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Sentai Filmworks 2019 Wish List


-RahXephon on Blu-Ray
-Princess Ressurection on Blu-Ray

That’s pretty much it besides Haikyu S3 and Hakumei & Mikochi for regular releases


This so much!

Anyway, my list:

  • Mahoromatic Blu Ray

  • Alice Or Alice Blu Ray

Also, stuff I would love to see Sentai aquire:

  • Fate Prisma Illya 3rei and the movie (It can happen now, right?)

  • As Miss Beelzebub Likes It

  • Miss Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood


I’d like to see everything above .

Would not mind something probably impossible .
Devil Hunter Yohko on Blu-Ray


I got a lot on my list !
My list:
Miss Vampire Who Lives In My neighborhood
School Rumble


Adding another one:

Hidamari Sketch: Hiro and Sae’s graduation arc OVA

I think I need to cry more…



kampfer rocks
they only have one season they need another one and when are they gonna get dubs