Sentai Filmworks
Distributed by: Section23 Films
Run Time: 139 min.
Street Date: 2/23/2010
Format: DVD
SRP: $19.98

SYNOPSIS: Behind a bloody veil of mystery, the puppetmasters of the Yakuza secretly control Japan… Yet for all their power, the Yakuza are governed by their own codes of loyalty and honor, and there are those who are seen not as criminals, but heroes. Ryuji Ogami, of the Goda-gumi, is one such enigma: torn between the worlds of Bullets and Bushido, his hidden compassion perfectly balances the brutal force of his lethal iron hand. If your cause is just, it is said, seek out Ryuji. But endanger those he cherishes, like young club hostess Megumi and his junior Kazuki, and he will find you. And when the code of the Yakuza is violated by his own gang, Ryuji’s own code will leave him no choice. The city will burn as the deadliest man in Yokohama takes on his own in RYUJI THE YAKUZA- The Complete Collection!

About Section23 Films
Section23 Films provides home video marketing and distribution services for a variety of companies, including Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade Pictures, and AEsir Holdings. With its special focus on genre entertainment, Section23 Films distributes some of the very best anime, martial arts, and horror titles on the market today.

Section23 & HIDIVE Live Action News & Discussion

Maria Holic actually sounded like something I may want to check out. And as for The Skull Man, nice job getting another Bones title Sentai! Many Bones titles are big sellers, hope this one does good as well. Although from the sound of the show I doubt I’d be interested in it.

Anyway it’s great to hear some more shows from Section 23 and Sentai.


Skull Man sounds so badass. Gotta check this out.


Prede yeah that’s a good point. Skull Man will be one of S23 and Sentai’s better selling titles of late. :slight_smile: It fills the void as a show that’s more of a guys show and more mainstream than a lot of their recent pickups.

Also as you said it’s BONES which tend to draw a casual group of buyers.

Most importantly for me, it’s directed by Takeshi Mori (creator and director of Vandread and Gunsmith Cats) - two of my all time favorites… So I’m STOKED! :slight_smile: Also the writer and designer did the story for RahXephon and did designs for E7.


Somehow I knew they would be announcing their new titles today. I checked ANN regularly throughout the day, but ended up missing it by a bit…lol

I will definitely have to check out Maria Holic. It sounds like the type of show I would appreciate. As for Skullman, I’m undecided on it. But I will definitely give it a try before making up my mind.

YAY! More shows!


Personally I’m thrilled about Maria Holic. It sounds really fun, and SHAFT and Shinbo for the win. It just may be my favorite Sentai Filmworks pick up.


Dragoon: And just when you started worrying that they weren’t picking up any guy shows, they go and grab this one :stuck_out_tongue: . You gata have faith in them man, seems like they really know what they’re doing now. I must say more and more good buisness decisions have been made by them as of late. I agree that it’s the type of show that could easily bring in the numbers on TAN, and hopefully do well with DVD sales as well. And like I said, Bones is Bones :wink: . Their shows draw in the fans.

Dragonrider: Yeah for some reason I too felt like something good was going to happen today, although I wasn’t sure what Iw as expecting. Then I saw Chris’s post on Anime on DVD, and was like “ah-ha! I’m good at this!”. Hehe :slight_smile: . He was the first to brake the news. Guess he got the press release out faster then ANN or something…


Prede sharp eyes and memory. Did not know you saw that. :wink: When I said that, let’s just say this wasn’t a surprise. :wink: I was just driving home the point, hehe. I do hope they continue to pick diversified titles though, especially when they have Anime Network to feed.

Now my site only represents a selected sample of the overall customer base, but surprisingly, Legends of the Dark Kings pages/stories on my site are some of the most popular and visited ones, almost rivaling Clannad pages.

There’s a definite appetite for these types of guy and action shows around.


Yes there seems to be an appetite for these types of shows, even by looking at what the other companies are picking up. I gata agree with you there.

I have one question for you though. You mention being able to see how many hits each of your stories on your blog gets. Is that something only your blog has on it, or does the regular old google blog that I have, have that application too? Because I’d like to see how many hits my reviews get, but I wouldn’t know where to look. Like what setting is it under? Or is this just an application you downloaded/have on your new hip blog (lol)?


It’s a free google service:

Sign up and add the code they give you to the html (Settings, Layout, Edit HTML in your blogger menu) code section. Then it’ll give you all sorts of data on the statistics of your visitors.

Be sure to follow the instructions for installing it and authorizing it though. Once that’s done it’ll start tracking your site and giving you the data privately when you log in your Analytics acct.


Ah!! Ok thanks so much man. I used to be good (half way decent?) at creating websites and things involving them many years ago. It seems I’m completely out of the loop now though. But at least your very knowledgeable on thsi subject. Thanks again. I’ll be sure to mess around with that when I get some free time.


Maria Holic and Skull Man look like they can both be great titles. Of course, Skull man grabbed my attention right off the bat. I thouroughly enjoy any type of Horror/Sci-Fi, and the description of this series looks good. Maria Holic looks like another crazy comedy. I tend to enjoy those almost as I enjoy Sci-Fi. I’ll have to look into the Live action titles.


Wow. I have said this before Section 23 continues to nicely surprise me every month. Skull Man is a nice surprise. I remember the manga tokyo pop put out years ago. I liked it and actually have volumes not read. One of those things in manga backlog. I actually had to go make sure that it wasn’t just chance that there was a manga and anime called Skull Man because you never know. Though reading some about it the adapation is a little different. Will pick that up. Maria-Holic seems like a title I would pick too. :slight_smile:


That is pretty good news more stuff coming. I am probably going to wait for these to show up on the online player before I decide on a buy as my New Year’s resolution is to cut back on my entertainment buying.


Somehow I knew they would be announcing their new titles today. I checked ANN regularly throughout the day, but ended up missing it by a bit…lol

I will definitely have to check out Maria Holic. It sounds like the type of show I would appreciate. As for Skullman, I’m undecided on it. But I will definitely give it a try before making up my mind.

YAY! More shows![/quote]

MariaHolic is not a yuri anime so much its a homophobic shojo-ai satire. If your straight, it’s hilarious. :wink:

(Crosses out another anime, he predicted Section23 would pick up.)


Maria Holic,
[size=16]MARIA HOLIC[/size]

Well that is a surprise, does Sentai know what they just got into, it isn’t yuri but you will never see closer, I may need to pick it up, it was good for a Shaft show.


Sentai Filmworks does it again. 2010 is shaping up to be the “Year of SHAFT” for the U.S. Hopefully Bakemonogatari and SZS are closely behind. Maria Holic is Day 1 purchase for me. As for The Skull Man, I’ll blind buy it because I’m such a fanboy of S23/Sentai. I’ve heard its like Karas and I liked that OVA series.


Good to see you here too jlskun. :smiley:


Where the heck is tommy? He has been a Skullman nutjob for quite a bit.

Anyhow, both Maria and Skull are solid choices.


He hasn’t been posting much since he got that new job that he’s working on. He posted a thread about it in BAMF semi-recently.